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Business Plan Writers | 30 November, 2020

Business Plan Writers in Vancouver

Are you thinking of launching your startup in Vancouver, BC? Have you thought about how business plan writers in Vancouver can help get your business off the ground?

In this article I’ll discuss Vancouver, its business community, and how a business plan writer can help your startup get funded and take over your market.

Vancouver, BC is known for many things: its beautiful outdoors, welcoming people and a thriving restaurant scene.

Mark Jones once said, “Everyone wants a part of Vancouver: families from Shanghai, high-achievers from Mumbai, film-makers from LA, CGI designers from London – and anyone in Canada who is a bit fed up with the cold. No Ontario blizzards, no LA smog, no Hong Kong chaos. Just mountains, sea, big skies and wide streets.”

With all the hype around this world-renowned city more and more people are moving here to see what it’s all about.  With an increasing population, Vancouver’s business community is met with rising demand and a larger pool of talent.



Every startup needs a business plan

I’m 30 now, but when I was 19 I started a business.  I would jokingly say that I had a business plan, and that it was all memorized.

After 3 years of operating I decided to close the doors and leave entrepreneurship for sometime.  Having a professional business plan may have ironed some of the kinks that eventually led to my company’s demise.

Years have passed, and I now lead a management consulting firm based in Vancouver, BC.  Ironically enough, business plan writing is one of our three core services, and I can honestly say it’s incredible what a fully-customized business plan can do for a startup.


2010 Olympic Games

Those who experienced the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games remember the sheer magic and electricity throughout the city.  From singing O Canada on the SkyTrain to hi-fiving strangers after the Gold Medal Hockey Game, something changed in Vancouver during this event.

People from around the world learnt of the unmistakable beauty and livability of this incredible city.  Immigration increased, housing prices went up, and the local economy grew substantially.

Furthermore, international entrepreneurs recognized the billow of opportunity Vancouver provided and decided to utilize Vancouver as a startup hub.  The idea of hiring local business plan writers, which knew the local economy became apparent.

In many ways the 2010 Olympic Games marked the beginning of a new and exciting era for the Vancouver population and business community.  We officially became a hub for international talent and expertise.


Vancouver’s startup sector is driven by multiculturalism

Diversity is our strength.  As the most ethnically diverse province in Canada, British Columbia welcomes over 40,000 new immigrants each year. A rich multicultural society helps nurture inclusiveness, understanding and mutual respect.

In fact, one of Vancouver’s greatest strengths is the diversity of people who call this city home. Cultural diversity and increased participation and engagement by all cultures is vitally important to create a strong and vibrant economy for all.

Today, startups require business plan writers in Vancouver that understand the local economy better than anyone else.  Our team and clientele base are incredibly diverse, and we leverage our understanding of Vancouver’s population in each and every business plan.

As much as Vancouver’s diversity is a positive for new startups, it’s also often overlooked when constructing detailed marketing strategies.  Our expert team applies our experience to provide comprehensive, yet implementable marketing strategies that identify key demographics and target markets for each client’s implementation.


Vancouver’s Economy

As one of North America’s fastest-growing low-carbon economies, this city is performing exceptionally well regardless of external factors like the global pandemic.

As we look beyond GDP in measuring economic recovery, here are a few impressive decorations this city has received in building a diverse, resilient economy that helps deliver prosperity for all:

  • #1 VFX & Animation Hub in the World, VEC 2020
  • #1 Most Diverse Economy in Canada, Conference Board 2018
  • Top 25 Startup Ecosystems in the World, Genome 2020
  • 1 – 15 Jobs is a Green Job, VEC 2019
  • #3 Film & TV Production Hub in North America, VEC 2020


Vancouver’s Top Industries

Vancouver’s recent economic growth has largely been driven from a few key sectors: construction, film, technology, digital entertainment, tourism and the green economy.  The following industries play a crucial role in Vancouver’s economy, and if you haven’t yet decided on your business concept we hope these industry summaries can generate a few ideas.


Vancouver’s Construction Industry

As Vancouver continues to be one of our nation’s most sought-after cities to live in, we see housing and therefore, construction as a driver for the economy.  In BC construction is a $20.1 billion dollar industry, and accounts for 8.6% of our provincial economy, employing over 236,000 people.

Vancouver’s construction industry faces some pivotal changes over the next few decades.  By 2030 we expect 23,000 construction jobs will be vacant due to a lack of provincial labour supply.  British Columbia is expected to be building predominantly carbon neutral buildings by 2032.  One million people are expected to have moved into Metro Vancouver by 2041; subsequently, putting pressure on the construction industry to build more productively and sustainably than ever before.


Vancouver’s Film Industry

Vancouver, also known as “Hollywood North” hosts around 65 movies and nearly as many series each year; in addition, it’s currently the third largest film centre in North America.  The Vancouver film industry supports over 20,000 local jobs.

Numerous American films and series are shot throughout Vancouver on account of provincial tax credits, and sharing the Pacific Standard Time zone with Los Angeles.  Moreover, Vancouver is a city that looks like many other places making it even more attractive for films and series.


Vancouver’s Technology Industry

If you want to engage in Vancouver’s tech sector you’ll stumble upon entrepreneurs and great ideas everyday.  With over 10,000 technology companies based in Vancouver it’s an exciting time to be involved in this sector.  We have talent, and support because big tech wants to be a part of all the excitement.

Academic Institutions play a key role in developing local talent and feeding it to the marketplace.  Vancouver is unique in that there’s so much help for local startups making it a true tech community.  There is help all around, whether from federal programs, incubators, or accelerators.


Vancouver’s Digital Entertainment Industry

A global digital entertainment sector with a 40-year history of pioneering technological innovation.  When it comes to Digital Entertainment & Interactive (DE&I), these days the buzz is all Vancouver.

The city has the perfect ecosystem for harnessing digital potential — namely a strong artistic and creative workforce, thriving research and educational support, government incentives, an enviable location and more.  Vancouver is recognized for its wide talent pool, proximity to other global creative hubs, solid industry infrastructure, competitive tax credits, and ability to attract and cultivate top tier talent.

So what does DE&I mean? It is a term used to describe one collective, impactful industry that includes various screen-based sectors such as, Visual Effects (VFX) & Animation, Film & TV Production, Video Game Development, VR and other Interactive Media who rely on similar infrastructure, talent and technology to create quality content.


Vancouver’s Tourism Industry

Vancouver welcomes over 11 million overnight visitors from around the world annually.  Vancouver’s top five visitor markets of origin are Canada, the U.S., China, Australia and U.K. (in order of volume).

Tourism contributes over $14 billion in direct spending to the Metro Vancouver economy annually and supports over 104,000 full-time equivalent jobs.  There are over 23,000 hotel rooms in Metro Vancouver, with over 12,000 in the downtown core.

Vancouver receives more than 280 cruise ship calls annually. Each cruise ship stimulates nearly $3 million in economic activity for the local economy.  Vancouver International Airport has been rated the best airport in North America for an unprecedented 10 consecutive years.


Vancouver’s Green Economy

There’s no better example to illustrate Vancouver’s reputation as a forward-looking and sustainable city than the success story that is the Green Economy.

A sector that has grown exponentially in less than a decade, Vancouver’s Green Economy includes seven sub-sectors:

  • Local food
  • Green building design and construction
  • Clean technology, alternative energy and green building products
  • Green infrastructure, transportation and planning
  • Sustainability services and education
  • Land and water remediation and environmental consulting
  • Materials management and recycling

Vancouver’s burgeoning success across these diverse areas ties directly into the City of Vancouver’s world-leading sustainability strategy, the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan. It calls for doubling the number of green and local food jobs, and for doubling the number of businesses greening their operations, both as part of an overall vision to see Vancouver become the greenest city in the world by 2020. The Vancouver Economic Commission is empowered within the Greenest City Action Plan to act on these two goals, and since 2010 the VEC has pioneered not only one of the world’s most robust green jobs counting systems, but has built out numerous programs to help achieve a doubling of green jobs and greening operations by 2020.

With its natural beauty, political stability, and availability for funding, Vancouver is truly the perfect startup ecosystem.

A business plan typically helps companies grow 30 % faster

One study aggregated research on the business growth of 11,046 companies and found that planning improved business performance.  Interestingly, the same study found that planning benefited existing companies even more than it benefited startups.

Why would planning help a business that has a few years of history more than one that is just starting up?

Existing businesses often know more about their customers and what their needs are than a new startup does. For an existing business, planning involves fewer guesses or assumptions that need to be proven, so the strategies they develop are based on their very own findings.

Most fast-growing companies start with a business plan

To reinforce the connection between planning and fast growth, another study found that fast-growing companies – companies that had over 92 percent year over year (YoY) growth usually have business plans.

In fact, 71% of fast-growing companies have plans. They create budgets, set sales goals, and document their marketing and sales strategies. These companies don’t always call their plans “business plans” but instead often refer to things like strategic plans, growth plans, and operational plans. Regardless of the name, it’s all forward-looking planning.


Business Plans In Vancouver

Far more businesses fail than succeed.  The differentiator is always in the planning.  You can gain that competitive edge by hiring a professional business plan writer in Vancouver, BC.

Whether you’re just starting out or already running a business, to successfully build a company you need a plan.  One that lays out your product, team, market, strategy, and your opportunity.  It is the blueprint for your company’s success.

Vancouver business plan writers ensure your final copy is custom-tailored to your audience, whether a financial institution, customer, your internal team, government agency, or investor.

Methods For Funding

There are many methods and resources out there to help fund your business. We have a few of the main ways listed below. When looking at funding for your business you should take a look at all possible avenues and these are a great place to start.

Futurpreneur Canada has been fueling the entrepreneurial passions of Canada’s young enterprise for two decades. We are the only national, non-profit organization that provides financing, mentoring and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18-39. Our internationally recognized mentoring program hand matches young entrepreneurs with a business expert from a network of more than 3,000 volunteer mentors.  https://www.futurpreneur.ca/en/british-columbia/

Business Development Bank of Canada is a Crown corporation and national development bank wholly owned by the Government of Canada. Its mandate is to help create and develop Canadian businesses through financing, growth and transition capital, venture capital and advisory services, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterpriseshttps://www.bdc.ca/en/financing

Community Futures operates 267 non-profit offices across Canada that provide small business services to people living in rural communities. Each office delivers small business loans, tools, training and events for people wanting to start, expand, franchise or sell a business.  https://communityfuturespanwest.ca/


BSBCON are your local business plan writers

Did you know BSBCON is based in Vancouver?  We have experience working with clients across the globe, but Vancouver is our home.  Our team understands this city, and it’s thriving business community.

We’re passionate about helping startups off the ground, and we’re focused on helping entrepreneurs that share our vision of a more sustainable Vancouver.

You deserve a business plan writer that will incorporate a detailed sustainability plan into your project.  We introduce our colleagues from our sustainability division to your business plan and they work with you to create a plan that will reduce your operations’ impact on our natural environment, provide equality to your staff, and make a social impact in our city.


Entrepreneurs love our business plan writing process

Once the business plan has launched, we love to hear how the process went for our clients! Below are a few of the testimonials we’ve received from past clients.


“Kevin and his team were fantastic to work with. As a new business owner, you face many new challenges, and I knew I needed help when it came to executing my business plan. Kevin was honest, up front, professional, very punctual and an overall kind person. Look forward to working with Kevin and his team on future projects.”

  • Adam Gill, President of Adams Off Road Shop



“It was such a pleasure working with Kevin. I was impressed by the level of detail and commitment BSBCON invested into my firm’s business plan.  As a result of the deliverable there is more structure and insight to the firm’s direction and operations. I was particularly impressed with the multiple market analyses Kevin conducted in addition to the overall design of the business plan. I highly recommend Kevin and his team. They produce high-level work!”

  • Hemant Bains, Duvana Developments Inc.


“We’ve worked with a number of writers, and BSBCON is hands down the best business plan writers in Vancouver.  Their team was able to differentiate our offering, so that we’re no longer in competition – we provide something completely unique to our clients.  Thanks Kevin and team.”

  • Charlotte Oakley, Naked Cactus Wax Bar Inc.


When you hear this it feels great, but there are even better rewards from being Vancouver’s leading business plan writing firm.  For example, when we fully-customize a business plan and imbed initiatives that the founders deeply care about such as livable wages for their staff, or donating to a cause with a monthly portion of profits, we enable entrepreneurs to be the best versions of themselves.

People in Vancouver are blessed and know that they’re fortunate to be living in a safe, beautiful, and prosperous city, such as Vancouver.  Entrepreneurs know it’s their duty to give back, and that’s what we help them do.

We create business plans that provide startups with differentiated business models.  We build marketing strategies which pinpoint key channels, respective of the startups target market.

There is more to writing a business plan than just researching the process for a few days and getting to work.  There is years of experience working with entrepreneurs, financial institutions, investors, government agencies, and business consultants to really understand the importance of a customized plan.

Writing business plans is more than just a service for us – it’s a platform where we enable entrepreneurs to fine-tune their business concepts, sharpen their business proficiency, and prepare themselves for a smooth take-off into their respective marketplace.


Why is a business plan important?

1. Ensures a complete plan and strategy

Having a business plan at the start will help ensure that every aspect of your business has been investigated and planned out. This will help you identify any potential weaknesses in your business and prevent critical errors that may cause your business to fail early on.

A strategic business plan is not just a roadmap to success for a business owner or CEO. It also has an important communications role in helping management team members and employees understand the firm’s main goal and objectives and the milestones that have to be achieved along the way.

2. Proves the viability of the business

The best way to know if your business will succeed is to prove it. One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to do this is to prove it on paper. Having a business plan will show that your business has the opportunity to grow and that there has been a plan and strategy thought out for the future.

Approximately 45-50% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years. Many of these businesses have not gone through the process of creating an extensive business plan. To ensure that your business is built on a strong starting ground create ad in-depth business plan to help your business succeed year after year.

3. Helps raise money for your business

One of the main reasons why one would want to create a business plan is to raise money and secure funding for your business. Starting a business can be very costly and the easiest way to prove to investors and banks that your business will succeed is by creating a business plan.

Your plan will be one of the only things an investor or bank will see. That is why it is crucial that you have a well thought out and robust business plan. Any mistakes or missing information will leave a bad impression on the investor causing your trouble when trying to secure funding for your new business.

Stand out from the other businesses looking for funding and have your plan created by the expert business plan writers in Vancouver, BSBCON. With years of experience in business plan writing and design, we can make your business standout from the others.

4. Share your idea with the world

A business plan is a great way to show people your vision of the business you are creating. This can help in all aspects of starting your business. Supplying a business plan to a web developer, app developer, or brand strategist can help them create a website, app, or branding package that will match your idea much closer. Watch your vision come alive with the help of a business plan writer in Vancouver.


What makes a great business plan?

There are many parts that go into creating a great business plan. Some may think these are common-sense; However, many of these ideas and details are often left tout of the plan. To ensure that your plan is well rounded and compelling to the reader we have a few points that we think make a great business plan:

1. It’s realistic

We all know how we want our business to look like in the future but being realistic is the key. It is quite easy to tell if you are overestimating the success of the business and this can leave people reading your plan with concern and questions regarding your plan.

2. Well thought out and convincing

A well-made business plan has all the information necessary so that after someone reviews your plan they aren’t left with a lot of questions. A well-made plan should speak to the readers and keep them engaged. Writing the content for who will read your plan is crucial.

3. Includes All Necessary Information

There is a lot of information that goes into writing a business plan. It’s vital that you have all the necessary information included in your plan. This may include details and information for specific people like an investor. Leaving any information out may lead to people reading your plan to create their own conclusions. If people start making their own conclusions this can lead to them viewing your plan differently than you intended. Don’t leave out any important information so you can ensure that the reader will know exactly how you envision your business and the plan you’ve created.

4. Define your business

This may sound like an obvious one, but a lot of people fail to describe what their business is. Taking time to define your business and the problem it is going to solve and how it will solve it is the most important part to your plan. Ensure that your reader understands who you are and what you do.



The difference between a professionally written plan and a homemade plan.

When starting a business there is usually a need to save every penny you have to ensure you can get your business up and off the ground. A lot of the time this means that entrepreneurs decide to write their own business plans instead of opting for a professional business plan writer in Vancouver. There are many reasons why you should consider having a professional writer create your plan. Here are a few of them:

1. Time

If you have learnt something about starting up a new business, it is that it takes a lot of time. There are many parts and aspects of your business that need to be attended too. While you may be the expert in the field of your business this may not mean that you have the expertise to create a business plan. Spend time doing what you do best and have a professional create your plan today.

2 . Quality

A professional business plan writer has years of experience creating business plans for many different industries. They know the ins and outs and what will help your business succeed in getting what you need. With access to many tools and people, the professionals will create a much more compelling plan that has nothing left out. Having both the skills in writing the plan as well as the design of each page to capture the reader’s attention and making points of important information memorable.

3. Money

A business plan can be costly for many start ups and usually gets overlooked. However, a well-made business plan can help your company generate a higher YOY growth and ensure that there are no critical errors in your plan that may impact you financially in the future. While it may be costly at the start it is important to consider how much more your business will generate when your business plan is made right from the start.

4. Point Of View

Having someone else have a in depth look into your business idea and plan will help you identify the pros and cons of many aspects of your plan. They will view your business objectively and will be able to spot problems or issues you may have overlooked. Having an outside perspective will help spawn new ideas and directions that you may have not thought about before.

A well thought out and made business plan can mean the difference between your business succeeding and growing. Why take the risk of creating your own business plan when you have the help from the business plan writers in Vancouver, BSBCON. Our team at BSBCON has a wide variety of skills of and experience in all different industry sectors. This way you know you are getting the best business plan possible.


Let’s get to work

Are you ready to work with Vancouver’s most sought-after business plan writing team?  We take every project incredibly seriously and consider your startup’s success to be our own.  Reach out to our team today, and let’s turn your business concept into a business reality.

Your BSBCON business plan will act as a road map for your future financial growth. Designed to be easily implementable in practice, we help you accomplish everything you’ve dreamed with consumer-tested, expert panel-approved business plans.

Our bespoke business plans are completed within 15-20 days. If you need it earlier, you can request a rush service to receive your business plan in just 3-5 days. All of our work is guaranteed and will be sure to impress. Without the use of plugins or templates, you can rest assured that your plan is original and will stand out.

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