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Business | 27 February, 2024

Canadian Bids and Tenders

In Canada’s business landscape, dealing with Request for Proposals (RFPs) is like sailing into a sea of chances. Whether you are a large corporation or small business, everyone is on the lookout for new projects. Understanding the intricacies of the RFP process steps can be the compass that leads them to success.


In this article, we will explore the details of RFPs, what does RFP stand for, request for proposal process, simple proposal format, and how they become a crucial part in exploring Canadian bids and tenders.


What are RFPs

Request for Proposals (RFPs) are formal documents used in procurement. In simple terms, it is like a detailed request from one party (often a government entity) asking for proposals from others (usually businesses) to provide a particular service or product. The request for proposal definition simply says, “Hey, we need something specific, and we want you to tell us how you can help.”


What is RFP in Procurement

Procurement RFP is a key player. It is not just a document; it is a process. Think of it as the official way businesses and government bodies ask for ideas and solutions from potential partners. The government request for proposal often utilize RFPs to find the right partners for a specific project.


What is an RFP in Project Management

The RFP meaning in project management is a detailed document that lays out the project’s needs, expectations, and how it will be evaluated. It gives vendors a guide for submitting proposals that explain how they plan to meet the organization’s goals and requirements. It outlines the steps to follow, ensuring everyone is on the same page from the start. The RFP meaning in the simplest term is like a formal letter saying, “We are looking for someone to do this job. Tell us how you can do it, and we might pick you.”


What is an RFP in Business

In the business world, an RFP is a golden ticket. It’s a chance for companies to showcase their strengths and win new projects. What’s an RFP? — it’s basically an invitation. An organization is inviting businesses to propose their best ideas and solutions.


How to Write a Formal Proposal

When you are writing a formal proposal, it is like crafting a narrative with both creativity and a solid structure. Let’s explore proposal writing examples to guide you along the way.


Developing RFP proposals are important, but so is finding the right projects to apply for. In this article, we will share a list of Canadian bids and tenders. These are opportunities posted by companies and governments, ranging from local to national levels, on RFP websites. Every day, there are numerous chances for companies to take on new projects by submitting well-crafted proposals through RFP submissions.


How to write request for proposal? To succeed in RFP writing, it is essential to understand the client, know your competition, and highlight what makes your product or service unique. But the first step is finding the right projects to pursue, and that’s where website RFP, request for bids, and request for tender comes in.


These websites act as hubs where companies and governments request services or products they need. By checking these sites regularly, companies can identify promising projects, understand how to approach them, and customize their proposals for success. To simplify this process, we’ve compiled a list of public bids and tender opportunities in Canada. This list is designed to help you navigate through the sea of chances, ensuring you don’t miss out on any opportunity to secure a new client. Check out the table below for details.


Description Region Type of Proposal
Merx  Canada’s top source for business opportunities, known for bids and RFPs. All of Canada and the US Canadian public tenders, private construction, US tenders, and more.
Bids Canada A search engine and notification service for RFPs, RFQs, and tenders. All of Canada Public sector RFPs, RFQs, tenders, and bid solicitations.
Bids and Tenders Provides access to daily bid opportunities across Canada, with a preview feature. All of Canada Public and private bids and tenders.
BC BID Faster access to BC public sector bid opportunities. British Columbia Public RFPs for provincial/city government
Ontario Public Buyer Association Represents public procurement professionals in Ontario. Ontario Public bids
Bid Central Browse pre-bid, public, and private project opportunities in Canada. All of Canada Private
SaskTenders Primary gateway for public sector tender notices in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Public tenders
Alberta Contract Opportunities Main source for Government of Alberta bid opportunities. Alberta Public
Winnipeg Central platform for bids associated with the city of Winnipeg. Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Public tenders
Alberta Purchasing Connection Allows public and private sector users to manage, advertise, and download purchasing opportunities in Alberta. Alberta Public and Private Sector RFP and RFQ
Merx Calgary The City of Calgary’s electronic bid system for submitting responses online through MERX’s secure web portal. Calgary  Public (RFPS, Bids, Tenders)
BC Central BC’s largest construction bidding marketplace, enabling browsing of pre-bid, public, and private projects. British Columbia Public and Private
Construct Connect Offers tenders, bids, RFPs, RFQs, and pre-qualifications for construction services nationwide. All of Canada Private (Tenders, bids, RFPs, RFQs, pre-qualifications
NBON Web-based e-tendering system for all GNB public tenders in Goods and Services. New Brunswick Private
Transportation and works Newfoundland Provides construction and related services tenders for the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador. Newfoundland and Labrador Public (Construction and related services)
Central Health Provincial Health Supply Chain Shared Services Department for sourcing in Newfoundland and Labrador. Newfoundland and Labrador. Public (Provincial Health)
OpenNWT Single point-of-access for information on open tenders, bids, and historical contracts in the Northwest Territories. Northwest Territories Public
NovaScotia Procurement Platform for Nova Scotia public tenders. Nova Scotia Public
Prince Edward Island Tenders Lists all tenders and procurement opportunities issued by the Province and other PEI government organizations. Prince Edward Island Public
Charlottetown Tendering and RFP Identifies tenders and procurement opportunities issued by the City of Charlottetown. City of Charlottetown Public
Bids and Tenders Metro Vancouver Allows potential bidders to create a Bidding System Vendor account, with notifications for bid opportunities based on commodity codes. Vancouver and surrounding areas. Public
SAP Ariba A cloud-based innovative solution connecting suppliers and buyers for business on a single platform. Focuses on improving overall vendor management systems. All of Canada and the USA. Public
Bonfire Bonfire Strategic Sourcing software streamlines bid and RFP decisions, transforming public procurement teams from administrators to strategic advisors. All of Canada and the USA. Public


What is a RFP Format

RFPs are comprehensive documents that gather both cost quotes and company information, typically being more extensive, detailed, and formal. The RFP format outlines strict procurement rules and response guidelines. Generally, the request proposal writing format includes various sections, with additional project and industry-specific details incorporated as needed. Here’s an overview of the typical sections in RFP development:

RFP Cover Letter: Begin your RFP proposal with a well-crafted RFP cover page. This serves as a formal introduction, expressing your company’s interest in the project, summarizing key points, and providing a glimpse into your approach.


Company Introduction: In writing an RFP, you should provide a summary of your company, including its history, capabilities, and vision.


Project Background and Intent: Offer a high-level overview of the project, outlining specific needs and intended outcomes. Discuss any projects or decisions leading to writing RFP to guide prospective bidders.


Scope of Work (SOW): The SOW is crucial, forming the foundation for the vendor relationship. It defines expectations and helps bidders assess if they can deliver what is needed.


Financial Section/Pricing: Clearly outline the project scope to solicit accurate financial submissions. Decide between fixed bid prices or time and materials quotes.


Mandatory Requirements: Specify fundamental attributes vendors must possess, such as insurance, financial stability proof, and language capabilities, ensuring essential credentials for project success.


Technical Requirements: Include project-specific criteria, such as project approach, proposed team, reference projects, risk mitigation strategy, and environmental and social responsibility policies.


Value Add Services: Allow bidders to share additional information on services that add value beyond RFP requirements.


Evaluation Criteria and Scoring: Define criteria for evaluating proposals, creating standardized measures of success. Weight the criteria to guide vendors on emphasis.


RFP Timeline: Set realistic deadlines for queries, submissions, shortlisting announcements, presentations, and contract award dates.


Response Format: Impose a specific format for request for proposals responses, aiding in better comparison between submissions.


Terms and Conditions: Include legal terms and conditions, such as privacy protection, copyright, conflicts of interest, and collusion.


Supporting Appendices: Include additional information or requirements as supporting appendices, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and evaluation of proposals.


Moreover, consider submitting financial information in a separate appendix to evaluate proposals based on merit before financial considerations. This ensures a fair and thorough selection process. Below is a simplified request for proposal template along with a brief request for proposal example section: 

Project Overview

  • Concise description of project goals and objectives.
  • Provides a clear roadmap for the project.


Budget and Services Requested

  • Outlines the financial parameters of the project.
  • Specifies the services or deliverables sought from vendors.


Barriers to Completion

  • Identifies potential challenges or obstacles to project success.
  • Allows vendors to address these challenges in their proposals.


Evaluation Metrics and Criteria 

  • Establishes standards for assessing proposals.
  • Outlines key factors (experience, expertise) and their weights in evaluation.


Proposal Submission Requirements

  • Detailed instructions on how vendors should structure and submit their proposals.
  • Any specific formats or documentation required.


RFP Examples Section
Project Overview:

The project aims to upgrade our website for a better user experience. We need the chosen vendor to create a user-friendly site, suitable for both computers and mobile devices, in six months. This involves improving navigation, adding secure payment options, and making it work well on different devices. We also want personalized user profiles, better search features, and a feedback system for continuous improvement.


Proposal Submission Requirements:

Vendors must submit proposals in PDF format via email to Michael Brown at mbrown@gmail.com by March 30, 2024. The proposal should include:

  • Detailed information on the vendor’s experience and capabilities.
  • Clear and transparent pricing details for the proposed services or products.
  • Any relevant certifications or qualifications.
  • References from previous clients, if applicable.
  • A comprehensive project timeline and approach.

This simple RFP template provides insights for your RFP presentation, and you can expand or modify the sample proposal format based on your specific RFP requirements.



Just like anything else, there are RFP documents that are exceptional, while others are lacking. The most effective RFP documentation are clear, concise, and crafted to elicit favorable responses.


If you need help, our team of RFP writers can guide you through this process easily. With lots of experience, we focus on making RFPs that are easy to understand and get the best responses. Each RFP is a chance for us to show your strengths in the lively Canadian market. Fill out the contact form, and let’s talk about any RFP questions you have.