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Business Discussions | 19 May, 2023

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program – Entrepreneur Stream

If you are considering starting a business or acquiring an existing one in Ontario, the Entrepreneur Stream of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) may be a suitable Canadian immigration pathway for you.

Starting a business in Canada through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is a complex process that requires meeting strict eligibility criteria. With thousands of applicants, competition is high. The program involves a two-stage selection process that begins with an Expression of Interest (EOI) and requires the completion of an extensive application form. To apply, you must either establish a new business or invest in an existing one. Additionally, there are several other requirements that you must meet to be considered for the program.  



Since it is a competitive program, the applicants need to take care of all the details. One minor mistake in a form may result in the nullification of the entire application. Thus, applicants need to pay extra attention to details while filling out the form. 

In addition, the major challenge in applying is writing a OINP business plan. Since the authorities get thousands of different forms, all with a business plan, your form should stand out from the crowd. It can easily get rejected if the submission is ordinary and does not include an out-of-the-box idea.

Your business plan should not just include a detailed view of your venture but also a view of how it will create a positive impact on society. In brief, candidates must be able to persuade how their idea will generate enough profit to contribute back to the society and economy of Ontario.

The list of making a successful application does not just end here. Candidates should be able to shed light on how their business model is different from the rest and how it will handle a crisis if any occurred. Overall, the plan should be professional and compelling that include all the details about the operations, market analysis, investment research, cost, and revenue structure. It is important to note that all the above should not be general. Rather, they should be specific to your business models and limitations. 


Scoring of Applications

Applications submitted to the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program – Business Stream are subject to a strict scoring system, with a minimum score required to advance in the application process. In order to succeed, applicants must demonstrate extensive research, meticulous planning, and a clear and comprehensive business strategy that outlines the expected financial and social impact of their venture in Canada. Without a solid plan, even legitimate businesses may fail to meet the highly competitive selection criteria.


Eligibility Criteria

Not everyone can apply to the program. There is a detailed eligibility criteria that an applicant must abide by. For you to be eligible for consideration as a permanent citizen under this amazing program, you should have solid evidence that you run a successful company that will likely contribute significantly to either the regional economy of Ontario or the province’s overall economy. You should also have proof of all your financial resources that could support your business in the long run.

You should also have evidence of support to prove that you’re qualified if you are requested to fill out an application. This involves proving that you meet the requirements you stated when registering your statement of interest. Additionally, the submission must be completed within 90 days of receiving a letter of invitation.

You should also possess at least 24 months of recent, permanent employment in business and have previous experience managing businesses in an upper management position or as a company founder. You had to have had a significant role in running the company and possessed at least one-third of it to qualify as a proprietor. You should also have overseen the everyday activities of the company in full or in part as an upper management position if you had the top authority to make decisions in the firm.


Our Team

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