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Read more on Google My Business – Activity Down 59%

Google My Business – Activity Down 59%

If you get enquiries from your Google My Business listing, you may have noticed reduced activity during this Covid-19 crisis. A report by Reputation.com of US listings claims that impressions (appearances of listings) are down by 59%, suggesting lack of consumer interest at this difficult time. But let’s back up. What is “Google My Business”…

Read more on How to Build and Manage Your Company Culture

How to Build and Manage Your Company Culture

Most companies are run by professionals whose expertise are weighted to the rational, financial, and legal side of the equation; therefore, culture is often misunderstood, subordinated, or unappropriated. Today more than ever, companies are beginning to recognize the intrinsic value of company culture. Company culture is the tacit social order of an enterprise. It defines…

Read more on An Early Arrival: The Digital Transformation

An Early Arrival: The Digital Transformation

Attention: entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate executives, employees, and managers, the digital transformation is now in full effect. Due to an expected, but highly unprepared for pathogen by the name of COVID-19, the global economy has been forced into complete automation. As a business consultant one of the first questions I ask myself is what’s the…

Read more on What is Crisis Management?

What is Crisis Management?

It was only a matter of weeks ago that things were going smoothly.  Business was booming, supply chains were running fluently, and the stock market was at an all time high. Lo and behold a virus that most Canadians thought would never affect them came sweeping into our nation and put a halt to our…

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