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Business Plan Writers | 22 February, 2021

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Business Plan Writer

Being an entrepreneur can make you feel all-powerful sometimes! Maybe you feel like you can “do it all” in your business and you don’t need anyone to help you!

WRONG! Unless you’ve got a background in tax preparation, you’re probably not going to do your own complicated business taxes this year. Unless you have a law degree, you’re not going to write a lawsuit when someone infringes on your trademark.

It may “seem” easy to write a business plan yourself, but deeper thought and strategy goes into writing a detailed business plan than you may think. Sure, you can download a free template online, but you’re not getting the invaluable advice from an experienced business plan writer.


The start of all good business plans

All businesses start with an idea. Many Fortune 500 businesses and franchises started with a few notes or a sketch on a napkin…literally! Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week,” the movie “All Good Men,” and Southwest Airlines supposedly started as a concept or doodle on a napkin in a restaurant or bar.

You may not have your business idea scribbled on a napkin and that’s ok. The start of all good business plans is an idea! Work with a professional business plan writer to turn your concept, idea, or napkin doodle into a viable business with the potential for growth, profit, and impact.

Hiring a professional business plan writer will help you write a business plan that is attractive to lenders, so you can receive funding to support its growth.


Create a blueprint for your business

Do you remember the last time you tried to drive somewhere new without Google Maps? You probably drove 20km under the speed limit as you scanned street signs looking for your next turn. You may have driven the wrong way down a one-way street (admit it, you’ve done that at least once in your life).

With your business if you don’t have a detailed plan for achieving business goals, you’ll end up going the wrong way down that one-way street and everyone will be honking at you. Your business plan is like your business’ Google Maps that guides you through the growth of your business.

One important component of your business plan is creating your mission and vision. This section outlines your reason and goals for starting the business. They will act as your guiding principle that you will measure every business decision with. If you want to start something or pivot your business in the future, if it doesn’t move you closer to these goals, it may not be worth doing.

If you’re driving your business 20km below the speed limit, your competitors with detailed business plans will wiz right past you in the fast lane.

Hiring a professional business plan writer who has the experience to help your craft and wordsmith your business foundation and plans will help your business grow faster.


professional business plan writers.

Entice lenders and increase profitability

Money helps to get your business moving faster. Every business that seeks to be profitable needs money for expenditures like:

  • Research and development
  • Prototypes
  • Wholesale buying
  • Professional branding and marketing
  • Wages for staff
  • A website

While investing some of your own savings into the business is great (and lenders like to see you are financially invested in the success of your business), additional outside capital help will help you invest in the areas that will drive your business forward, faster.

When you apply for business funding from third parties, they want to see your business plan. Before any bank or investor is going to give you money, they want to see that you’ve got a plan for the future of your business, and thus their investment in it.

Banks and investors want to make a profit from their investment in your business and your business plan needs to show them clearly how that will happen. Without a business plan, most banks and funders won’t even look at you and you could be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table, for your competitors to grab.

One business loan that requires you to submit your business plan is sponsored by Futurpreneur Canada and the Business Development Bank of Canada. They offer financing of up to $60,000 for businesses who meet the criteria and have a complete and viable business plan.

Your business plan needs to be written in such a way to provide a clear overview of your business, including financial budgets and projections. When you have $60,000 on the line, it pays to hire a professional business plan writer, who has experience writing business plans for financing. They know the content that attracts interested investors and will include it when writing your plan.

Hiring a professional business plan writer who has experience writing business plans that successfully attract investors and will give you a huge return on your investment in their services! You just need to win one grant or win one investor to make your money back, and then some!


Get a fresh point of view

When you hire a great business plan writer, you get not only their effective writing skills, but you also get the value of their experience in business. They’ve seen which business plans are more likely to be successful and which often fail. They will use this experience and customize it to work for you.

Your skill as a business owner is in your niche, whether that be manufacturing widgets, selling cars, starting a fashion line, or offering consultancy services. Leave the wordsmithing of your business plan to someone who specializes in business plan writing. They can provide you with new perspectives to help your business grow and prosper faster than if you worked alone.

Hiring a professional business plan writer gives you a well-written business plan that appeals to multiple audiences, including banks and investors, and that sets you on the path to profitability faster.


Incorporate sustainability into your business

You can achieve unparalleled success when you strategically embedded sustainable development practices into your business plan. This may include incorporating any of the following into your business:

  • community involvement,
  • sustainable management practices,
  • environmental impact initiatives,
  • staff engagement, and
  • sustainable supply chains.

Many investors will be attracted to the fact that your business is giving back to the community and is having a positive social and environmental impact. It is also positive for them to support sustainable businesses so you’ll be appealing to their interests too.

If you find the right business plan writer, they may be able to provide you with recommendations to improve your sustainability performance and advise on frameworks for long-term sustainability planning. They may even find ways to increase productivity, reduce waste, and find tax incentives to save you money.

Hiring a professional business plan writer can help give you these additional insights to help your business plan stand out in the crowd, while making a positive impact on the world at the same time.


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Boost your business plan to the top of the pile!

You can only imagine how many business plans land on lenders desk each week. After a while they start to blend together. You don’t want your business plan to get lost in that pile. Hiring a business plan writer will help you stand out from the crowd.

Yes, you could use a business plan template you downloaded from Google, but keep in mind everyone else is using the same one. A professional business plan writer will take the time to learn about your business and write a bespoke business plan that is fully customized for your business and that will boost it to the top of the pile!

When you’re ready to take charge of your future, hiring a professional business plan writer is your first step to creating the foundation that will secure the funds you need to grow your business. Learn more about how Black Sheep Business Consulting will write your business plan and support you in implementing it.