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| 29 January, 2021

Vancouver Business Plan Writers

You have a great business concept, but of course require funding.  You searched Vancouver business plan writers to find a company that best understands your goals and objectives.

We have some good news.  In this article you’ll get to learn about five leading business plan writers in Vancouver.  Each company will introduce their services and pitch their own unique business plan writing style.


Sharp Business Plans

sharp business plans


We’ve been writing business plans for over 30 years. That’s hundreds of business plans. How have we been in business for so long and have so many satisfied clients?

It’s a great question and it has taken many years of experience for us to REALLY understand how business plans work.

Nobody wants a business plan. That’s a strong statement, but in my experience, it’s true. People don’t want a business plan, they want what the business plan can do for them – people want results. People usually need a business plan to:

  • Help them borrow money to start up a new business
  • Show them how to manage and expand their business
  • Support their application to immigrate to Canada

Every business owner wants their business to make a profit, to earn them a return on their investment for the money that’s been put into the business and also for their hard work.

Perhaps it’s because I’m an accountant that I’ve always concentrated on the money side of a business. How does the business make money? How can it make more? How can it earn money faster? We spend a lot of time building a financial model of the business. The model may be complex, but it is also easy to use. A good financial model lets you, the business owner, change a variable or two, and immediately see the financial impact. It helps you answer the “what if” questions:

  • What if we have 20% more customers?
  • What if we increase our gross margin by 10%?
  • What if the interest rate on our loan increases?
  • What if we increase employee benefits?

A big reason for preparing a solid financial model is that it can help you really focus in on your business. The model may show that you spend a significant amount of time on an area that doesn’t earn much profit or, conversely, very little time on a really profitable sector. We usually prepare the financial model before we write the business plan because the model can give us greater insight into the business’ operations and, particularly, its challenges. A good financial model can highlight parts of the business that may require special attention.

Your business plan is the story of your business. A business plan tells the reader what the business is going to do and how it will do it. Your financial information has to tell that same story. Most of our business plans include at least three years of forecast financial statements, with monthly details, so that the owner/investor/lender can see how the business will progress over time.

We recently prepared a business plan for a capital-intensive business in the entertainment industry. There would be substantial publicity expenditures before the grand opening, then we forecast revenues would dip before growth started. The revenues of the business were also seasonal, so revenues, profits and cash flows would fluctuate significantly. For this business, we produced six years of financial statements which showed how the business’ cash flows would support the debt repayment and dividend schedules.

Solid market research is also essential to the success of almost any business. What is the point in having a great product or service if nobody wants to buy it? How large is the market? Is the market expanding or contracting? What is the competition doing? Is there room for your business?

It’s critical to look at what is happening in the marketplace. Are customers more concerned about price than quality? Does your town need another low-priced pizza restaurant? Maybe demographics are changing and there is a demand for a mid-priced, higher quality pizza. If you can supply something that meets the demands of the market at a price that the market considers reasonable and that the competition can’t match, then you know that you have a winner. A good business plan will tell you that!

How long is a business plan? What size font is used? Is the business plan single-spaced or double-spaced? A good business plan is as long as it needs to be to tell the story and get the job done.

To sum up our philosophy:

We write business plans that work.


Bsbcon Business Plans

bsbcon logo


My name is Kevin Foreman, and I’m the President of Bsbcon.  I’m going to dive right into explaining what makes us different, to help you identify the right Vancouver business plan writer for you.

We’re a four person consulting firm based in beautiful Vancouver, BC with expertise in three areas: business plan writing, strategic planning and sustainability planning.  In providing a variety of business consulting services we’re equipped with a diverse skill set to help us write the best business plans available.

Sustainability has moved to the forefront of every major company’s agenda in the past year or so.  People are demanding that ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) is considered in each company’s business model moving forward.

Not only do our business plans get funded, but they also include a focus on sustainability.  Furthermore, when we develop your marketing strategy we’ll include ways to market your company’s commitment to sustainability.  In today’s world it’s imperative to have sustainability as a foundation for your startups business plan.  With Bsbcon, you receive a customized business plan that outlines your commitment to your team, community and planet.

Next, let’s discuss how our strategic planning services can help you achieve a market position of your own.  The one thing you have to get right in every business plan is identifying a defendable, proprietary competitive advantage.  Every company needs a strong business strategy in order to compete long-term.

Ironically enough, the concept around having a competitive advantage has been seriously altered in recent months due to a rapidly changing global economy.  Today, identifying a pillar competitive advantage is not enough; therefore, our team consults with yours to sight out market trends and how to develop transient strategies as your industry develops.

Business plan writing isn’t just about writing business plans that get funded. It’s about understanding modern economics, and customizing business plans to thrive in a modern business climate which is rapidly advancing.

We’ve discussed incorporating sustainability into your business plan, and our focus in identifying a competitive advantage, but what is the final product going to look like?  I mean, you want your audience to be impressed with the final product right?

I’m happy to say that our premium business plans have full customization of visuals and branding.  For many of our clients they come to us with a logo, and a business concept.  When the business plan is complete, they have an instrument that incorporates customized text and visual language.

“A picture says a thousand words.”  By fusing a conventional business plan, with a sustainability program and graphic design, you are rewarded with something of great magnitude – “the best business plans available”. 


Adept Business Plans

adept business plans


Kapil wandered into the world of business plan writing during his MBA program at the University of British Columbia. Although he completed his program and earned his degree, his love for business plan writing grew stronger. For almost a decade, he has been helping start-ups, small and mid-sized businesses for writing their business plans for a wide range of funding purposes. He also works with immigration consultants for writing business plans for various immigration programs.

He is focussed on developing business plans with strategies to create sustainable and profitable growth. He has helped many individuals and businesses develop professional business plans in a wide range of industries, including cannabis and CBD, e-commerce, fashion, cosmetics, retail, entertainment, construction, restaurants, pharmaceutical and various consumer products and services.

He founded Adept Business Plans Inc. as an independent business plan writing business. He saw a need in the marketplace for a business plan service that is customized for every business owner. His vision is to provide a seamless business plan consulting experience to all of his clients.


Outsource Marketing

outsource marketing logo


If you need to raise money for your small to medium-sized business, our business plan writing service is your solution. Whether you are just starting out or preparing to expand in a new direction, your company needs capital. Without adequate funding, it’s impossible to turn an idea into a new, tangible reality.

A professional business plan clearly outlines a viable path to success. It serves as the first impression to lenders and potential investors, providing detailed information on how the business venture will succeed and why investing in it is a wise move, rather than a risky proposition. Working with a business writing consultant ensures that your business proposal provides potential lenders precisely what they’re looking for as they tick off the boxes on their loan approval checklist.

After investing so much of yourself, it can be challenging to step back and evaluate a new business idea objectively. An experienced business plan consultant, however, can quickly spot any flaws or weaknesses in your plan. Their skilled advice can tweak a plan so that it’s more likely to receive funding and more apt to succeed in the marketplace.

Our business plan writers perfect business plans, because it’s all they do. After writing plan after plan for clients, our business planning experts know precisely what works and what doesn’t. They also have the time to focus on writing a business plan in a way that business leaders often don’t.

Our business plan writing service produces professionally formatted documents that persuasively communicate the strengths of your idea. It’s also essential to show potential lenders and investors that as a leader, you understand that things sometimes go wrong and that you have the experience and expertise to take corrective action when necessary.

Our lead business planning expert earned a BA of Economics at Western University, an MBA at McGill University and an International Business Degree at the Stockholm School of Economics.  In addition to his educational training, he has 25 years of real-world marketing, sales, strategy and business development experience with some of North America’s leading firms. He gained these skills while working in multiple industries, including aerospace, transportation, clean-tech, and architecture, among others.


Plan 2 Profit Group

plan 2 profit logo


After writing thousands of business plans over the past 25 years, we know exactly what lenders are looking for. It is worth noting that the average lender reads countless business plans every year and most of them look and sound the same. You deserve a plan that not only stands out from the crowd but also, one that expertly shows how attractive and viable your business is. This is what we deliver.

Most businesses struggle because the owners do not have a handle on their numbers. The key to our success is making sure that you understand them. We are able to do this by preparing the most impactful, most concise financial projections of any business plan writer.

Our tried-and-true formula takes you from where you are today to getting funded. Best of all, we work “with” you from the start until the plan is finished and make sure that you are lender-ready and or investor-ready so that you can pitch your business to the world.

As professional business plan writers, we are privy to a lot of very sensitive information – your information. In the majority of cases, we work under a Non-Disclosure Agreement that ensures that anything you share with us stays private.

For that reason, we don’t go about telling the world who our clients are. We feel that your business is your business and it is no one else’s business.


To Conclude Vancouver Business Plan Writers

Well, we hope you enjoyed this article on the top business plan writers in Vancouver.  Each of these firms has their own strengths and process to writing successful business plans.  We can honestly say these are all excellent options, and it’s really a matter of finding which business plan writer’s style is best suited for your startup.  Best of luck with your new venture!