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Business | 14 November, 2023

What is the EDC?

In the dynamic and interconnected world of international trade, Canadian businesses strive to make their mark on the global stage. Enter Export Development Canada (EDC). So what is EDC? It is a Crown corporation with a rich history dating back to 1944, dedicated to empowering Canadian companies of all sizes to thrive beyond national borders. 

EDC’s multifaceted approach equips businesses with essential tools, including trade knowledge, financial solutions, equity, insurance, and global connections. This comprehensive support system enables Canadian businesses to grow with confidence, fostering job creation and prosperity on the home front. 

More information can be found on EDC website – https://www.edc.ca/


EDC’s Mission and Values

At the heart of EDC’s operation lies a commitment to facilitating sustainable, responsible, and inclusive trade. Their mission, vision, and values articulate a clear roadmap for the organization:



Make Canada and the world better through trade.



Use unique trade knowledge and financial solutions to support and develop sustainable trade between Canada and the world, enhancing Canada’s competitiveness in the international marketplace.


Vision (By 2030)

Canada regains its standing as a leader in international trade, building a better and stronger economic future for all Canadians.



  • Passion for Customers: Driven by purpose and committed to customer success.
  • Integrity: Doing the right thing, even when it’s challenging, with honesty, openness, ethics, and fairness.
  • Sustainability: Embedding environmental, social, and economic sustainability into every aspect of their work.
  • Inclusion: Recognizing the diversity necessary for success.
  • Caring: Extending concern beyond business to the well-being and growth of people.


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EDC’s Solutions

To fulfill their mission, EDC Canada provides a range of solutions tailored to the unique challenges of global business:



Offering access to working capital and financing, EDC funding ensures Canadian companies have the financial resources needed to navigate the complexities of international trade.


Risk Mitigation

Providing insurance solutions that lower the risk of doing business abroad, EDC helps Canadian businesses manage uncertainties associated with global markets.


Trade Knowledge

Offering expertise to assist companies in making informed decisions, EDC ensures that Canadian businesses are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of international markets.


Global Connections

Building relationships that connect Canadian and international companies, EDC facilitates partnerships that drive mutual growth.


International Footprint

With a presence in offices across Canada and around the world, EDC positions itself strategically to be close to the businesses they support and the global buyers that can connect Canadian exporters to international supply chains. This proximity allows for effective collaboration and support, essential elements in the success of Canada export abroad.


EDC’s 2030 Strategy

Guided by its purpose, vision, and values, EDC aspires to be a potent force for good, particularly as leaders in international trade. Their 2030 Strategy serves as a blueprint for achieving these aspirations, ensuring that EDC remains at the forefront of supporting Canadians in the global marketplace.


Collaborative Initiatives: FinDev Canada

In 2017, EDC took on a new role entrusted by the Government of Canada – the creation of FinDev Canada. Operating as a subsidiary of EDC, FinDev Canada’s core mandate is to support inclusive private sector growth and sustainability in developing markets. This initiative exemplifies EDC’s commitment to extending its impact beyond national borders.


Building Partnerships for Success

Recognizing the critical importance of collaboration, EDC export Canada actively works with trusted partners, including other financial institutions and the Government of Canada. By leveraging these partnerships, EDC ensures that Canadian companies have access to the latest trade knowledge and financial solutions. This collaborative approach reinforces EDC’s commitment to helping Canadian businesses succeed on the global stage.


Export Development Canada stands as a pivotal player in the success of Canadian businesses in the international arena. By providing a comprehensive suite of solutions, fostering global connections, and embodying a commitment to sustainability and inclusivity, EDC is driving the growth of Canadian companies and contributing to the nation’s standing as a leader in international trade.

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