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Non Profit Grants Canada

In the heart of Canada’s thriving community, nonprofits and charities are the lifelines that connect ambition to achievement, and ideas to reality. Within this vibrant ecosystem, non profit grants and grants for charities are not just financial tools but the fuel that spreads awareness and powers effective change.


Grants and funding for nonprofits are vital in empowering non profit organizations to achieve their missions, significantly impacting not just the organizations themselves but also the communities they serve.

When applying for grants for community organizations, it is crucial for non-profits to clearly articulate how the funds will be used to benefit their communities. This includes establishing clear, measurable, and realistic outcomes. For instance, a charitable non-profit should outline a concrete set of achievable goals to demonstrate the potential impact of their work.


We’ll unravel the complexities of various non-profit company grant programs and funding organizations in Canada, their objectives, eligibility criteria, and how partnering with BSBCON can be a game-changer in your journey to securing essential funding.


Non Profit Organization Funding

Each nonprofit funding program is designed to cater to specific needs and sectors, whether it is supporting cultural heritage, advancing technology for accessibility, or empowering women in business. 

From non profit start up grants Canada designed to kickstart new initiatives, to federal grants for nonprofits aimed at bolstering established programs, the range of funding available reflects the diverse needs of the nonprofit sector.


In the following section, we highlight a selection of these dynamic non profit business grant programs and provide a roadmap for Canadian non-profit organizations to find the support needed to flourish and succeed.

  • Accessible Technology Program: Focused on elevating the quality of life through technology, this program offers up to $4 million per project to develop and test assistive technologies. As one of the funding sources for nonprofits, it is a perfect fit for Canadian not-for-profit organizations dedicated to improving accessibility for all Canadians.
  • Agri-Tech Innovation Cost-Share Program (Ontario): Tailored for agricultural not-for-profit organizations in Ontario, this program encourages the modernization of agriculture-specific technologies. Nonprofit grants vary, but all focus on supporting innovative technological solutions in the agricultural sector.
  • Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage: This grant funding for nonprofits celebrates Canadian culture by supporting local festivals that showcase local artists and heritage performers. Non profit organizations in Canada conducting cultural events at their 100th anniversary or greater (in increments of 25 years) can access funding up to 100% of their expenses, capped at $200,000.
  • Canada Community Revitalization Fund: Aimed at aiding communities hit hard by the pandemic, these community grants for nonprofits reached a national investment amount of $500 million in over two years. Delivered by Canada’s Regional Development Agencies (RDA), this funding for nonprofit organizations further supported Indigenous communities.
  • Green Municipal Fund: Supporting innovative environmental solutions by municipalities, this fund grants up to $175,000, which can cover up to 80% of project costs for a non profit organization. As one of Canada’s government grants for nonprofits, it serves as a strategic fit for municipal projects focusing on environmental sustainability and providing better lives for citizens.
  • Jobs and Growth Fund (Ontario): Designed to propel economic growth and job creation, this fund is one of the Ontario grants for nonprofits offering to cover up to 90% of project costs for a qualifying non-profit business. These grants for non profits Ontario are particularly beneficial for organizations driving economic development in the region.
  • Women Ecosystem Fund: Empowering women entrepreneurs, this fund provides up to $3 million to nonprofits that support women in business. Among nonprofit funding sources, this is aimed at strengthening the business ecosystem for women entrepreneurs across Canada

Grants for nonprofits Canada and grants for non profit organizations in Canada are critical in ensuring that organizations have access to the resources they require to make a profound impact. 


Whether it’s through funding for non profits Canada, supporting a wide array of projects, or non profit funding Canada, focusing on the operational needs of organizations, these grants serve as a cornerstone for nonprofit success.

Building Connections and Collaboration

One of the keys to success in the nonprofit sector is the ability to collaborate and learn from the experiences of others. This is where a list of non profit organizations in Canada becomes an invaluable resource.

By accessing such a list, your organization can identify potential partners, understand the scope of nonprofit work across different sectors, and perhaps most importantly, find inspiration in the accomplishments of others.


In addition to facilitating partnerships, a comprehensive list of non profit organizations in Canada can also aid in benchmarking and setting realistic, achievable goals based on the successes and challenges faced by similar organizations. This level of insight is crucial for strategic planning and can help your nonprofit navigate the complexities of the sector more effectively.


Grants For Non Profits Canada

Securing grant funding is a vital step in propelling your nonprofit’s mission forward. Our BSBCON team is adept at exploring Canadian government grants for nonprofit organizations and Canada grants for nonprofits.


BSBCON’s grant writing experts offer personalized support in identifying the right Canadian grants for nonprofits, crafting compelling applications, and navigating complex eligibility criteria. 

With our help, your organization can unlock new opportunities and make a lasting impact. Contact BSBCON today and take the first step towards securing the funding your nonprofit deserves.


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