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Sustainability Plans

Experience the benefits of a customized sustainability plan for your SME.

You can achieve unparalleled financial results while winning loyalty from your customers by strategically embedding sustainable development practices into your business.

Building Sustainable Companies

You gain access to direct financial gains, brand distinction, and widespread risk management by leveraging our proven approach to corporate sustainability. These benefits are rarely offered by firms specializing solely in environmental sustainability.

Our distinct approach considers your community involvement, management practices, environmental impact, staff engagement, and supply chain. From there, we incorporate sustainable practices that are designed to be easily implemented while contributing to longevity in your business model.

BSBCON’s Sustainable Business Services

Sustainable Brand Development

Develop your brand while staying true to your business roots with BSBCON. By implementing sustainable brand development that’s in line with your business objectives, your business can be known for its positive social and environmental impacts.

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Sustainability Planning

Your impactful sustainability initiatives should look and feel authentic. Each sustainability plan we produce is unique and contemplates the relevant goals you’ve developed with us, alongside the practical implementation schedule and measurable metrics you need to succeed.

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Corporate Sustainability Audit

Your corporate sustainability audit starts with a thorough assessment of your current sustainability initiatives. Building on this, you’ll receive recommendations to improve your sustainability performance and information that will inform long-term sustainable planning.

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Strategies for Sustainability


Employee Engagement

Supply Chain


Environmental Impact

Benefits of Corporate Sustainability

Competitive Advantage

Increased Productivity

Employee Engagement

Reduced Waste

Improved Brand Image

Tax Incentives

Boost Innovation


How does your firm define Corporate Sustainability?

Great question, because it seems every firm has a different take on sustainability. We take an encompassing approach, focusing on fully integrating sustainability into your business model that lifts our environment and our communities. We believe that through building strong and resilient communities, we can create an ecosystem that fosters equally strong and resilient businesses. This requires a commitment to ethical and strategic business management and consideration for communities, the environment, employees, and those involved at every step of our supply chains.

Outside of your services how much will a sustainable transformation cost us?

It really all depends. Some clients make fair investments into their infrastructure, where others come out of the process with minimal costs. Regardless, it’s important to remember the investments you make today in sustainability will pay serious dividends tomorrow.

What is a sustainability audit?

Our audits will provide an assessment of where your business is currently at with sustainability, including identifying areas of strength and areas that could use more attention. We will also provide you a set of recommendations and next steps for how you can improve. We can also offer additional services to support you in implementing those recommendations.

I am a vendor, and our clients are asking our business to have specific programs in place to meet their sustainability standards. Can you help us meet their requirements?

Absolutely. We have a history of supporting clients in developing sustainability programs to meet their own clients’ strict requirements. Whether it is an environmental program, procurement policy, or waste management plan, we can work with you to develop a plan that is realistic, measurable, and impactful.

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Kevin is a pleasure to work with! He is a true expert and had many insightful suggestions for how I could improve my current business strategy. I would recommend him and the Black Sheep team without hesitation. Thanks Kevin!

— Laura Burden

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I met Kevin almost two years ago and from the start I knew there was something very special about him. He is the definition of positivity and his energy is contagious. Kevin is a natural born leader, capable of inspiring those around him to be their best. He is funny, smart, hard working and incredibly kind. He would go to the moon and back for his clients with passion and dedication.

— Sara Badiei

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BSBCON has helped us in creating our own corporate identity and the strategy behind our recent market growth. From our first meeting their team has impressed us in professionalism, dedication and experience. We’ll be retaining them for their Sustainable Business services.

— Russel De Vera

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