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A Guide to Investor Pitch Decks

Start-ups often use a pitch deck (also known as a slide deck, start-up deck or investor deck) to present a brief but informative overview of their company to prospective angel or venture capital investors. Generally composed of 15 – 20 slides in a PowerPoint format, a pitch deck showcases a company’s products, technology, and team…

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How to Conduct Market Research 

Market research is an important and necessary step to help business owners understand the competitive landscape, profitability, and consumer behaviour in any given market. Despite being the foundation of any business' value proposition and competitive positioning in the market, many entrepreneurs skip this step. This article will highlight what market research is, and why market…

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How To Write the Market Analysis of a Business Plan

A key component in any business plan, your market analysis demonstrates that you know your market is ideal for building a sustainable business. When you understand your potential customers and market conditions, you'll reduce your risk because you'll have a better chance of developing a viable product or service. Having a thorough market analysis will…

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