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Small Business Grants Manitoba

In Manitoba, a wealth of small business grants offers vital support to local entrepreneurs and startups. Our comprehensive Manitoba grants guide serves as an illuminating path to accessing various Manitoba small business grants and loans.


Whether you’re in the bustling city of Winnipeg or elsewhere in the province, our guide will assist in navigating both federal grant for small business and provincial funding landscapes. From equipment financing for startups Manitoba to small business grants and loans across the region, we delve into opportunities that can help launch, sustain, or grow your business, ensuring you’re well-equipped to tap into these valuable resources.


Grants For Small Business Manitoba

Navigating the landscape of small business grants in Manitoba and getting a small business loan can be a transformative step for local enterprises seeking economic growth and innovation. This section highlights a selection of Manitoba business grants, offering non-repayable funding opportunities tailored to businesses meeting diverse eligibility criteria:


  1. Canada-Manitoba Job Grant (CMJG)

The Canada-Manitoba Job Grant offers non-repayable funding up to 66% of training costs, capped at $10,000 per trainee, for qualified Manitoba small business enhancing employee skills. Eligible businesses must have a minimum $2 Million liability insurance, and trainees should be Manitoba residents or Canadian citizens. For this Manitoba grant, projects must be completed within a year, focusing on job-specific skill development.

  1. Export Development Program (EDP)

The Export Development Program supports Manitoba businesses in export market development outside of the province, offering up to 50% funding for tradeshow exhibit expenses or 30% for tradeshows exhibit but not participation costs. Eligibility includes the production of an exportable product or services, participation in business-to-business events, and annual revenue between $100,000 to $50 Million. As a government help for small business, applications are accepted continuously, with a focus on tradeshows and market research, and should be applied for 60 days prior to the tradeshow or mission date.

  1. Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF)

SIF aids Manitoba businesses in technology development, offering grants and Manitoba loans covering up to 50% of project costs, starting at $10 million. Eligible businesses should be innovation-driven and incorporate significant private sector co-investments. This program’s stream grants Manitoba businesses continuous intake, with projects allowed to go beyond 5 years, supporting research and commercialization of innovative technologies.

  1. Downtown Winnipeg BIZ Connect Grant

Focused on small businesses in Winnipeg, this grant supports local enterprises by connecting business establishments for mutual service provision. As one of the small business grants Winnipeg, program eligibility includes businesses within the Downtown Winnipeg Business Improvement Zone, employing fewer than 50 workers, and impacted by COVID-19. Grant amounts vary based on service needs.


Small Business Loans Manitoba

  1. Canada Small Business Financing Program

This business loan Manitoba program aids businesses with loans up to $1 million for expansion activities, including equipment on loan Manitoba and software purchases. Eligible for-profit Canadian companies with annual revenues under $10 million can apply year-round at financial institutions. Among Manitoba business loans, this comes with competitive interest rates, supporting Manitoba small business development.

  1. Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit (SBVCTC)

SBVCTC offers a 45% tax credit to investors in eligible Manitoba enterprises, encouraging investment in local small businesses. Companies must be Canadian Controlled Private Corporations, Manitoba-based, and meet specific revenue and employee criteria. The program supports business expansion through equity investments.


Business Grants Manitoba

It is important to acknowledge that these funding opportunities are just a glimpse into different financial support and Manitoba grants for small business available. For entrepreneurs wondering how to register a business in Manitoba or seeking small business loans in Winnipeg, the journey can appear challenging. This is where BSBCON steps in.


Our team at BSBCON is committed to supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs across Canada, including those in Manitoba. We specialize in expert grant writing and offer comprehensive assistance in securing small business grants and loans. Our expertise extends to guiding businesses through government programs, venture capital, and diverse financing options.

If you’re ready to take your Manitoba small business to new heights, reach out to BSBCON. Let us navigate the business finance Manitoba opportunities together by contacting us today.

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