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Small Business Grants Nova Scotia

Small businesses are significant pillars of Canada’s economy, especially in regions like Nova Scotia where they drive innovation and community development. 

In Nova Scotia, these enterprises play a crucial role in maintaining the vibrant local culture and economy, contributing significantly to sectors such as fisheries, technology, and agriculture.

Recognizing this, the province offers a variety of Nova Scotia grants and programs designed to bolster small businesses. These NS small business grants provide critical support, enabling entrepreneurs to innovate, expand, and thrive in a competitive market.


What Are Nova Scotia Small Business Grants?

Business grants are non-repayable grants for entrepreneurs provided by government entities, private organizations, or non-profits. A small business grant is  designed to support businesses in achieving specific goals such as expansion, innovation, or sustainability. 

Whether these are government grants for small business or  grants for women entrepreneurs, these entrepreneur grants’ no repayment characteristics make them a highly sought-after funding source for eligible businesses.


Business Grants Nova Scotia Vs. Loans

  • Repayment: The most striking difference is that entrepreneurship grants are non-repayable, whereas bank business loans are funding for business that must be paid back with interest. This makes Nova Scotia business grants more appealing as they do not add financial liabilities to the business.
  • Purpose and Scope: NS grants, such as government grants for small businesses, are often awarded for specific projects or initiatives and have strict usage guidelines. On the other hand, loans, such as those provided by BDC, offer more flexibility in how new business funding can be utilized.


Nova Scotia Grants for Small Business

In Nova Scotia, grants available for small businesses provide diverse and robust support, tailoring to the specific needs and ambitions of businesses in the province. Here’s a deeper look into the types of Nova Scotia government grants and private funding available:

  • Grants for Starting a Small Business and Expansion

These small business startup grants are a lifeline for emerging and growing businesses in Nova Scotia. For startups, this small business program grants Nova Scotia businesses financial support for foundational expenses like product development and market research. Among government start up business grants, an example is the Nova Scotia First Fund, which provides new business grant funding for emerging venture-grade technology companies to facilitate a smooth launch.

For existing enterprises looking to expand, Canada entrepreneur grants including marketing grants for small businesses can help cover costs associated with scaling up operations, entering new markets, or increasing production capacity. These grants for businesses are essential to enhance the competitive edge and market presence of businesses.


  • Sector-Specific Grants 

Recognizing the diverse industrial landscape of Nova Scotia, these grants available in Nova Scotia support specific sectors critical to the province’s economy. Industry-focused grants further include programs for farmers which aid through small business equipment grants. For example, the Atlantic Fisheries Fund assists businesses in the fishing industry with technology upgrades and sustainable practices.

Similarly, there are technology innovation grants, like the CDAP, designed to foster advancements in Nova Scotia’s burgeoning tech sector by supporting projects in areas like clean technology and digital innovation. This Nova Scotia grant not only boosts individual businesses but also contributes to the overall growth and modernization of key industries in the province.


  • Demographic-Specific Grants

With an aim to promote inclusivity and diversity in entrepreneurship, Nova Scotia offers grants targeting underrepresented groups, may it be business start up grants or financial support for already growing businesses. The PEIBWA Micro Grants is one such initiative, providing financial assistance to women-led businesses to help them overcome unique challenges and thrive in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Among young entrepreneurs grants Canada, the Women and Youth Lending Program focuses on empowering women and youth by providing them with the resources needed to turn their innovative ideas into successful businesses. These grants for young entrepreneurs Canada play a crucial role in ensuring a level playing field and fostering a diverse and dynamic business community.


How Do I Get Funding For My Business?

As an entrepreneur, you may ask “How do I get a small business grant?” First, a business must identify if it is eligible for specific small business grants. Eligibility varies across different grants for new businesses and existing enterprises, but common criteria include:

  • Business Structure: Many private and government grants for business require the business to be incorporated, though there are available grants for sole proprietorships.
  • Operational History: Established businesses often have more grant options, though government grants for new businesses also support startups.
  • Revenue Proof: Demonstrating viable business operations through revenue can be crucial for eligibility.


Grants for Small Business Nova Scotia

In a province where small businesses are one of its foundations, accessing these private and government grants for businesses can be a game-changer. For business owners in Nova Scotia, it is imperative to seek out these funding opportunities actively. 


Researching, understanding eligibility criteria, and preparing strong applications are key steps. BSBCON is here to assist in navigating these waters, offering expertise in grant writing to help secure the funding your business needs.

Contact BSBCON today for expert guidance and take the first step towards unlocking your business’s potential with Nova Scotia’s small business grants.


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