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Strategic Innovation Fund

Innovation is the heartbeat of progress, driving transformations that reshape our world. From the essential microchip technology in our everyday devices to groundbreaking medical advancements, innovation is the key to unlocking potential and pushing boundaries. 


A good innovation fund not only supports this journey but actively propels it forward, turning visionary ideas into tangible impacts. This is where the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) in Canada plays a pivotal role, offering a financial lifeline to businesses that promise transformative changes across various sectors.


SIF Meaning

What is SIF? At its core, the Strategic Innovation Fund is a testament to Canada’s commitment to nurturing innovation. Launched under the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), it’s a multi-billion dollar initiative designed to fund large-scale, collaborative projects. With a total SIF funding pool of $8.2 Billion, it has already breathed life into 117 projects, collectively worth $71.9 Billion.


Projects funded under SIF have included significant ventures such as Northern RNA Inc.‘s efforts to boost Canada’s biomanufacturing capacity for mRNA vaccine components and also funding innovation for Manikheir Canada Inc.‘s initiative to establish the only facility in Canada for medical-grade nitrile gloves production.


SIF Canada Streams

Available to both for-profit and nonprofit organizations, the SIF grant is dedicated to bolstering the Canadian innovation network through innovation investment. This inclusive approach ensures a wide-reaching impact, supporting a diverse range of projects and ideas.


Central to the SIF’s funding strategy are two primary categories of projects, each with distinct requirements and objectives. The first category, encompassing streams 1 to 3, focuses on Business Innovation and Growth projects. These streams support initiatives ranging from early-stage development to expansion and growth.


The second category, covering streams 4 and SIF stream 5, addresses Collaborations and Networks projects. This category is designed for projects led by either companies or not-for-profit organizations, aiming to build or strengthen innovation networks. These streams foster collaborative efforts, connecting various stakeholders in pursuit of shared innovative goals.


SIF Application

Applying for the SIF is a structured process designed to ensure projects align with national objectives and deliver tangible benefits to Canadians.


Firstly, it’s crucial to identify the category under which your project falls, whether it’s business growth, innovation, or part of a broader economic network. Understanding SIF’s investment priorities and strategic funding is key to aligning your project’s objectives.


Before diving into the application, it’s recommended to consult with SIF officials to gauge your eligibility. This step can be a time-saver, helping to clarify any uncertainties about the fit of your project. Once you’re ready, the application process involves a few key steps: submitting a statement of interest and then a full application, including a due diligence assessment, project recommendation, and the development of a contribution agreement.


Post-submission, the journey isn’t over. Successful applicants will engage in reporting, ensuring that the project’s outcomes are on track and aligned with the agreed objectives. Remember, each step is crucial in securing SIF’s support for your innovative endeavour.


SIF Funding

As a strategic investment fund, the SIF’s contributions can go up to 50% of project costs, with a minimum project size of $20 million. This funding supports a range of activities, from R&D to commercialization, ensuring that every phase of innovation is nurtured. 

Applications are welcomed on a rolling basis for most streams, providing flexibility and continuous opportunities for innovators.


Your Path to Innovation Funding

The Strategic Innovation Fund not only fuels business growth and collaborative networks but also reinforces Canada as a leader in a knowledge-based economy through global innovation. By supporting a wide array of sectors through its targeted streams, SIF ensures that Canadian innovation remains dynamic and forward-thinking.


At BSBCON, we recognize the value of such resources and are committed to helping businesses navigate the complexities of securing funding like SIF. Our business consulting expertise and guidance can be the bridge between your innovative ideas and the realization of your business’s full potential.


Embark on your journey to innovation with BSBCON – where we support ideas by breaking through industry barriers.


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