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About Us

Bsbcon is a team of experienced business consultants that work with SMEs to break through the barriers of their industry.

Our Approach

Thanks to our online business model, Bsbcon is able to help small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across the globe.  We partner with companies to tackle their most important challenges, and capture their greatest opportunities.  In a rapidly changing world, our consulting firm is positioned to be at the forefront of change; understanding new trends, digital opportunities, and partnerships that help our clients today, and tomorrow.

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A Unique Process

We are recognized as a results-based, management consulting firm, but how is that achieved?  We partner with our clients to transform their organizations, embed technology into everything they do, build enduring capabilities, and disrupt their industries.  By encouraging internal discussion, and challenging one another we produce strategies that are unchallenged by our competition.  We are committed to providing breakthroughs to our clients.

Experience That Matters

We host a team of problem-solvers, change-driven professionals with specific industry strengths and experiences.  Our team can be identified as the next wave in management consulting leadership, and our internal management is just that.  Our Founder and President, Kevin Foreman takes a unique approach to adding to our team of consultants.  In order to provide maximum results, Mr. Foreman is focused on retaining consultants that have showcased their specific abilities in a variety of ways.  By combining experienced senior staff with disruptive thinkers, we offer our clients a perspective that is rarely found.

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Organizational Values

To help our clients understand what to expect from Bsbcon, our firm’s actions are guided by the following values:

Provide superior service

Be honest

Always on the offense

Respect everyone

Be your authentic self

Build a better community

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Nerve Center

Bsbcon headquarters is located in beautiful downtown Vancouver, Canada.  We have a tight-knit management team that incorporates our international team’s insights with key strategic decisions.  Vancouver is an excellent base for our corporate operations with a significant portion of our senior staff and shareholders being based in the Greater Vancouver Area.

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We’re Different

We’re known as Bsbcon (B-s-b-con), but what does that stand for?  Our name is derived from our original title, Black Sheep Business Consulting Corp.  Founder and President, Kevin Foreman named the organization: Black Sheep Business Consulting Corp. to be different, non-conforming, to test the status quo in management consulting.  We are not your average consultancy, and we are driven to provide results that you won’t find anywhere else.

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