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Business Plans | 10 October, 2023

Airbnb Business Plan

The San Francisco hospitality and travel sector has experienced substantial growth in recent years. This Airbnb business plan sample is crafted to offer guidance for establishing your airbnb startup. Created by our team of experienced airbnb business plan writers, this model serves as a valuable reference to help you get started.


In the realm of modern travel and hospitality, Airbnb has emerged as a revolutionary force. But what does Airbnb stand for, and how can you tap into this lucrative market by starting your own Airbnb business? 


This article delves into the answers, providing insights into what Airbnb represents and offering a step-by-step guide on how to get started with airbnb, complete with a comprehensive business plan.


What Does Airbnb Stand For

To start on the right foot, it’s crucial to understand the roots of Airbnb. The name “Airbnb” is a fusion of “Air Bed & Breakfast,” signifying its origins as a platform where individuals could rent air mattresses or spare rooms in their homes to travelers seeking short-term accommodations. 


Since its inception, Airbnb has evolved into a global marketplace for lodging, including apartments, vacation homes, and unique stays.


How to Start Your Own Airbnb

Starting an Airbnb business involves several essential steps. Let’s break down the process:


Market Research

What do you need to start an Airbnb? Begin by conducting thorough market research. Identify areas with a high demand for short-term rentals and assess your competition. Understanding the local market is fundamental to your success.


Legal Requirements

How to get corporate lease for airbnb? While corporate leases for Airbnb business is permissible, it’s essential to obtain prior permission from your landlord. It’s worth noting that not all landlords permit subletting, and failure to adhere to their policies could result in legal consequences and substantial fines.


Property Selection and Preparation

How to make an Airbnb? Essentially, begin by choosing a property that aligns with your Airbnb vision and value proposition. Your options are diverse, ranging from a spare room, an apartment, a vacation home, or any other type of dwelling.


Next, prepare your property meticulously. Furnish, decorate, and ensure it is impeccably clean and well-maintained. 


Don’t forget to capture high-quality photos of your property, as they are essential for creating an enticing listing.


Create an Airbnb Business Account

Wondering how to get in the airbnb business world?  Begin by creating an Airbnb Business Account. Sign up as a host on Airbnb or your preferred platform, and then, unleash the potential of your short-term rental by crafting an enticing listing that highlights your property’s unique features.


Do you want to know how to write Airbnb listing? The key lies in effective promotion through online marketing and social media channels. Additionally, encouraging guests to share positive reviews can significantly enhance your listing’s visibility and attract more bookings.


Pricing Strategy

As you start your own airbnb, one crucial aspect to consider is developing a pricing strategy. This strategy should be based on various factors, including your property’s location, type, demand in the area, and competition. Strive to strike a balance between competitive pricing and ensuring profitability for your short-term rental business.


Guest Communication

As an Airbnb host, utilizing Airbnb host templates, an Airbnb check-in template, and Airbnb research tools can enhance your guest interactions. 


Be sure to respond promptly to guest inquiries, utilizing Airbnb host templates when necessary, to provide efficient and informative responses. 


Moreover, facilitate a seamless booking process. Elevate the guest experience by offering essential amenities, clear instructions, and unparalleled customer service. 


Safety and Maintenance

What does an Airbnb look like? For an Airbnb entrepreneur, it’s a property that shines with cleanliness and care, where safety and security are paramount. 


Implement safety measures and security features to ensure your guests’ well-being and peace of mind. Furthermore, arrange for regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure your property stays in pristine condition between guests.


Business Plan

Within your comprehensive Airbnb business plan, one essential element to incorporate is a well-crafted Airbnb business description. This concise section offers a snapshot of your entire venture, providing potential investors and stakeholders with valuable insights into your business.


Your Airbnb executive summary should encapsulate vital elements like your Airbnb business model, outlining how you plan to operate and generate revenue. Clearly state your business goals, highlighting both short-term and long-term objectives, and provide an overview of your Airbnb projections. These projections should encompass financial forecasts, growth estimations, and performance expectations, giving readers a clear picture of the potential your short-term rental business holds.


Additionally, as you develop your short-term rental business plan, consider seamlessly integrating elements specific to the vacation rental property business. This dual approach ensures that your strategy caters to both short-term and vacation rental aspects, providing flexibility in your property offerings and target audience. 


By presenting a well-rounded airbnb plan that encompasses these dimensions, your Airbnb venture will be optimally positioned for success in the dynamic world of short-term and vacation rentals, effectively meeting the needs of guests and investors alike.


In conclusion, embarking on the path of Airbnb entrepreneurship is a thrilling endeavor, but it calls for meticulous planning, unwavering dedication, and a keen eye for detail. Staying informed about industry trends and adhering to local regulations is paramount, and seeking help from consultants when necessary is a wise move. Armed with a solid business plan and fueled by your determination, you’re poised to unlock the full potential of your Airbnb business, offering travelers unforgettable experiences. 


To further guide you in this exciting journey, we have provided a sample Airbnb business plan below:


Executive Summary

“Enchanted Stays” (herein also referred to as “the company”), headquartered in San Francisco, California and led by visionary Founder and CEO Mark Chester, is in the process of developing the “Enchanted Stays App” (herein also referred to as “the platform”). This comprehensive online property rental marketplace aims to curate and showcase an exclusive collection of high-end estates, seamlessly connecting discerning travelers with luxurious short-term rental experiences.


In recent years, the short-term property rental industry has undergone significant changes. Affluent travelers now increasingly seek unique and lavish experiences tailored to their specific needs. At the same time, property owners are keen to optimize their earnings and boost occupancy rates. The digital age has also introduced a strong preference among consumers for bundled services and one-stop solutions. Yet, many platforms in the market remain fragmented, concentrating either solely on property or service—and only a few cater explicitly to the luxury segment.


The Enchanted Stays App will redefine the industry by bridging these prevalent gaps. Destined to be the preferred choice for luxury rentals, the platform will stand out through a dual emphasis on premium property listings and upscale services, ranging from private chauffeur services to in-house spa treatments. Guests using the platform will do more than just book properties—they will secure entirely immersive luxury experiences. For property owners, the platform will provide an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their estates while benefiting from carefully crafted marketing strategies, ensuring their listings resonate with the target elite audience.


To actualize this vision, the Founder Mark Chester, has taken the initiative by fully fronting a generous $900,000 investment. These funds will be strategically allocated for the platform’s development, initiating robust marketing campaigns, and ensuring sufficient working capital to fluidly manage the company’s initial operations. To ensure returns on investment, the company’s business model is strategically crafted around a commission-based system, derived from both luxury estate bookings and additional services. This model, supplemented by innovative loyalty mechanisms, not only promises consistent returns but also cultivates an ecosystem where customers find value in repeated engagements.


With a robust strategic plan in place, shaped by successful entrepreneur Mark Chester, the platform is positioned to set a new gold standard in the luxury rental landscape. Leveraging an unmatched commitment to quality and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, the company is primed to reshape how elite travelers perceive and experience opulence. As the nexus between luxury and innovation, the Enchanted Stays App stands poised to transform the industry, one exquisite stay at a time.


Business Overview

The Enchanted Stays App is an upcoming web and mobile platform designed to redefine luxury travel experiences. At its core, the platform provides discerning travelers access to some of the most opulent short-term accommodations around the world. Recognizing the holistic nature of luxury vacations, the platform seamlessly integrates listings of elite services and unique activities, all provided by top-tier and fully vetted providers in the luxury ecosystem. To ensure that every journey is truly memorable and stress-free, the Enchanted Stays App will also be introducing a virtual concierge. This feature, managed by exceptional customer service representatives, will cater to every whim and request of the users, elevating their travel experiences to unparalleled heights.


In terms of revenue generation, the Enchanted Stays App employs a multifaceted strategy. The primary income stream is derived from commissions collected from each booking of property or service facilitated through the platform. Complementing this main source, the platform provides opportunities for paid advertisements, which not only gives property owners and service providers a platform to highlight their offerings, but also ensures guests are constantly updated on the latest and most exclusive experiences available. Beyond immediate financial gains, the company demonstrates its dedication to building a loyal customer base through the creation of a “Travel Fund” for every guest. This fund, derived from a designated percentage of each transaction, accrues over time and can be redeemed on subsequent bookings, thereby incentivizing repeat engagements and enriching the overall user experience.


In the initial phase of its launch, the Enchanted Stays App will focus on listing luxury properties and service providers in the most visited provinces in the US, including California, New York City, and Florida. Simultaneously, there will be a focused effort on integrating listings from the most frequented states in the US, namely Florida, California, and New York. While the platform strengthens its portfolio in these key regions, guest or user onboarding will roll out on a global scale. However, the initial promotional efforts will be laser-focused on geographical locations that exhibit a propensity for travel to the aforementioned US states, ensuring a match between supply and demand from the outset.


Looking forward, the Enchanted Stays App envisions a progressive expansion, aiming to encompass the entirety of the US in its subsequent phases. Once a robust presence is established across these regions, the platform intends to venture into the European market, starting with key luxury travel destinations and gradually branching out to offer an exhaustive range of elite accommodations and services across the continent.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to effortlessly link refined travelers with the most prestigious rental properties, enriching their journeys through unparalleled luxury and service excellence.


Vision Statement 

Our vision is to establish the Enchanted Stays App as the ultimate digital hub for exclusive vacation experiences and luxurious getaways, setting new standards in opulent stays.


Core Values

Enchanted Stays’ culture is built upon a foundation of core values that shape how the company interacts with customers, partners, and employees. These values are fundamental to all business activities and decisions and are deeply ingrained in the company’s ethos.


Customer-Centric Excellence

Understanding and exceeding the unique desires of discerning travelers is of paramount importance to the company. Every decision, from platform design to curated services, is made with the customer in mind, leading to experiences that surpass expectations and cultivate loyalty.


Commitment to Exclusivity

Enchanted Stays is defined by its unique and unparalleled offerings. The company meticulously selects only the finest properties and service providers to feature on the platform, ensuring each listing stands as a testament to sophistication and distinction.


Integrity in Every Interaction

At the heart of Enchanted Stays lies an unwavering commitment to honesty and transparency. Each transaction, whether with travelers, property owners, or partners, is conducted with the highest ethical standards, ensuring trust and building lasting relationships.


Unparalleled Convenience

Understanding that time is a luxury in itself, Enchanted Stays is unwavering in its commitment to streamlining processes and offering intuitive solutions. Whether it is the seamless booking experience or round-the-clock customer support, the company ensures that every interaction is smooth, efficient, and tailored to the sophisticated needs of its clientele.


Innovation in Opulence

In a rapidly evolving world, Enchanted Stays does not merely adapt but thrives. The company constantly integrates cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking strategies to elevate the luxury rental experience, keeping the platform ahead of industry curves.


Collaborative Growth

Believing in the power of unified efforts, Enchanted Stays fosters an environment where partners, employees, and stakeholders collaborate seamlessly. This shared vision propels the company forward, ensuring comprehensive, coordinated, and optimized outcomes for all involved.


Market Analysis

In the property rental marketplace industry, it is critical to understand the market trends, government regulations, and competitive landscape to position the Enchanted Stays App for success. This market analysis will provide a comprehensive review of these key factors, providing valuable insights into the industry that will help the company develop a winning strategy.


Short-Term Rental Online Marketplace

An online marketplace is a type of e-commerce site where product or service information is provided by multiple third parties, whereas transactions are processed by the marketplace operator. These platforms act as digital middlemen between sellers and buyers. In these platforms, different sellers offer their products or services, while the marketplace earns money through commissions, listing fees, or other related service charges. The offerings in this industry can span a wide range of sectors such as physical goods, digital goods, services, and rentals.


A specific category under the larger online marketplace umbrella is the short-term rental market.  Platforms in this space, such as Airbnb or VRBO, connect property owners or managers with travelers or renters seeking accommodations for shorter durations, often ranging from a single night to a few months. Instead of long-term leasing or sales transactions, these platforms emphasize transient stays, vacation rentals, or short-term housing needs.


While the Enchanted Stays App functions within this industry as a virtual marketplace, holding no tangible real estate assets, its success is closely tied to the dynamics of the short-term rental sector. Recognizing this integral connection, the company will delve deeply into the growth trajectory and prevailing trends of this industry in the subsequent sections, ensuring that the company’s strategic decisions are well-informed and aligned with market realities.


Short-Term Rental

A short-term rental, often referred to as a vacation rental, is a fully furnished property available for short-duration stays. These can range from just a few nights to several weeks and, in some instances, even months. The accommodation type varies and can include apartments, houses, villas, cottages, condos, townhomes, or even individual rooms within a larger property.


Such rentals are usually managed by the property owner, or specialized property management companies, or facilitated through online platforms like Airbnb, Booking.com, and VRBO, among others. Guests opt for short-term rentals for various reasons, including vacations, business trips, and other temporary needs. These rentals offer a homely ambiance, often equipped with amenities such as kitchens, WiFi, and laundry facilities. Their growing popularity in the lodging sector can be attributed to their unique character and, in many cases, a more cost-effective alternative to conventional hotels.


Global Short-Term Rental Industry Size

The global short-term rental industry has exhibited substantial growth and remarkable potential, with a valuation of $100.8 Billion in 2022. Projections indicate that this figure will increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.8% over the next 8 years, reaching a value of $228.9 Billion by 2030. This growth can be attributed to several key factors. One of the main contributors is the increasing popularity of online platforms, such as Airbnb and TripAdvisor, that connect property owners with renters. These platforms have dramatically expanded the short-term rental market’s reach, making it more accessible to property owners and travelers alike. These platforms provide property owners with an easy way to rent out spare rooms or entire homes and offer travelers a broader array of accommodation options. Moreover, the convenience of online booking and payment systems has made short-term rentals an attractive alternative to traditional hotels.


The adoption of new technology is also fueling growth in the industry. Many short-term rental operators are adopting technologies such as smart locks and keyless entry systems, automated messaging systems, and contactless payments to improve the guest experience and streamline operations. As these tech advancements continue to create efficiencies and enhance user experience, the global short-term rental market is predicted to further thrive.


North American Short-Term Rental Marketplace Industry Size

The short-term rental market in North America is experiencing notable growth, particularly in the United States. As of 2023, the US vacation rental market is valued at an impressive $14.32 billion and is projected to soar to $21.53 billion by 2026, reflecting a CAGR of 14.56% during the forecast period. With over 1.3 million short-term rental properties in the US, this market expansion can be tied to a rising traveler preference for accommodations offering a homely ambiance. Such inclinations have catalyzed a vibrant and competitive market, emphasizing personalized and distinct experiences.


In the US, specific figures for the short-term rental market remain elusive. However, data published by Statistics the US regarding NAICS: 7211, or Traveler Accommodation, offers valuable insights. Characterized as establishments primarily offering short-term lodging (hotels, motels, resorts, and bed-and-breakfast homes), the 2021 industry averages for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) reveal that Canadian businesses in this sector achieved an average revenue of $600.2 thousand and boasted a promising profitability rate of 58.4%.


Luxury Vacation Rental

A luxury vacation rental is a form of high-end short-term accommodation, characterized by excellent service, prime locations, and sophisticated amenities. These properties often provide guests with an unparalleled level of comfort and opulence, typically featuring designer decors, private pools, hot tubs, state-of-the-art technology, gourmet kitchens, expansive living areas, and from time to time, services like personal chefs, concierge, and housekeeping.


Such rentals are frequently found in popular tourist destinations, secluded getaways, or elite urban neighbourhoods and can range from elite urban penthouses to beachfront villas, mountain lodges, or country estates. Just like regular vacation rentals, luxury rentals can be booked on a short-term basis, however, the significant difference lies in the quality of the experience offered. The focus of luxury vacation rentals is to provide guests with an exceptional experience of lavish comfort, exclusivity, and personalized service that goes above and beyond typical accommodations.


Global Luxury Vacation Rental Industry Size

The global luxury vacation rental industry saw a significant value of $23.94 billion as of 2021 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.10%, reaching an estimated $82.0 billion by 2031. This solid growth signifies robust momentum and uplifting trends within the sector, affirming its lucrative potential for the forthcoming decade. Several factors are driving this impressive growth. In particular, the increase in the number of high-net-worth individuals, with a new billionaire emerging every 17 hours in 2020, plays a significant role. This rise in global wealth, coupled with growing demand for unique, experiential stays, and a trend of investors purchasing second homes solely for luxury rentals, brings further vitality to the industry. Influencer marketing has also had a considerable impact, effectively promoting these short-stay properties and attracting additional tourists. As these vacation rentals extend beyond traditional holiday spots to urban settings, they are disrupting the hotel industry, which has prompted further investment in this emerging asset class.


However, amid this positive trajectory, the luxury vacation rental sector is not without its challenges. A primary concern is the market’s vulnerability to economic fluctuations. Historical data reinforces that the luxury domain, too, is susceptible to economic adversities. To illustrate, the global personal luxury market experienced a decline of nearly 10%, plummeting from $172 Billion in 2007 to $157 Billion in 2009, largely influenced by evolving consumer sentiments. Thus, navigating these economic uncertainties is a key challenge for the industry.


North American Luxury Vacation Rental Industry Size

While the precise size of the luxury vacation rental market in North America is not readily available, insights from the United States market indicate that the luxury vacation rental segment is displaying robust growth metrics. According to KeyData, this segment is anticipated to witness a significant increase in both average daily rates (ADR) and length of stay by December 2023, when compared to figures from January 2022. The projected data indicates that the ADR will surge from $492 to $854. Simultaneously, the average length of stay is expected to experience a substantial climb, moving from an average of 6.66 nights in January 2022 to a projected 12.43 nights by December 2023.


Further substantiating the growth in the US luxury property rental market, Hostaway’s data reveals that the median nightly rate for luxury rentals increased from $1,473 to $1,537 in 2022 alone. This growth was not confined merely to the rates—the data also highlighted a rise in occupancy rates and the average length of stay, which grew by 4% and 8%, respectively.


This positive momentum in the luxury vacation rental sector offers a prime opportunity for both established online property rental platforms and new entrants. The rising demand in this luxury segment indicates a chance for these platforms to either carve out a niche or broaden their current offerings. By prioritizing premium listings, creating unique experiences, and building partnerships with upscale property owners, these platforms can capitalize on the expanding market. For newcomers, this upward trend provides a potential avenue for differentiation and a competitive edge in an otherwise saturated market.


Market Trends 

This section provides an overview of the latest trends in the luxury property rental industry, helping the company stay ahead of the competition and identify new growth opportunities. By examining key market drivers, consumer behavior, and industry challenges, the Enchanted Stays App can adapt and innovate its business model to meet the evolving needs of customers.


Increasing Regulations for Short-Term Rentals

The growing popularity of short-term rentals, such as those offered on platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo, is driving an increasing need for targeted regulations in the US. According to a CBC report, the housing crisis in the country has left potential tenants with limited options and pushed rental prices beyond their means. In this context, while short-term rentals present attractive prospects for property owners, they diminish the stock of long-term rental properties in major cities, intensifying the housing crisis for Americans. The impact of short-term rentals on local housing markets, combined with a rising number of commercial operators managing multiple listings, has prompted calls for increased regulations to ensure a balance between the financial benefits for property owners and the social good of providing accessible long-term housing options. 


With the dual challenge of increasing housing costs and continued immigration, local governments are enacting regulatory frameworks to preserve affordable rental options. Meanwhile, in the US, a similar situation is unfolding. As noted in the USA Today article, New York City has recently started enforcing the Short-Term Rental Registration Law. This law requires hosts to register with the Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement and comply with regulations while prohibiting booking platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com from processing transactions for unregistered properties. The aim is to crack down on short-term rentals which have been contributing to the city’s housing issues.


While current regulatory trends predominantly target the broader short-term rental market and not the luxury segment, the company recognizes the importance of being proactive. To ensure sustained growth and maintain positive relationships with local communities and authorities, the Enchanted Stays App will engage in open dialogues with regulatory bodies, offering transparency in its operations. The company will also emphasize its niche positioning, which caters to a different demographic than the average short-term rental and does not directly contribute to the housing affordability crisis. 


Furthermore, the company will consider introducing a “Responsible Luxury” initiative, ensuring that properties listed adhere to local regulations, pay appropriate taxes, and contribute a percentage of earnings to community housing projects. By being proactive and community-conscious, the Enchanted Stays App can effectively navigate regulatory landscapes and stand as a responsible industry leader.


Green Travel

Green travel has emerged as a significant trend in the luxury segment, with wealthy travelers increasingly prioritizing sustainability and environmental awareness in their travel choices. Research by Altiant shows that a significant number of wealthy consumers in Europe, Asia, and North America prioritize environmental factors in their travel choices. This shift is driven by heightened environmental awareness, practical sustainable solutions such as carbon offsetting, and eco-friendly accommodations. The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified this inclination, prompting travelers to be more conscious of their travel impact.

To cater to this burgeoning demand for sustainable luxury travel, the Enchanted Stays App plans to unveil its “Green Badge” initiative. This badge will serve as a hallmark for luxury accommodations that adhere to rigorous sustainability and eco-friendly guidelines. Whether these are properties fully powered by renewable energy sources, or those emphasizing water conservation and sustainable construction materials, the badge will assure travelers of a lavish yet environmentally-responsible stay. Complementing this, the platform is set to launch its “Green Excellence” recognition for service providers showcasing an unwavering commitment to eco-friendly standards. From transportation services utilizing electric vehicles to gourmet chefs exclusively using local and organic produce, the Green Excellence badge stands as a testament to the provider’s deep-rooted commitment to sustainable practices.


Additionally, with the integration of user-centric filters, travelers will be able to seamlessly browse listings and services awarded with sustainability badges. This ensures their chosen accommodations resonate with their environmental principles. Through these endeavors, the Enchanted Stays App aims to redefine luxury travel for the discerning, environmentally-aware elite, ensuring that neither their values nor their experiences are compromised.


Most Visited Countries Worldwide

The geographic distribution of tourists worldwide shows distinct patterns. Data from WiseVoter indicates a trend toward certain countries being significantly more frequented by tourists. These top destinations usually boast a rich cultural heritage, scenic beauty, exceptional infrastructure, and easy accessibility. Countries such as France, for instance, with attractions like Paris, the French Riviera, and historical sites, consistently draw in millions of tourists each year. Spain, Italy, the United States, and China also feature prominently in the list of most visited countries, offering diverse attractions ranging from stunning landscapes and iconic architecture to world-renowned cuisines and vibrant local cultures.


Most Visited Countries Worldwide


Using this information, the Enchanted Stays App can strategically steer its geographic expansion endeavours, prioritizing the onboarding of luxury properties and service providers in these most visited countries. By focusing on these key destinations, the platform will be in line with high tourist demand, thereby maximizing its reach and potential for booking conversions. 


Government Regulations

This section outlines the various government regulations and guidelines that directly affect the Enchanted Stays App’s operations in the US and the United States. Upon expansion to new territories, the company will diligently review the relevant laws and regulations in each jurisdiction with the guidance of legal consultants. This proactive approach will enable the company to mitigate potential risks of non-compliance and maintain a high level of trust and credibility with stakeholders.


United States of America

Data Privacy Laws

The Enchanted Stays App, as an online luxury property rental marketplace, needs to be mindful of the sensitive customer information it collects and ensure compliance with the US’s privacy laws. To operate ethically, it is crucial to understand the three main laws that regulate privacy practices in the private sector in the country. These laws are as follows:


Digital Charter Implementation Act of 2022

This act was established to strengthen the US’s private sector privacy law, create new rules for the responsible development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI), and continue advancing the implementation of the US’s Digital Charter. It introduces three proposed acts: the Consumer Privacy Protection Act, the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act, and the Personal Information and Data Protection Tribunal Act.


Consumer Privacy Protection Act of 2022

The Consumer Privacy Protection Act of 2022 has replaced the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and introduced provisions that enhance Canadians’ control and consent over their personal information, provide stronger protection for children’s information and enable responsible innovation. The Act requires organizations to provide clear and plain language about the handling of personal information and obtain meaningful consent. Additionally, data mobility is enabled, allowing for secure transfer of information between organizations.


US Anti-Spam Legislation 

Enacted in 2014, the US’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) aims to promote ethical practices in electronic messaging and combat spam and related cyber threats. These threats include identity theft, phishing, and the distribution of harmful software such as viruses, worms, and trojans, collectively known as malware. CASL’s regulations encourage companies to adopt a more disciplined approach to managing their electronic marketing programs. This includes obtaining consent before sending commercial electronic messages. Requesting consent is a crucial gesture that demonstrates businesses’ respect for consumer privacy and ensures that businesses engage with individuals who have a genuine interest in their products or services.


Competition Act

The Competition Act is the main federal statute in the US that prescribes rules against false or misleading advertising and deceptive marketing practices. The Act prohibits making public representations that are materially false or misleading. Such representations can be reviewed under civil provisions and are prohibited under the Act’s criminal provisions. The criminal and civil provisions are identical, but the criminal offence necessitates a “knowing” or “reckless” mental state.


The Competition Bureau, the regulatory body responsible for enforcing the Act, can choose to pursue either the criminal or civil track when enforcing compliance with misleading advertising laws. Typically, the Bureau reserves the criminal track for particularly severe cases. The Act also includes specific prohibitions that apply to certain types of advertising issues, such as pricing claims, performance claims, promotional contests, testimonials, bait-and-switch selling, and sales above an advertised price. Furthermore, the Act mandates that all statements, warranties, and guarantees be backed by “adequate and proper” testing. This provision places the burden on the advertiser to substantiate any claim before it is made public.


In alignment with the provisions of the Competition Act, the Enchanted Stays App commits to transparent, honest, and accurate advertising. This includes clearly representing its services, pricing, and promotional offers, and ensuring that all claims, whether related to the quality of properties listed or performance of services provided, are supported by proper verification and rigorous quality assurance processes. This practice is not only intended to maintain regulatory compliance but also to build a solid reputation for integrity and trustworthiness, which is fundamental to gaining and retaining user trust.


Short-Term Rental Regulations

To maintain the integrity of listings, the Enchanted Stays App only features properties that adhere to the short-term rental regulations in the US. These regulations are highly localized and vary from one city to another, reflecting each city’s unique efforts to manage the rapidly expanding short-term rental market.


Competitive Analysis

The short-term luxury property rental marketplace industry is characterized by high competition, with several dominant players influencing the industry landscape. These market leaders have successfully implemented sustainable growth strategies and are actively pursuing various methods of expansion, such as mergers and acquisitions. To better position the Enchanted Stays App in this market, a competitive analysis has been conducted to identify the primary competitors and the available opportunities.




Company Description  Unique Value Proposition
Traveler Guide is a curated platform that handpicks the world’s best vacation rental properties. Unlike regular listing sites, each home on this site is rigorously tested and reviewed by experts ensuring only the top-performing properties make the cut. If a host cancels 48 hours post-booking, they ensure guests are relocated to a new Traveler home worth up to 20% more than the booked one. If the cancellation occurs within 5 days of check-in, the replacement can be up to 50% pricier.
Sunset View luxury home rental venture, offering curated, high-quality homes and unique accommodations globally. These properties, known for design, location, and amenities, also uphold Marriott’s hospitality standards. Guests of Sunset View enjoy the unique combination of upscale vacation rentals and Sunset View’s world-class loyalty program, Sunset View Bonvoy, allowing them to earn and redeem points during their stay, and access exclusive benefits
Elm Villas is a luxury rental provider, boasting a curated selection of over 9,000 premium vacation homes, cabins, and luxury villas worldwide. Catering to families, couples, and groups, each property is handpicked to deliver the ultimate holiday experience. Elm Villas offers more than just property bookings and provides real-time live chat support and an optional travel planner service. This ensures guests enjoy personalized assistance and streamlined travel arrangements throughout their stay.
Solaris is a leading vacation rental service specializing in handpicked, quality villas in Asia’s most sought-after destinations. They provide personalized recommendations to match travelers with the ideal vacation home, creating unforgettable holiday experiences. Solaris offers a unique Villa Match Guarantee, ensuring that guests receive their perfect villa match based on their preferences. Their dedicated team provides tailored recommendations and hassle-free booking, ensuring a memorable and personalized stay.


These competitors have carved niches for themselves, leveraging a combination of elite offerings, technological prowess, and customer-centricity. Their success presents a goldmine of insights for newcomers. As a budding contender, the Enchanted Stays App possesses a distinct advantage—the ability to observe, learn, and iterate. By dissecting the best practices employed by these market leaders, and just as crucially, pinpointing where they falter, the Enchanted Stays App has the unique opportunity to craft an offering that merges the best of all worlds. Instead of merely mirroring what exists, the platform can bridge gaps, elevate standards, and truly redefine luxury travel in a manner that aligns with the evolved needs and preferences of today’s discerning vacationers.


Products and Services

The Enchanted Stays App is a curated platform that showcases a select collection of premium, high-end properties, services, and experiences designed to cater to the discerning tastes and preferences of an affluent clientele.


Through an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the Enchanted Stays App redefines the luxury rental market by providing its users with the following features and services:


1. Curated Luxury Properties: A carefully curated choice of exclusive properties, adhering to the highest standards of luxury, quality, and safety. These properties range from opulent mansions, private villas, and idyllic estates, to lavish penthouses and upscale city apartments.


2. BCHP Experiences: BCHP (Bespoke, Curated, Hand-picked, and Personalized) experiences designed specifically to cater to each user’s unique tastes. These experiences include fine dining, private tours, exclusive access to events, and personalized itineraries, all tailored to deliver a one-of-a-kind, memorable stay.


3. Add-on Services: A suite of supplementary services to enhance the guest’s stay. This includes options such as personal chefs, private spa treatments, chauffeur services, and bespoke event planning, ensuring a truly indulgent and seamless experience from start to finish.


Revenue Model

Primary Revenue Stream

The Enchanted Stays App’s primary revenue stream will be generated through a straightforward commission-based model, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship between the platform and the property owners, service providers, and guests. The commission model will be structured as follows:


Standard Commission: For each booking made through the platform, a commission of 5% will be charged to the property owner or service provider. This commission will be directly deducted from the total booking amount before it is remitted to the property owner or service provider. This structure ensures that the platform can continue to market these luxurious offerings to its discerning clientele, handle the intricacies of transaction processing, and deliver a seamless booking experience.


Travel Fund: To incentivize users in the initial stages of the platform’s growth, no additional charges will be levied on guests for their bookings. Instead, a 3% travel fund will be applied to the total amount of each transaction. This travel fund can be utilized by guests towards their next reservation on the platform, serving as an attractive feature that encourages repeat bookings and fosters client loyalty. 


Competitive Advantages 

The following competitive advantages differentiate the Enchanted Stays App from competing short-term property rental marketplace:


Integrated Upscale Services: Beyond property rental, the Enchanted Stays App offers luxury services such as chauffeur services, in-house spa treatments, and private chefs, among others. While competitors might focus solely on the property aspect, the platform provides an all-rounded luxury experience, making it a one-stop digital destination.


Novel Loyalty Mechanism: Unlike other booking platforms with standard rewards, the Enchanted Stays App adopts an innovative loyalty approach. Rather than imposing an extra 3% fee, the company converts this into “points” for a guest’s next booking. This strategy promotes repeat business and ensures guests feel valued for their loyalty.


Fully Vetted Service Providers: While many platforms prioritize quantity, the Enchanted Stays App emphasizes quality. Every service provider, from private chefs to chauffeurs, undergoes a meticulous vetting process. This ensures that guests experience only top-tier, reliable services, setting the bar high and differentiating the platform from less discerning competitors.


Streamlined Online Property Verification: Whereas many platforms require tedious in-person checks, the Enchanted Stays App will be revolutionizing the listing process with an online verification system. This will ensure a faster listing experience for hosts without sacrificing the rigorous standards of luxury that guests expect, thereby giving the platform a distinct edge.


Proactive Random Property Audits: Security and authenticity are further enhanced by the Enchanted Stays App’s commitment to random property audits. While most competitors rely solely on reviews and initial checks, the company’s random audits ensure that properties continuously adhere to luxury standards, reinforcing guest trust and satisfaction.


Key Success Factors

the Enchanted Stays App’s success will be driven by the following key factors:


Quality Assurance and Consistency: Committing to stringent quality checks and maintaining a consistent standard across all listings reinforces the Enchanted Stays App’s promise of an unparalleled experience. By ensuring every offering aligns with the platform’s luxury benchmark, the Enchanted Stays App can build trust, guaranteeing users that they receive only the finest every time they use the service.


Technological Innovation and Adaptability: Continuously updating the platform’s tech infrastructure to the latest standards ensures a seamless user experience. By embracing technological advancements, the Enchanted Stays App can provide faster, more secure, and more intuitive services, keeping both property owners and guests engaged and satisfied.


Top-Tier Customer Service: Providing a world-class customer support system ensures users feel valued and prioritized. Addressing inquiries, resolving issues promptly, and maintaining open channels for feedback not only enhances user loyalty but also positions the Enchanted Stays App as a trustworthy and user-centric platform.


Financial Acumen and Prudence: By practicing meticulous financial oversight and strategic investments, the Enchanted Stays App can establish a robust economic foundation. This not only enables the platform to navigate potential industry downturns but also provides the means to seize emergent market opportunities.


Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management: Implementing a sophisticated dynamic pricing mechanism, which adapts in real-time to demand, seasonality, and other market variables, can maximize revenue. This model ensures the Enchanted Stays App’s profitability while offering competitive pricing, catering to various users’ budgets without compromising the luxury standard.


Data-Driven Decision Making: Utilizing data analytics and user behavior patterns to steer decisions can streamline operations and cater more effectively to the target audience. By understanding and predicting user preferences and market trends, the Enchanted Stays App can optimize its offerings, ensuring that they remain current, relevant, and in demand.

Strategic Global Expansion: Systematically entering luxury-centric markets across the globe can position the Enchanted Stays App as a dominant player in the global luxury rental arena. By identifying and anchoring in high-potential regions, the platform can diversify its portfolio and cater to a broader audience, elevating its brand presence and accessibility on a global scale.


Robust Marketing and Outreach Strategies: Crafting targeted and compelling marketing campaigns can enhance the Enchanted Stays App’s visibility and allure in a crowded market. Leveraging both digital and traditional outreach platforms, and resonating with the luxury demographic, ensures a steady influx of new users while maintaining and re-engaging its existing clientele. 


Human Resource Equilibrium: Balancing in-house talent with outsourced expertise ensures the Enchanted Stays App retains agility and adaptability. While regular staff provide a stable foundation and deep understanding of the company’s mission and values, outsourced professionals can bring in fresh perspectives, specialized skills, and cost-efficient solutions. This equilibrium ensures operational efficiency, and continuous innovation, and allows the platform to quickly scale as per market demands.


Partnership Synergies: Forming strategic alliances with other luxury brands, travel agencies, and relevant technology platforms can amplify the Enchanted Stays App’s reach and value proposition. Through such partnerships, the platform can offer exclusive deals, integrated experiences, and enhanced features. Such partnerships not only increase the platform’s appeal but also create a holistic ecosystem, enriching the overall user experience while solidifying the Enchanted Stays App’s position as an industry frontrunner.


Sales and Marketing Plan

The sales and marketing plan lays out the Enchanted Stays App’s strategy for expanding the platform’s listing portfolio and user base. This section examines the key channels the company will use to promote the platform, as well as the metrics that will be used to gauge success. Additionally, the plan identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the company, opportunities for growth and expansion, and potential threats that could impact business operations.


Target Customers and Channels

The Enchanted Stays App has carefully divided its target demographic into two essential groups: sellers and buyers. Sellers encompass luxury property owners and premium service providers, whose offerings form the cornerstone of the platform’s portfolio. On the other hand, the buyers, who represent the guest segment, are the ones in pursuit of unparalleled luxury experiences. Recognizing and understanding the unique requirements and dynamics of these groups, the Enchanted Stays App has crafted distinct marketing strategies. These strategies, which will be discussed in subsequent sections, aim to effectively engage both segments, ensuring a balanced and sustainable ecosystem within the platform.



Within the framework of the Enchanted Stays App’s business model, the sellers hold a critical position as they provide the platform with income-generating assets, chiefly in the form of luxury accommodations and top-tier services. These are not mere commodities but curated experiences that encapsulate the pinnacle of luxury.


Initially, the company’s focus will be on onboarding sellers from the US and the US. This decision is grounded in several strategic considerations. Firstly, the US houses the headquarters of the Enchanted Stays App, providing the company with a home-field advantage in terms of logistics, familiarity, and regulatory navigation. Additionally, the Founder’s firsthand experience as a short-term rental property owner in the country offers invaluable insights into the nuances of the local market, allowing for a more tailored and effective approach to seller engagement. As for the US, its standing as one of the world’s top three tourist destinations makes it a lucrative market. Moreover, its proximity to the Canadian headquarters further facilitates smooth operations and eases the expansion process, making it a logical choice for the Enchanted Stays App’s initial foray.


Property Owners

In the context of the Enchanted Stays App, property owners are individuals or entities that possess premium real estate assets. These assets may include grand villas, opulent estates, or architecturally significant residences, and other accommodations that epitomize luxury and exclusivity. Often situated in prime locales, these properties extend beyond mere accommodations and represent a lifestyle of opulence and prestige.


While precise data on the total number of luxury homes in the US remains elusive, available statistics shed light on the significant market activity. During the first half of 2020, a noteworthy 4,053 luxury homes, each priced above $1.0 million, were sold in select Canadian markets. It is predicted that the trading volume of luxury homes will continue to surge, driven by pent-up demand, lower fixed-term mortgage rates, and housing value stabilization.  Moreover, with the anticipated growth in Canadian millionaires—set for a 54% surge to nearly two million by 2023 —the wealth factor is expected to further drive demand for luxurious residences.


In the United States, even though transactional sales have seen a decline, this change has resulted in a vast pool of premium real estate properties. These assets are retained by discerning owners who are keen to showcase and capitalize on their prestigious properties within the experiential economy. Overall, these trends in the Canadian and American markets signal ample opportunities to list numerous high-end properties for the Enchanted Stays App. By tapping into this vast pool of potential listings, the platform will be able to create a diverse and exclusive catalog of luxurious accommodations.


Key Channels

In the realm of digital platforms, the holy grail of growth and sustainability is often encapsulated in two words—network effect. The network effect arises when each additional user that joins or is added to a platform enhances its value to every other user. In the context of the Enchanted Stays App, as more property owners and service providers come on board, the platform becomes progressively more appealing for other sellers to join, and in turn, for luxury vacationers to use. This self-reinforcing cycle creates a magnetism where the intrinsic value of the platform increases as more participants engage with it.


The Enchanted Stays App aspires to trigger this powerful momentum discreetly. In the luxury domain, where the allure of exclusivity reigns supreme, overt and mass marketing campaigns might detract rather than attract. The company’s strategy, thus, pivots towards subtle, discerning, and niche approaches tailored to the refined palate of the luxury market. This will be achieved through a five-step marketing strategy, designed around the marketing funnel of awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy. 


1. Awareness (Attract): The Enchanted Stays App will raise its profile by holding private launch events where select high-end property owners and elite service providers are invited. This, in combination with distinctive advertising campaigns through luxury lifestyle media outlets and partnerships with luxury influencers, will introduce the Enchanted Stays App as an exclusive platform that connects luxury property owners and service providers to affluent clients.


2. Consideration (Engage): To engage with potential property owners and service providers, structured one-on-one, in-person or virtual meetings will be scheduled to personally convey the benefits and potential that the platform offers. To leave a lasting impression, beautifully packaged gifts will be sent to warm leads, further reinforcing the esteem in which they are held by the Enchanted Stays App.


3. Conversion (Convert): Creating a streamlined, entirely digital inspection and onboarding process will ensure that the transition to the Enchanted Stays App is as seamless as possible. To pull new partners in, competitive rates will be offered along with exclusive, special deals for early adopters, making conversion to the platform an enticing proposition.


4. Loyalty (Retain): Recognizing and celebrating the contributions of service providers and property owners will be key to fostering a sense of loyalty. Awards for best-performing properties and recognitions for exceptional service will be given out periodically, reinforcing the platform’s commitment to excellence while appreciating the efforts of its partners.


5. Advocacy (Promote): To create a community of advocates, the Enchanted Stays App will encourage organic word-of-mouth referrals, recognizing that within the luxury domain, personal recommendations translate to powerful endorsements. A strategically crafted referral program will also be established, offering rewarding benefits for partners who bring new esteemed property owners and service providers aboard. These initiatives will drive up the network effect, increase platform engagement, and contribute to creating a loyal user base.



“Buyers” are guests who seek a luxurious and upscale experience when renting premium properties and services. These individuals value exclusivity, bespoke services, and tailored experiences that cater to their unique tastes and preferences. Typically, they possess a high net worth or significant disposable income and an inclination towards the finer things in life, which motivate their decision to book opulent accommodations and engage in top-tier services provided by the Enchanted Stays App’s curated marketplace.


As receivers of the premium experiences and services provided by sellers based in the US and the US, the Enchanted Stays App will target buyers, not only from local markets, but also from geographic locations known for their frequent travels to these North American nations. According to the latest data published by Statistics the US, the country welcomed a total of 15.04 million tourists—a majority of whom came from the US, the UK, France, China, and Germany.


Meanwhile, the US saw a footfall of 18.16 million international tourists in 2021. The majority of this crowd came from Mexico, followed by the US, Columbia, the UK, and India, as published by Statista.


While there is no specific data that could pinpoint how many of these are luxury travelers, insights from a European market study suggest that about 3% of travelers can be classified as luxury enthusiasts. Applying this percentage to the combined tourist count for the US and the US yields an estimated 996,060 luxury travelers, underscoring the potential of the Enchanted Stays App to recruit “buyers” from these visitor pools. To further narrow down the market, the Enchanted Stays App will be targeting the following distinct customer personas:


The Connoisseur: This persona represents seasoned travelers who appreciate fine arts, cuisine, history, and culture. Typically they are connoisseurs of luxury and seek bespoke experiences that allow them to indulge in their refined tastes.


The Globe-trotting Executive: These are high-powered executives who travel often for business and seek to blend their travel with luxury and leisure. They value swift, efficient services and premium, comfortable accommodations where they can relax and prepare for their meetings.


The Luxury Leisure Traveler: These individuals prioritize relaxation and leisure. They seek out high-end resorts and services for rest and relaxation. This could involve spa services, gourmet dining experiences, private tours, exclusive golf resorts, or beachside luxury villas.


The Adventure Afficionado: This persona defines the adventurous spirits who are not willing to compromise on their comfort. They opt for elite adventure tourism opportunities like private yacht chartering, luxury safaris, or customized trekking experiences.


The Special Occasion Splurger: These are individuals or groups who are willing to splurge on luxury services for special occasions. This could include couples on their honeymoon, retirement celebration trips, or milestone birthdays. They seek out bespoke experiences that make their celebration truly special and memorable.


The Social Media Influencer: This persona represents influential individuals who have a massive following on social media platforms. They enjoy a lifestyle marked by glamor and luxury, and often favor properties and experiences that are photogenic or “Instagrammable” to share with their dedicated fan base.


The Low-key Celebrity: This buyer persona consists of renowned celebrities in entertainment, sports, or other public realms who seek a break from their high-profile lives. They prioritize privacy, seclusion, and tranquility. These guests value upscale, premium experiences, but in a discreet and reserved manner, away from the public eye.


The High-end Wedding Planner: This persona embodies individuals or groups planning a high-profile, luxury wedding. They are willing to go all out for an unforgettable experience, seeking grand, opulent properties that can serve as the perfect backdrop for their dream wedding. These guests value an exclusive and enchanting atmosphere, personalized services, and attention to every detail to ensure a seamless, fairytale-like experience for their special day. 


Key Channels

As a new short-term luxury rental marketplace, the Enchanted Stays App will employ a marketing approach designed around the customer journey funnel, focusing on the stages of awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy. This method will enable the company to create targeted strategies that directly engage customers at different stages of their journey, from those who are newly discovering the platform to those who are loyal advocates.


Given the digital nature of the Enchanted Stays App’s business model and the prominent role of social platforms in shaping consumer behavior, the company will place a significant focus on social media and other digital channels. 



At this stage, the company’s objective is to make the target market aware of the Enchanted Stays App and its unique value proposition. This involves highlighting the features and benefits of registering with the platform, building a strong brand presence, and generating excitement within the community to capture the interest of potential “buyers”. As this is the first point of contact between the Enchanted Stays App and potential users, efforts will be focused on creating a positive and compelling impression. To generate awareness, the company will be implementing the following:


  • Paid Social Media Ads: The Enchanted Stays App will create visually appealing and targeted advertisements to appear on popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. These ads will help in increasing brand visibility, reaching specific customer personas based on their interests and demographics, and effectively communicating the platform’s unique selling proposition to capture users’ attention and interest.


  • Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads: As soon as the Enchanted Stays App’s website goes live, targeted Google PPC campaigns will be initiated. By bidding on keywords related to luxurious stays, the company aims to secure a prominent spot atop search results, quickly capturing the attention of potential customers in search of related services. This approach ensures instant brand visibility, directing relevant traffic to the website and familiarizing newcomers with the platform’s offerings.


  • Public Relations: To garner media attention and enhance brand perception, the company will utilize public relations. This will involve engaging with travel and lifestyle journalists, bloggers, and editors to secure feature pieces in various online and offline media outlets. he company will focus on narratives such as the uniqueness of the Enchanted Stays App’s offerings, journeys of satisfied vacationers, and trendsetting luxury experiences to highlight the platform’s distinct value proposition and its commitment to high-end, tailored services.


  • Influencer Endorsement: To enhance brand visibility and credibility, the Enchanted Stays App will forge partnerships with influential figures in the upscale lifestyle and travel spheres. Their endorsements will not only bolster our reputation but also tap into their vast social media audiences. This approach promises to capture the attention of potential “buyers” effectively, leveraging the expansive reach of these influencers.



Now that the Enchanted Stays App has garnered awareness on multiple fronts, the next crucial phase is the consideration stage. Here, the strategy pivots towards fostering this budding interest among potential customers, capitalizing on their curiosity and working to deepen their understanding of the platform’s offerings and how these can perfectly align with their luxury stay aspirations. The goal at this stage is to drive user registrations.


  • Landing Pages: The company will create visually compelling landing pages, each tailored to specific audiences or marketing campaigns to boost user registrations. These pages will highlight the platform’s distinctive value, accentuate its luxury offerings, and illustrate its user-friendly experience. Moreover, a prominently placed call-to-action (CTA) button will further motivate visitors to register.


  • Virtual Tours: Offering immersive virtual tours of top luxury stays on the Enchanted Stays App can captivate potential users, giving them an authentic taste of the platform’s offerings. This unique experience can boost their excitement and desire to explore more such stays, leading to increased user registrations.


  • Organic Social Media Engagement: Through regular and engaging content postings on social platforms, the Enchanted Stays App can foster healthy interaction with its potential users. Showcasing behind-the-scenes content, luxury stay showcases, user experiences, and prompt responses to queries can enhance brand authenticity and trust. This active engagement encourages potential users to register and explore what the platform has to offer.


In the conversion phase, the aim shifts from generating interest to inspiring action. Potential users who have moved from awareness to consideration are now ready to make a decision. At this stage, it is critical for the Enchanted Stays App to provide a seamless experience and eliminate any potential roadblocks to ensure that users transition smoothly from browsing to booking. To facilitate conversions, the following strategies will be deployed:


  • Smooth User Experience: A clear, intuitive user interface is essential to convert potential users into actual customers. The Enchanted Stays App will continually refine the user experience on the platform, ensuring seamless navigation, easy access to information, and straightforward booking processes.


  • Customer Support: Responsive and high-quality customer service is a key component in leading users to convert. The Enchanted Stays App will establish multiple channels for users to reach out to customer service – live chat, email, phone support – and will commit to resolving queries and issues promptly to ensure that potential bookings are not lost due to unanswered concerns.


  • Retargeting Campaigns: Leveraging data analytics tools, the Enchanted Stays App will identify users who have expressed interest but have not completed a booking. These users will be targeted with personalized retargeting campaigns to remind them about the unique benefits of the app and to bring them back to the app or the web platform to complete their booking.


  • Trust-Building Mechanism: To convert users to actual customers, it is crucial to build trust in the platform. Hence, the Enchanted Stays App will feature verified reviews from other users, ensure transparency in pricing and policies, and use established trust symbols. This will validate the quality of the services offered and will aid in inspiring confidence among potential guests.


  • Personalized Offers: Based on the user information and preferences gathered during the consideration stage, the Enchanted Stays App will roll out personalized offers and promotions that align with their expected luxury stay experience. Limited-time discount codes or exclusive previews of premium stays could be powerful incentives for users to make their first booking.


  • Pop-ups: Pop-ups serve as a way of engaging users when carefully designed—they can be discreet yet effective prompts that offer guidance and showcase exclusive, personalized deals. The Enchanted Stays App will therefore implement pop-ups to provide last-minute deals, remind users of unfinished bookings, or provide assistance in the form of live-chat. 



Ensuring customers remain committed to the Enchanted Stays App beyond their initial booking is vital for both brand stability and organic growth. Loyalty is not only about repeated transactions—it is about fostering genuine relationships with customers and valuing their continued engagement. The strategies for fostering loyalty will include:


  • Incentives: the Enchanted Stays App will launch a distinctive program where users receive a “travel fund” credit equivalent to 3% of every booking they make. This credit can be used for future bookings, promoting repeat business and offering customers tangible benefits with each transaction. Such a “give-back” approach ensures that users consistently feel rewarded when choosing the Enchanted Stays App for their luxury accommodations, fortifying their commitment and nurturing brand loyalty.


  • Loyalty Tiers: To further gamify and incentivize continued engagement, the Enchanted Stays App will introduce a tiered loyalty program. Based on the frequency of bookings and spend amount, users can ascend from basic to premium tiers, each offering its own set of perks, discounts, and exclusive access to special events or properties. This structure not only rewards the most dedicated users but also encourages others to strive for the next tier, fostering consistent engagement with the platform.


  • Feedback Channels: Valuing customer feedback is pivotal in refining the platform and enhancing the user experience. The Enchanted Stays App will establish easy-to-access channels where users can provide feedback or voice concerns. Responsive and proactive redressal mechanisms will ensure users feel heard and valued, further solidifying their trust and loyalty to the platform


  • Customer Milestones: Celebrating customer milestones, such as the anniversary of their first booking or reaching a specific number of bookings, can be an effective tool in reinforcing loyalty. The Enchanted Stays App can send personalized congratulatory messages, offer discounts, or even send small gifts to acknowledge these milestones, making customers feel cherished and valued.



Turning satisfied customers into brand advocates is the pinnacle of successful customer relationship management. At this stage, users not only consistently choose the Enchanted Stays App for their luxury needs, but they also actively promote and vouch for its offerings within their social and professional circles. Advocacy is not merely about positive word-of-mouth—it is about creating an environment where users feel deeply connected to the brand’s values and mission, compelling them to share their exceptional experiences and endorse the platform to others. Harnessing this power of organic promotion is invaluable, as recommendations from trusted peers often carry more weight than any marketing campaign. To encourage advocacy, the company will implement the following:


  • Referral Program: The Enchanted Stays App will introduce a robust referral program where existing users can invite friends and family to join the platform, rewarding both the referrer and the referred with attractive benefits, such as discounts on their next booking or exclusive perks. This strategy not only increases the user base but also reinforces the loyalty of current users.


  • Brand Ambassador Program: The Enchanted Stays App will launch a selective Brand Ambassador Program targeting influential figures in the luxury travel and lifestyle sectors, as well as dedicated and passionate users of the platform. By collaborating with these ambassadors, the Enchanted Stays App aims to tap into their vast reach and credibility within their communities. Ambassadors will be incentivized with exclusive benefits such as complimentary stays, early access to new listings, and a platform to share their luxury experiences. Their primary role will be to authentically promote the Enchanted Stays App through their channels, bringing credibility and a personal touch to the platform’s marketing efforts.


  • User Generated Content (UGC): Encouraging users to share their experiences on the Enchanted Stays App through photos, videos, and stories is a powerful way to foster a community. The company will initiate campaigns where users can share their luxury experiences with a specific hashtag, making them eligible for monthly rewards or features on the Enchanted Stays App’s official social media channels. This approach not only provides the platform with authentic content but also makes users feel valued and recognized. Sharing UGC amplifies the voice of satisfied customers, allowing potential users to envision their own experiences through the lens of their peers.


Key Performance Indicators

Pillars Indicators
Property Listings
  • Total active property listings
  • Listing growth rate and churn rate
  • Average property rating
  • Average property occupancy rate
Service Providers
  • Number of active service providers
  • Service providers growth rate and churn rate
  • Service providers response time
  • Average rating of service providers
Users (Guests)
  • Number of registered users
  • Number of active users (bookings done within the past 3 months)
  • Registered user growth rate and churn rate
  • Average lifetime value
Web Platform Performance
  • Number of monthly visitors (new and existing users)
  • Website bounce rate
  • Average session duration
  • Number of bookings done through the web platform
Mobile App Performance
  • Monthly downloads (App Store and Google Play)
  • Average session duration
  • Mobile app user rating
  • Number of bookings done through the mobile app
Operational Efficiency
  • Average time to resolve customer complaints
  • Customer support ticket volume
  • Operational overhead cost as a percentage of revenue
  • Percentage of outsourced operations
  • Cost per acquisition (listings, service providers, and users)
  • Onboarding rate (listings and service providers) and conversion rate (users)
  • Return on ad spend
  • Year-on-year social media follower increase
  • Gross margin 
  • Net profit margin
  • Positive cash flow
  • Return on investment


SWOT Analysis



  • Founder’s track record in successfully launching  and scaling ventures
  • Solid financial foundation backed by the Founder’s investments
  • Ability to adapt and scale quickly by outsourcing internal operations
  • In-depth understanding of the industry due to Founder’s hosting experience on Airbnb
  • Strong value proposition as a one-stop shop for luxury stays and elite services



  • New entrant with limited brand recognition compared to established competitors
  • High operational costs might impact profitability, especially in the early stages
  • Outsourcing of services which may lead to occasional inconsistencies in service quality
  • Dependence on a single funding source which may limit financial agility
  • Limited resources compared to large, established companies in the same industry



  • Increasing global demand for short-term luxury property rentals and experiential stays
  • Potential collaboration with high-profile luxury brands or celebrities for brand visibility
  • Expansion into emerging markets where the luxury travel segment is growing rapidly
  • Introduction of augmented or virtual reality features for immersive property previews
  • Venturing into luxury experiences beyond accommodations



  • Emergence of other luxury property rental marketplaces with competitive offerings
  • Fluctuating economic conditions which might affect spending on discretionary items
  • Stringent regulations or local government policies impacting short-term property rentals
  • Negative experiences or incidents that can damage the platform’s reputation
  • Potential cybersecurity threats leading to data breaches and loss of customer trust


Operational Plan

As the backbone of any successful business, the operational plan outlines the fundamental actions that will be taken to ensure the company runs efficiently and effectively. This section provides a comprehensive overview of the Enchanted Stays App’s day-to-day activities, covering critical areas such as operating hours, location,  onboarding, compliance, and risk management.


Hours of Operations

The operating hours for the different departments of the company will vary depending on their respective responsibilities.


Internal Management Team

To ensure optimal productivity and efficiency, the Enchanted Stays App’s internal management team will operate during standard working hours. This will enable the team to work collaboratively and be available for communication with contractors and stakeholders during regular business hours.


Day Hours
Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM
Saturday to Sunday Rest Day


Additionally, this operating schedule promotes a healthy work-life balance for employees, which is crucial for maintaining high morale and productivity. Having weekends off allows employees to recharge, ensuring they are motivated and ready to provide exceptional service during the workweek.


Outsourced Platform Operations

In the initial stages, the Outsourced Platform Operations team, which includes the Customer Service Department and the Property Review Department, will operate on a single-shift basis. Team members will work a standard 40-hour workweek, providing support for the platform during assigned hours. As the volume of transactions increases and the platform expands, the management will review the scheduling model and potentially transition to a 24/7 round-the-clock support system with team members working in shifts. This approach will ensure prompt customer query resolution, efficient user profile reviews, and excellent customer service, ultimately enhancing user satisfaction and maintaining active engagement on the Enchanted Stays App. 


Office Location

During the company’s formative phase, given that most of the company’s operations will be outsourced, the management has decided to  adopt a fully remote work model using modern technological tools for communication, collaboration, and project management. This approach allows the company to save on infrastructure costs, ensuring that more resources are available for critical areas such as platform development and marketing. The remote work model also provides the advantage of recruiting talent without being limited by geographical boundaries, thereby opening up a wider pool of potential employees.


Recognizing the benefits of a centralized workspace for core functions, the longer-term vision includes setting up a physical headquarters. Once the Enchanted Stays App is on a solid financial footing and experiences consistent growth, the company intends to establish a headquarters in San Francisco, California. Known for its thriving tech scene and vibrant startup culture, San Francisco provides the perfect backdrop for fostering innovation, networking with industry leaders, and being at the epicenter of technological advancements. This strategic location will  house senior management, administration, human resources, and other integral units, ensuring that while the company embraces a global outlook, its roots remain firmly planted in a city that champions tech-forward initiatives.



Luxury Properties

The process of inspecting and onboarding luxury properties onto the Enchanted Stays App platform is designed to ensure high standards and maintain the platform’s premium image. This process is done entirely online, maximizing efficiency while reducing costs. 


1. Submission of Property Details: Property owners submit their property details through an online form on the Enchanted Stays App’s website. This form collects all relevant information, such as the property location, size, amenities, and high-resolution photos, among other details.


2. Preliminary Screening: Once submitted, the information goes through a preliminary screening process carried out by the Enchanted Stays App team. This initial control focuses on ensuring the properties meet the minimum criteria of a luxury property, such as location, property type, amenities, as well as the quality and accuracy of the provided information.


3. Detailed Inspection: If the preliminary screening is successful, the property goes through a comprehensive visual inspection. This thorough review involves analyzing all submitted documents and photos in detail, potentially requiring additional information or video tours from the property owner. The purpose of this inspection is to verify the authenticity and quality of the property and its amenities.


4. Property Profile Creation: Upon passing the inspection, the Enchanted Stays App team deploys professional photographers to capture high-quality images of the property, collaborating with the owner to create an appealing and detailed property profile. The curated profile features high-caliber photographs, in-depth descriptions of amenities, and everything prospective clients could need to make their decision.


5. Onboarding: After profile creation, the property is officially added to the Enchanted Stays App platform, ready for luxury-seeking users to browse and book. Owners are provided with a guide on how to manage bookings, engage with users, and adhere to platform standards.


6. Ongoing Evaluation: Post-onboarding, the Enchanted Stays App maintains an ongoing relationship with property owners, ensuring that the listed properties continue to uphold the platform’s luxury standards. Feedback from users and regular virtual check-ins form an integral part of this continual quality assessment.


Service Providers

The Enchanted Stays App ensures a rigorous vetting and onboarding process for service providers, both individuals and entities, to guarantee they meet the platform’s high standards of quality and professionalism. This process is entirely performed online, enhancing efficiency and facilitating a global reach.


Service Provider Application: The initial step requires the service provider to complete an online application through the Enchanted Stays App’s platform. The application requests detailed information about their services, experience, professional qualifications, and references.


Preliminary Screening: After the application is submitted, the Enchanted Stays App team conducts a preliminary review. This stage involves examining the application for completeness, relevance of offered services, and alignment with the platform’s luxury standards.


Detailed Verification: Successful applicants are then subjected to a thorough verification process. The Enchanted Stays App progresses to verify the credentials, qualifications, and references provided by the service provider. This critical step helps substantiate the credibility and quality of the service provided.


Interview: Once the detailed verification is successful, an online interview is conducted. This virtual meeting aims to assess the provider’s professionalism, ethos, and suitability to be a part of the Enchanted Stays App’s upscale offerings.


Profile Creation: Post the successful interview, a profile for the service provider is created on the platform. The Enchanted Stays App’s team collaborates with the provider to craft a comprehensive profile showcasing their prowess, experience, and the distinctive quality of services offered.


Onboarding: Following successful profile creation, the service provider is officially onboarded to the Enchanted Stays App and their services become available for users. Approved providers receive an orientation covering policies, guidelines, and best practices to excel on the platform.


Ongoing Evaluations: Regular evaluations are conducted post-onboarding to maintain the platform’s superior standards. User feedback, performance analysis, and continuing online interactions form a significant part of this ongoing evaluation process.



The Enchanted Stays App will adhere to the federal and provincial laws discussed in Section 3.2 Government Regulations, as well as other pertinent regulations, bylaws, and standards. The company will take all necessary steps to ensure that it obtains the required government permits to conduct its business operations legally and ethically.


Labor and Employment

The company will strictly adhere to the legal standards for payment, compensation, and working conditions as mandated by the California Employment Standards Act. The management team will ensure open communication channels with employees to promote a positive work-life balance that enhances welfare. Moreover, the company will continuously monitor its adherence to labor laws and periodically review compensation packages to ensure they meet the legally mandated minimum wage requirements.


Occupational Health and Safety

While the company will initially operate in a remote capacity, ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of its employees remains paramount. The company recognizes that while remote work eliminates traditional workplace hazards, it introduces new challenges related to ergonomics, mental health, and digital security. the Enchanted Stays App will, therefore, adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations by:


Ergonomic Assessments: Offering virtual ergonomic assessments to help employees set up their home workspaces in a manner that minimizes physical strain and prevents musculoskeletal disorders.


Mental Health Resources: Recognizing the potential for isolation and stress in remote working conditions, the company will provide access to online mental health resources, counseling services, and regular check-ins to ensure employee well-being.


Digital Security Training: With the increase in cyber threats targeting remote workers, the company will ensure that all employees undergo necessary digital security training. This includes safe online practices, recognizing phishing attempts, and secure data handling.


By proactively addressing these remote work challenges, the Enchanted Stays App reinforces its commitment to a safe and healthy work environment for all its employees, regardless of their location.


Risk Analysis

Risk Description Mitigation Plan 
Data Breach A data security breach could compromise sensitive user information, leaving customers vulnerable to identity theft and causing a significant loss of trust in the platform. Such an event could damage the Enchanted Stays App’s reputation, resulting in reduced user engagement, and legal and financial consequences. Aside from implementing robust security measures, such as encryption, data access controls, regular security audits. The company will develop a detailed incident response plan, including communication and legal procedures, to guide the Enchanted Stays App in case of a security incident.
Legal Disputes Legal disputes arising from customer complaints, property owner issues, and service provider disputes could lead to significant financial losses, negative publicity, and operational disruptions, which can impact the overall success of the Enchanted Stays App. To prevent disputes, the company will implement clear, fair, and comprehensive terms and conditions for guests, hosts and service providers. Shall issues arise, an efficient conflict resolution process and legal guidance will be available.
Slow Market Adoption Rate Slow market adoption could suppress the platform’s growth, leading to a smaller user base, fewer listings, and lower than projected revenues. Such an outcome would negatively impact the company’s return on investment and the perceived value of the Enchanted Stays App. The Enchanted Stays App will implement a robust marketing strategy to boost brand awareness and attract both buyers and sellers. Incentives will also be provided to early adopters, thereby encouraging user referrals and positive word-of-mouth.
Property Damage Property damage caused by tenants could lead to financial losses for property owners linked to the Enchanted Stays App, causing dissatisfaction and potential withdrawal of listings. This could lead to a reduced portfolio of available properties, impacting the platform’s  market position. The company will Implement a rigorous guest-screening protocol and offer coverage for property damage under a host guarantee policy. This will assure property owners that their investments are protected, strengthening trust and platform reliability.
Guest Dissatisfaction Unmet expectations or negative customer experiences can lead to poor reviews, decreased user engagement, and lower growth rates. Poor customer satisfaction could tarnish the Enchanted Stays App’s reputation and hinder its market position and profitability over time. In addition to conducting an annual property audit to maintain the listing standards, the Enchanted Stays App will adopt a customer-centric approach, investing in customer service, timely problem resolution, and continuous user experience improvement.
Technological Obsolescence As technology advances, the Enchanted Stays App’s features could become outdated, resulting in decreased user engagement and a loss of competitive advantage. This could hamper user acquisition and retention, impacting the platform’s overall growth. The company will commit to  continuous technological innovation, regular software updates, and keeping abreast of industry trends and technological advancements to mitigate the risk of obsolescence.
Intense Competition Rival platforms with similar offerings can threaten the Enchanted Stays App’s market share, customer retention, and overall growth potential. As competition in the luxury accommodation segment is intense, failure to effectively distinguish the platform from competitors may lead to stagnation or decline. The Enchanted Stays App will conduct a comprehensive study of competitors to identify market gaps or unique selling propositions that can be replicated and improved upon. By doing so, the platform can remain competitive, offering services and user experiences that are superior to competitors. 
System Downtime Frequent system downtime, website crashes, or app malfunctions can lead to interrupted user experiences, resulting in missed bookings, frustrated customers, and potential loss of revenue. Prolonged downtime issues may also harm the Enchanted Stays App’s reputation, making it difficult to retain and grow the user base. The Enchanted Stays App will outsource to a thoroughly vetted IT service provider. This team of professionals will ensure continuous server performance monitoring, execute regular maintenance and implement redundancies, minimizing downtime risk.


Organizational Plan

The organizational plan outlines the company’s approach to managing human capital, including the organizational structure, management team, personnel plan, and recruitment plan. This plan will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure the company remains adaptable and responsive to emerging opportunities and challenges.


Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of the Enchanted Stays App is thoughtfully crafted to optimize efficiency and strategically allocate roles in alignment with its lean startup model. Initially, the company will be run by two key in-house positions, forming the core of the business. Meanwhile, the remainder of the functions will be outsourced, ensuring both operational flexibility and a cost-effective framework.

As the business grows and expands, the organizational chart will be revised to include additional roles and departments, with a constant focus on maintaining operational efficiency.


Employee Recruitment Plan

This personnel plan provides an overview of the duties and responsibilities of each employee and contractor within the company, offering clarity on individual duties and fostering a culture of accountability and effective management. By clearly defining the scope and mandates of each team member, the company aims to cultivate a cohesive and efficient team capable of working collaboratively toward achieving the company’s goals. 


Internal Positions

Chief Executive Officer

  • Set the company’s overall direction, long-term vision, and strategic priorities
  • Make high-level decisions about company policies, goals, and the direction of future growth
  • Oversee company operations ensuring optimal performance and efficiency
  • Establish and nurture relationships with partners, stakeholders, and investors (if applicable)
  • Provide leadership, guidance, and support to all internal team members


Business Administrator

  • Manage day-to-day administrative tasks and office operations
  • Coordinate with external vendors and manage contractual agreements
  • Oversee financial record-keeping, including invoicing, budgeting, and payroll
  • Support the CEO with reporting, scheduling, and strategic planning
  • Maintain organizational procedures and streamline internal communication processes


Outsourcing Plan

To support the internal team, the Enchanted Stays App has devised an outsourcing plan to procure specific services from external providers. This plan ensures the company benefits from specialized expertise while maintaining a leaner organizational structure, leading to a dynamic, cost-effective, and goal-oriented approach.


Technology Development

  • Design intuitive user interfaces optimized for a luxury user experience
  • Implement of rigorous cybersecurity measures to protect user data and ensure platform integrity
  • Conduct regular system updates to enhance functionality, based on user feedback and technological advancements
  • Seamlessly integrate of third-party tools and plugins to extend platform capabilities
  • Continuously monitor the platform to ensure uptime, speed, and efficient resource utilization


Operations (Vetting and Customer Service)

  • Conduct meticulous inspections of properties to guarantee they adhere to luxury standards
  • Offer round-the-clock support to address user inquiries, ensuring a premium customer service experience
  • Collaborate closely with luxury property owners, streamlining the onboarding process
  • Regularly update and refine listing criteria, reflecting user preferences and market trends
  • Implement a feedback system for users to rate and review properties, driving continuous improvement


Sales and Marketing

  • Design and execute tailored marketing campaigns targeting luxury clientele across various platforms
  • Analyze market trends and adjust sales strategies accordingly to maximize bookings
  • Engage in partnerships with complementary luxury brands for cross-promotion and co-marketing ventures
  • Drive user acquisition through innovative sales tactics, such as early-bird offers for new luxury listings
  • Conduct market research to understand evolving luxury preferences and tailor offerings accordingly


Legal and Compliance

  • Ensure all property listings comply with local regulations and laws
  • Oversee and manage any litigation or legal disputes involving the platform or its users
  • Stay updated on changes in digital and property rental regulations to ensure platform compliance
  • Draft and review contracts with property owners, partners, and third-party vendors
  • Provide guidelines and best practices for property listings to ensure they meet ethical and legal standards


Human Resources

  • Develop and oversee remote onboarding programs tailored for outsourced teams, ensuring cohesion with the company’s culture and goals
  • Administer regular training and professional development sessions to keep the outsourced teams updated with industry best practices
  • Establish performance metrics and conduct periodic reviews to ensure all outsourced roles meet the company’s standards
  • Handle any disputes or conflicts that may arise within outsourced teams, ensuring a harmonious working environment
  • Collaborate with the in-house team to understand recruitment needs, and facilitate the hiring process for outsourced positions when required



  • Manage the company’s financial records, ensuring transparency and accuracy in all financial transactions
  • Conduct periodic audits to identify and rectify any discrepancies in the company’s financial accounts
  • Oversee the processing of payments to vendors, property owners, and outsourced service providers
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements, providing insights into the company’s financial health
  • Ensure timely compliance with tax regulations, filing returns, and making necessary payments


Financial Plan

The following financial projections have been carefully crafted by the management team of the Enchanted Stays. All projections are forward-looking and are dependent on securing the required financing. It is the audience’s responsibility to conduct all necessary due diligence.

Pro Forma Income Statement

Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement

Pro Forma Balance Sheet

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