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Business Discussions | 02 February, 2023

The Best Cities in America to Start a Company

Do you know which city in the United States is best for relocating and starting a business? The ideal location would be close to your target market, in a bustling metropolis, and in a business-friendly neighborhood.


With so many cities in the United States, choosing the most suitable one for you and your company may appear challenging. 


But don’t worry; we have done the legwork and compiled a list of some of the best cities in America to relocate and start a company. These are some of the ideal locations for entrepreneurs looking for a dynamic atmosphere, various opportunities, and a low cost of living and doing business.


Chicago, Illinois

It should come as no surprise that millennials with an entrepreneurial inclination are considering moving to the Midwest rather than to coastal metropolises like New York and Los Angeles. While the geographical advantage is a primary motivator, people are also considering community standards, innovation, simplicity of communication, and corporate recognition when relocating. 


Chicago is one city that continues to attract a considerable number of business professionals due to its expanding attraction and strategic benefits.


There has been much discussion about Chicago becoming the next big city to accommodate all aspiring entrepreneurs. The city has a diversified population and a tradition of collaborating with big businesses, and it has made steps to assist businesses in thriving.


You won’t believe it but living in Chicago isn’t as expensive as it is in coastal places. So, if you are just starting a business in the USA and want to save money on overhead and other expenditures, Chicago is one of the best options.


Not many people know about this, but Chicago is one of the few major cities in the country with cheaper living costs and higher living standards. Besides that, it is easier to get good housing and residential options in the city. So, if you don’t want to come alone and want to relocate with your family to this Midwestern city, the incredible network of schools, universities, and specialized study programs will be helpful. These academic opportunities serve as a good recruiting pool for entrepreneurs that are always looking for a capable workforce.


In addition, many factors distinguish Chicago, including Lake Michigan, a thriving population, a strong industrial base, a perfect location in the middle of the country, and much more. The experience of running a small business in the city will be unlike any other.


Houston, Texas

Houston’s startup environment has experienced a huge boom in recent years. It is a real gold mine for entrepreneurs in the country. Houston, a city that embraces creativity, art, and technology, is both economically and socially diverse, making it a well-rounded place to start your company.


Texas does not charge corporation or personal income taxes, providing a significant advantage over its competitors for your startup business. This means more money to invest in your company’s growth and more money in your pocket for your operations. Furthermore, the city takes pride in its “fast and friendly” permission procedure, which makes it simple to start a business without having to deal with unnecessary red tape.


Small firms and startups don’t always have a lot of money to rent in expensive commercial real estate cities like San Francisco or New York. Houston has low office leasing prices while still delivering the advantages of a big urban area. Commercial space is available at moderate prices in Houston submarkets such as North Belt, FM 1960, Greenspoint, Energy Corridor, and Park Ten.


With no indications of slowing down, Houston has remained true to its reputation as Texas’s center for generating energy and talent. The city and the businesses based there, welcome diversity and capitalize on its strengths.


Miami, Florida

You may be wondering why Miami is featured on the list.  However, you would be surprised to learn that it might be one of the best cities for an entrepreneur. Well, it’s all the reasons you can think of and more.  


Miami offers wonderful weather, a low cost of living (in comparison to other big cities and business centers), no state income tax, and is in the same time zone as much of Latin America, making it an ideal location for doing international business. The beaches are, of course, a plus.


Miami is well-known for a variety of reasons. Recently, everyone has recognized it for its thriving startup scene. Miami, a leader of entrepreneurship in the Sunshine State, has just been named one of the top 10 cities in America for establishing a business.


After considering all of this, it’s evident that Miami is a bustling city with several options to start and grow a business. As an inclusive city, it welcomes individuals from all walks of life and provides them equal opportunities. Not to mention that older persons, who outnumber younger people in the city, may become entrepreneurs in the same manner that younger people can. Also, anybody interested may either start from zero or continue developing an idea with both local and global impact.


San Diego, California

San Diego has been dubbed “America’s Finest City” by many. Forbes Magazine recognized San Diego’s business opportunities as one of the finest places to start a business. San Diego provides the ideal atmosphere for your new venture based on aspects such as employment growth, income level, community participation, and availability of resources.


While you will need a company license from the city of San Diego to get started, the local government in the city is active in helping local businesses and building an atmosphere that supports entrepreneurs. Within a year, 412 new organizations and 1200 new employment opportunities were established in the San Diego communities.


The cost of living and San Diego business taxes are lower in comparison to Palo Alto or San Francisco. There is a thriving investment community eager to support San Diego small company startups and assist you in getting started. Lower living expenses enable you to recruit skilled labor and pay them market rates while also offering relocation to a desirable career destination.


Washington, D.C.

If you’re wondering, “Is Washington, D.C., a good place to start a business?” The answer is, “Yes, it’s a terrific city to begin a business!” The city has a multitude of resources available to entrepreneurs, and it is also one of the most culturally rich and diverse cities in America.


Washington, D.C., has a robust economy and low unemployment and is home to a wide range of industries, making it one of the most wealthy cities in the United States. With a diverse range of businesses and a low unemployment rate, there is plenty of potential for anybody wishing to establish a business in the area.


In addition, Washington, D.C., has one of the country’s most educated populations. This means you may access a pool of people and resources to help your company thrive.


For access to investors and government subsidies, the city is swarming with potential investors, and the government is eager to provide subsidies to businesses that satisfy specific conditions. This is an excellent option for companies seeking rapid investment.


The opportunities for the greatest businesses to start in Washington, D.C. are limitless. From professional services and traditional retail outlets to software startups and food-related businesses, the city offers a diverse range of sectors for entrepreneurs to explore.


Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is an excellent city to start a business in since it offers several business opportunities. For example, the city provides business incubators that offer office space and other tools to emerging entrepreneurs. If you’re thinking about starting a business in the USA, Atlanta could be precisely what you’re looking for.


There are several business incentives in Atlanta, including low-cost business centers that provide some of the finest discounts on office buildings and other resources for fledgling businesses.


Atlanta business incubators allow entrepreneurs to collaborate with mentors, business advisers, and other experts. Within the incubators, there are also meeting places where these business owners may cooperate with other business owners to exchange their skills and experience.


Atlanta can be the best startup city for you as it is one of the most important business centers in the United States. It has been a popular location for company owners and entrepreneurs due to its thriving economy and business-friendly environment. What’s the best part? You can still start a business here even if you have little money or skills.


New York City, New York 

The advantages of establishing a business in New York City are undeniable. With a pro-business municipal administration, money streaming in from investors, and an ever-increasing population, now is a great time to be a part of the Big Apple’s promising future. Since New York City is the biggest city in the United States, businesses have access to the country’s largest market of potential customers.


In recent years, NYC leadership has done a lot to assist the city in recovering from pandemic-related employment loss, making it even more welcoming to entrepreneurs than ever before.


New York is one of the most inspirational cities in the world. It’s difficult to place a monetary figure on it, but it’s true. Being an entrepreneur in New York means being surrounded by individuals of many faiths, heritages, and ways of life, as well as hundreds of languages and cultures.


Austin, Texas 

Austin, Texas, is a prime location for entrepreneurs. Austin boasts the lowest cost of living of any city on our list, which means you’ll save more money while growing your company.


Austin’s economy is likewise flourishing, and there are several prospects for entrepreneurs to expand their businesses. Every year, the city conducts its own “Innovation Week” to learn more about establishing a business and meet other entrepreneurs.


Work-life balance is an essential component of a good work environment. Maintaining a work-life balance reduces stress and helps to prevent job burnout. Fortunately for local business owners, Austin is well-known for its live music, unique food trucks, films, theatre, museums, sporting events, parks, and recreation.


Austin is also a good option because it has the highest concentration of Fortune 500 businesses outside of Silicon Valley. More so, it is the best city for entrepreneurs wanting to start their next business or grow their present company with new projects due to its reduced cost of living and easy access to venture capital funding. 


Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is the place to be for entrepreneurs starting new businesses, inventors with game-changing technology, and venture capitalists eager to invest in high-growth firms with the potential to revolutionize whole industries.


The Columbus community as a whole has made systematic and purposeful investments in the development of innovation infrastructure. Startup funding is at the heart of every innovation economy, and Central Ohio has access to a range of risk capital, from private equity firms to public sources. Capital is attracted to capital. For example, the portfolio firms of Rev1 Ventures have attracted co-investors from 21 additional states, Europe, and Singapore.


According to CNBC, Ohio is one of America’s top ten business states. According to Forbes, “Columbus is changing with the times,” “technology innovation is becoming a force in this middle America city,” and “Columbus is a magnet for talent.”


Ohio’s 126 four-year colleges and universities, together with more than 350 other establishments, including community colleges and trade schools, are providing the recruits that progressive businesses require. 


There were just a few job options here a decade ago. Today, Columbus offers occupations that attract people from all around the country. Columbus is a developing city, and as a result, all of the features that make it a fun and exciting place to live are expanding as well.


Starting a Business in America 

Do you want to start a business in the United States and live the American dream? Starting a small business requires patience, perseverance, and time. However, if you’re ready to put in the effort, it may be an excellent approach to realizing your aspirations and goals. 


However, before you start, conduct thorough research, develop a solid business plan, and pivot as needed. Once you’re up and running, remember to stay focused and organized so you can keep growing your business.

If you’re looking to develop a professional business plan, please contact us today. Our team of business consultants are ready to take your call and build your business strategy.


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