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Business Plan Samples | 27 February, 2023

Business Plan Writer Near Me

Did you know that in January 2023 the term, “business plan writer near me” was searched approximately 720 times in the United States alone?  Here’s the thing – finding a business plan writer that is geographically close to you isn’t necessarily that important in today’s age.

Hi, my name is Kevin Foreman and I’m the Founder and President of BSBCON America.  In this article we will discuss many of the common questions surrounding business plan writers, and hopefully point you in the right direction to finding the business plan consultant you are looking for.

So, why is finding a business plan writer who is geographically close to you less important than ever before?  First off, with the internet, emails, phone calls, video calls and social media we can engage with one another remotely, and develop business plans more effectively and efficiently than ever before.


Who is a business plan writer near me?

There are business plan writers in essentially every major city throughout the USA. The key is to find one experienced and credible enough to help you establish an effective business plan.  Whether you are located in SeattleSt. PetersburgNashvilleDallasColumbus, Boise, AtlantaMiamiWashington DCChicagoDetroit or any other major city in the USA we can help.  Our team is spread out across the globe and can utilize available data, resources and connections to leverage a local approach to your business plan.  There are those of course who simply must work in person with a business plan consultant.  For those we do charge extra for in person, one-on-one business plan writing services.


How do I find a business plan writer?

If your business plan is intended to improve the business by setting strategy, methods, milestones, metrics, and essential projections, tracking results and revising often, then there’s a clear indication that  looking for a business plan consultant is necessary.

If you are considering applying for a loan or securing an investment, in which a business plan is a prerequisite, hiring a business plan consultant can help you to formalize a plan with well-written summaries, descriptions, and so forth. 


What is a business plan?

A business plan is an essential written document that provides a description and overview of a company’s business strategy. All companies should have an up to date business plan. The plan should explain your business strategy and your key goals to get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. This is a living document that should be updated 2-3 times per year; however, must businesses avoid structured planning.


What types of business plans are there?

There are so many business plan audiences and purposes for writing a business plan.   We have included the top 6 types of business plans below:

Investor Business Plans

Strategic Business Plans

Bank Loan Business Plans

Immigration Business Plans

Franchise Business Plans

Nonprofit Business Plans


How long should a business plan be?

You should never make your business plan longer than it needs to be. Remember, the shorter your plan is, the more manageable redeveloping it in the future will be. Using a business plan template to help you keep each section organized can help you as you start writing. Just because a business plan is longer than another, it doesn’t mean it’s more effective.  Short and concise business plans can also help companies plan and strategize their growth. On average, a business plan should be between 4,000 to 9,000 words and 20-70 pages.


What is a business plan format?

A well-written business plan outlines the following:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Business Overview
  3. Market Analysis
  4. Products and Services
  5. Sales and Marketing Plan
  6. Operational Plan
  7. Management Summary
  8. Financial Plan 


​In reality there is no standard format for the presentation of a solid business plan. Business plans vary in content and size depending on the purpose of the plan and respective industry of the company.  

Remember, it is the process of developing a business plan that provides the true value.  Focus less on how long the business plan is and more on if it answers all of the core questions a business plan should answer.


Should a business plan have images?

As long as images directly assist the audience with understanding the business plan they can be added.  Furthermore, certain programs have strict business plan criteria and as such they must be respected.  So if a program instructs you to not include images in your business plan then certainly respect their wishes.

By adding images and professional graphic design you can make your business plan stand out from the pack. Just remember that the contents of your business plan are truly valuable and you should always put more focus on the substance of the plan than the final visual product.

With that being said, presentation is key and once you are confident with the plan you can put it through canva or provide it to a graphic designer.


Business plan writer vs. business plan consultant?

Although these terms are used interchangeably, there are some material differences between a business plan writer and a business plan consultant.  First off, a business plan writer is known for rolling up their sleeves and getting to work.  

A business plan consultant is knowledgeable of different programs, business plan styles and requirements.

If you know what you are looking for – go for a business plan writer.  However, if you require some assistance with selecting a business plan program and style, you are best off with the business plan consultant. 


What is a freelancer business plan writer?

There are many advantages and disadvantages to hiring a freelance business plan writer.


  • They are often extremely efficient at writing business plans.
  • If you are looking to hire a business plan writer for a deal, you are in luck. Their prices will be lesser than professional business plan writers.



  • If you search for a “business plan writer near me” you will be let down with most freelancers.  They are often overseas.
  • There is no way to track them down if they do not deliver.
  • Most freelancers are not the best business plant consultants in town.
  • Business plan writing services might be one of many of their skills (less specialized).


Key Takeaways

In the end, searching for a “business plan writer near me” could be a waste of time.  Instead, consider searching for professional business plan writing services.

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