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Business Plan Samples | 31 October, 2022

Cannabis Business Plan Sample

The growth of the cannabis industry in America has been surging in recent years.  This cannabis business plan sample will provide you some input on developing your own cannabis startup.  Our cannabis business plan writers have created this business plan sample.


Executive Summary

“Bohemian Greens Express Inc.” (herein also referred to as “Bohemian Greens Express”, “BGE” and “the company”) was federally incorporated on October 14, 2017 by Founder and CEO, Mr. Jeremy Wilson. BGE is a parent company, acquiring and growing strategic assets in the North American Cannabis sector.  Bohemian Greens Express Inc. is based in Detroit, Michigan.

With a vertically integrated business model, Bohemian Greens Express will control each stage of development from seed to soil, biomass to crude, crude to distillate, distillate and isolate, then taking it to CBD and THC finish product consumer concentrate, vape cartridges and edible products. Through each subsidiary, BGE will drive down costs of goods sold at each stage of the supply chain and remove dependency on external forces. This business plan outlines the strategic purchase of Nirvana Blooms LTD. and Vitaweeds Group. Additionally, this document will demonstrate the corporate strategy of parent company, Bohemian Greens Express, and its strategic positioning in West Cannabis Herbs Company. These four enterprises will operate under the leadership of BGE, assisting one another to decrease costs, reach new customers and provide specialized cannabis and hemp products at each stage of the supply chain.

BGE and Vitaweeds Cannabis Inc. have finalized the sale of Vitaweeds’ ‘edibles and gummy line products” at $7M USD. The company will receive ownership of the Vitaweeds Gummy Division in November 2020 and therefore earn Vitaweeds’s intellectual property, formulations, goodwill, branding, inventory and equipment. The Vitaweeds Gummy Division is generating consistent revenues and profits. With anticipation that CBD will soon be considered a “health supplement” in Canada, there is a wave of opportunity for bolstering revenues and rapidly gaining market share.

Nirvana Blooms LTD, is a cannabis extraction and purification company, manufacturing and selling cannabis derivatives in Canada and internationally. It offers various products including distillates, isolates, and crude THC/CBD oil through wholesale channels. Nirvana Blooms also provides cannabis extracts, beverages, edibles, vapes pens, tinctures, and topical products. In addition, it offers wholesale distribution, toll processing, and white labeling contract manufacturing services; and as-a-service offerings, including extraction-as-a-service, post-processing-as-a-service, and formulations-as-a-service for cannabis companies.



Business Overview

Bohemian Greens Express Inc. is a parent company, acquiring and growing strategic assets in the Cannabis production, extraction and retail space. The BGE management team is a well-rounded group of professionals with strengths in negotiations, acquisitions, and business development. The company is developing a vertically integrated business model, which controls production, extraction, distribution and retail at each stage of the supply chain. With strategic partnerships and ownership of assets, BGE is taking a long-term approach to leadership in the cannabis, hemp, and CBD markets. Increased production capacity, as a result of acquired assets is the bedrock of all revenue generation, and will be reinvested for future growth.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to produce distinctive and sustainable cannabis and hemp products for the US market.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a healthy and vital cannabis and hemp market for all stakeholders.

As the premier Massachusetts organization for cannabis-related businesses, we are working to create a vibrant, equitable cannabis industry that serves as a positive economic engine for the region and acts responsibly toward our partners, neighbors, customers, and government stakeholders. We envision our state as a trusted leader and model across the nation – and around the world.


Core Values

All business decisions and daily operations of BGE are guided by the following core values:

  1. Produce high quality products. Cannabis is a fast-growing industry, but becoming saturated with new entrants in the market. The entire supply chain process, from production to retail, must be managed to ensure the end product is always of the highest quality standards. 
  2. Strive for global recognition. With the acquisition of several known brands and integrating into one umbrella of cannabis businesses, BGE seeks to become the global leader in the space. The post-merger integration of all businesses will lead to synergies, efficiencies, and more effective business operations at a global scale. 
  3. Invest in ourselves and our people. Investing in people is a key part of the BGE ethos. This ensures that employees are knowledgeable of the cannabis industry, the portfolio of companies, and encouraged to explore professional development. 
  4. Be dedicated to education, research and continuous improvement. BGE will seek to aggressively reinvest funds towards research and development. This will ensure that products align with market expectations, and that BGE leverages its vertically integrated business model to its fullest capacity. 
  5. Always work to advance our industry knowledge and expertise. The cannabis industry is still relatively new in terms of the regulatory landscape, and methods as well as products are constantly evolving. By staying on top of new developments in the industry, competitors, and market trends this will ensure BGE is at the forefront of changes. 
  6. Use acquisition as a vessel for growth and market expansion. Acquisition has proven to be a viable business strategy for BGE as it seeks to identify new target companies for expansion. Products, facilities, and equipment will be purchased without the need for incubating an entirely new business all together.



Market Analysis

This market analysis will assess Canadian, American and Global Cannabis and Hemp Industries. Sub categories will include the extraction, edibles and production markets for cannabis and hemp products.  There will be a focus on the opening of the CBD market in Canada, and the impact of CBD becoming classified as a “health substance” instead of a controlled substance.


Overall Cannabis Sales in United States

In the US, growth in the sales of legal recreational cannabis is estimated to reach 25 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. It is expected to increase steadily each year. Cannabis consumers are expected to grow to almost 50 million consumers.  California was known to be the leading American State to use legal cannabis amounting to about $5.5 billion in 2018.


Global Market for Legal Cannabis

The global legal marijuana market size was valued at $13.2 billion in 2021. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.5% from 2022 to 2030. The growing demand for legal marijuana has been a primary factor in the growth of the market. Recently, countries have legalized the use of medical marijuana for treating various health challenges and ailments. A number of studies carried out show that medical marijuana and its derivatives can be used to treat symptoms of various diseases. For example, it has been successfully used to treat patients with chemotherapy-induced nausea, chronic pain, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological diseases. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and other such organizations, have now started accepting the marijuana derivatives for the treatment of certain diseases in which it has proven to be useful. This is another factor for the turnaround of the legal status in many countries. The United States and Canada have also sanctioned the use of recreational marijuana, and more than two-thirds of the U.S. states have legalized marijuana.

With government policies changing, the demand for medical marijuana is rising. Countries that have legalized the use of medical marijuana are also paving the way for its cultivation to cut on the import cost, and gain revenue in the form of taxes. This, in turn, has generated jobs in the cannabis industry. Several startups in the U.S. and Europe are focusing on alternate uses of cannabis, other than recreational and medicinal. With the evolution of the cannabis industry, several countries are paving the way for more liberal policies regarding its cultivation and usage, in the medical field, as well as industrial use.


Global and North America Market for Extracts

The global cannabis extract market size was valued at $2.74 billion in 2021, and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 20.6% from 2022 to 2030. Growing demand for extracts, including oils and tinctures, are fueling these projections. Additionally, the increased legalization of marijuana for the treatment of different chronic ailments like arthritis, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, and cancer are driving the expansion of the industry. The marijuana industry is flourishing due to a greater understanding of its various medical benefits.

Other than smoking, tinctures and oil can be utilized to make topical and edibles. These are being considered in the treatment of ailments including nausea-induced by cancer, mental illness, and for recreational purposes like vaping. The laws governing medical marijuana extracts are far more permissive than those governing dried cannabis, thereby supporting the industry’s growth. The U.S. in particular is dominating the extraction market as it has $1.9 billion of the market with a projected 16.3% CAGR between 2022 and 2030.

The market is divided into tincture and oil segments based on the product types. The oil portion held the largest revenue share of 63% in 2021. Furthermore, the benefits of cannabis and its derivatives are distributed to end users. For instance, individuals in Canada are educated about the benefits and effects of smoking and the human body’s reasonable limits by the drug stores themselves. Cannabis oil also aids in the treatment of sleep disorders and the reduction of stress, as well as anxiety. The market for oils is expected to increase due to a significant increase in the number of patients who prefer oil to flowers.

Canada only recently opened up the extraction market to further products as of October 2021, which still took time to ramp up the production and sale. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Canada’s medical and recreational markets were dominated by dried flower products, while extracts represented about 13% of gram-equivalents sold. That low penetration could be attributed to the limited offerings from extracts at the time, and Government regulation, which have been oils, capsules and sprays. The new regulations enacted will allow for the sale of more complex extract products like vape-ables, topicals, edibles, beverages and other concentrates.


CBD Medicinal Insights

An unlicensed CBD brand known as ‘Mona Lisa Healing’ made claims during the COVID-19 pandemic that their CBD can “help your body defend against COVID-19 coronavirus”. Marijuana Business Daily, a cannabis industry news source, acknowledges the medical representation of CBD products to prospective consumers: “Cannabis products with unauthorized health claims are commonly sold in unregulated channels, especially products containing CBD”. It is unclear if such claims are widespread across the CBD industry or an outlier, and thus represent an area of needed research.


CBD Sales Insights

In 2021, CBD Consumer Health Market was worth $10,294 million with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 24.10% every year. Its popularity has grown due to its health advantages without becoming intoxicated.  CBD Supplements are said to be more natural than prescription drugs for pain and other medical conditions.  Many suppliers are now focused on supplying CBD-based products due to higher profit margins and demand.


CBD Market Size Insights

BDS Analytics predicts a compound annual growth rate of 49 percent by 2024 across all distribution channels for CBD. Also, the firm expects the CBD market, combined with THC products, will create a total market of $45 billion for cannabinoids by 2024. CBD product sales in dispensaries since 2014 have grown at a faster rate than overall sales in dispensaries. 66 percent of hemp-derived CBD consumers in the U.S. agree with full federal legalization of cannabis, with 90 percent believing that marijuana has medical benefits; and CBD consumers are an average age of 40, have higher education, and are more likely than non-consumers to be employed full-time.



Market Trends


US Cannabis Market Trends

Research shows the increase in the positive attitude of consumers in the legalization efforts for cannabis products.  An estimated 80% of the U.S. Citizens approve of legal access to medical marijuana while 60% approve of full adult-use legalization.  This growing acceptance presents positive opportunities for growers and investors alike.  Industry forecast is seen to grow at $24 billion in 2021.



Vertical Integration within the Cannabis Industry

A persistent trend in the cannabis industry is the acquisition of smaller companies by industry leaders wishing to become a full service cannabis producer and supplier. Large companies will go through the process of acquiring companies both up and down the supply chain to vertically integrate and compete at a larger scale and dominate more of the market share. These acquisitions range from full buyout of companies in the cannabis agriculture, processing, and retailing industries, to partial share takeovers. The purpose is to build a complementary product portfolio, drive off competition, and capture increased market opportunity as the cannabis market grows and matures. This trend has been persisting and growing since the legalization of cannabis in 2018. In 2021 alone, the cannabis market saw 3 times the number of acquisition transactions compared to 2020, with transactions ranging from $286 million to $7.2 billion.


Products and Services

Bohemian Greens Express’ unique selling proposition (USP) is the ability to control costs, distribution and the supply chain at each stage of production.  The following diagram reads bottom to top and depicts the flow products and focus of each company across the cycle.


Competitive Advantages

Bohemian Greens Express will differentiate from competitors with the following competitive advantages:


Vertically Integrated Supply Chain:

Bohemian Greens Express is adopting a business model where they are able to own and control each aspect of the cannabis production and distribution supply chain. Each different business venture produces a different product or service, and the products combined satisfy a common need. In a market where vertical integration is becoming increasingly common practice, Bohemian Greens Express is playing a pioneering role. The more vertically integrated a business, the greater the financial and managerial resources required to enter and compete in it. As such, BGE is creating opportunities by increasingly partnering with, and purchasing companies that allow the company to operate as a self-sufficient corporate ecosystem. This model allows for BGE to ensure a high level of quality, and enjoy the business benefits of vertical integration such as greater efficiencies, reduced costs, and more control along the manufacturing or distribution process.


Diversified Products and Services

Through a vertically integrated business model, BGE will be able to expand into and participate in various markets and products ranging from CBD medical products, to edibles, dried flowers and more. Through an acquisition model and purchasing different brands, the company can benefit from offering a range of products to an array of target customers across Canadian markets. Since the cannabis industry, in particular, is fragmented, BGE’s business model of acquiring production facilities, extraction centers, and cultivation businesses, allows them to serve and participate in various markets through whitelabelling, wholesaling and direct retail sales.


Quality Control and Batch Production

By taking a direct ownership model to cultivating, processing and distributing cannabis products, BGE is able to have a high degree of control over the quality and THC/CBD content of each strain and product. BGE can run both large and small batch production, and manufacture and produce a variety of strains to serve different markets and customers. Additionally, the BGE team of specialists and scientists are well-versed in the extraction process. They have extensive experience developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to streamline quality control as well as batch production.


Indigenous Partnerships

With BGE’s strategic partnership with the Freeman Group, there are a host of benefits available. This 49% BGE / 51% Walken Group ownership of Enserraa Cannabis Company partnership provides substantial tax benefits and growing opportunities with Canadian Federal Government contracts. Enserraa will create premium cannabis strains for medical and recreational users. NS is an indigenous owned business, therefore BGE are able to obtain premium products at lower cost than companies off Territory.


Key Success Factors

The company’s success depends on a variety of internal and external factors including:


Nimbilosity: The Canadian marijuana legislation and business regulations are complicated and ever changing in today’s business environment. Successful businesses must be able to successfully stay nimble and adapt to changing laws and regulations in order to stay competitive and be successful. Additionally, BGE must be able to identify new business opportunities and be flexible and nimble enough to seize these opportunities in order to grow their market share.


Industry Knowledge: Through a combination of the management team, specialists, and scientists, BGE is uniquely positioned in the cannabis market with experience across the full lifecycle of production. The team has mastered the art of cultivation and extraction, acquired state of the art technology, and developed groundbreaking formulas. Specifically, BGE has specialists and scientists which have extensive experience in extraction. Additionally, the state-of-the-art technology has helped the company create SOPs that are approximately five years ahead of the industry.


Development of effective marijuana strains: Cannabis growers that can grow potent and effective strains that deliver a good customer experience will attract greater demand for their products. BGE has done their due diligence and research to ensure that their cultivators and processors are top quality, and have the ability to develop and deliver potent strains of cannabis that offer a good customer experience. In particular, BGE’s strategic partnership with the Mohawk nation in the US is working hard to leverage technology and effective farming practices to create the most unique and highest quality cannabis strains.


Asset Acquisition: In an industry that is increasingly becoming dominated by a few key players, it is important for any business wishing to scale and own the entire cannabis supply chain to have the ability to access capital quickly in order to procure shares in companies. BGE has positioned itself wisely to play an active role in each step of the cannabis production network. By perfecting their existing business lines, and expanding into new opportunities, BGE will be able to play a pillar role in the Canadian cannabis market, participating at each step in the circular supply chain.


Sales and Marketing Plan

BGE understands that there is pertinent information and discussion on promotional activities, including permissions and restrictions, within the Cannabis Act and Regulations. The Cannabis Act prohibits the promotion of cannabis, cannabis accessories and services related to cannabis, except for in limited circumstances. These prohibitions support the Canadian Government’s objective to protect public health and safety, including young persons and others, from inducements into using cannabis products.


The Cannabis Act, however, does permit promotion under specific restrictions to help adult consumers make informed decisions. For instance, by allowing for informational promotion such as price and availability, as well as brand-preference promotion, but subject to conditions and restrictions including that young persons should not access promotion. Under the Cannabis Act it is prohibited to promote cannabis or a cannabis accessory, as well as any service related to cannabis. This includes:


  • Communicating information about its price or distribution in a manner that could be appealing to young persons
  • Using a testimonial or endorsement, however displayed or communicated
  • Using the depiction of a person, character or animal, whether real or fictional
  • Presenting it or any of its brand elements in a manner that associates it or the brand element with, or evokes a positive or negative emotion about or image of, a way of life such as one that includes glamor, recreation, excitement, vitality, risk or daring


Under the Cannabis Act, the following for young people are prohibited:

  • Promotion or sale of cannabis, a cannabis accessory or any service related to cannabis in a manner that there are reasonable grounds to believe could be appealing to young persons
  • Sale of cannabis or a cannabis accessory that has an appearance, shape, or other sensory attribute or a function that there are reasonable grounds to believe could be appealing to young persons

The company will own a portfolio of cannabis product businesses. When fully launched, it will provide all the flower, CBD, CBG, THC infused, or other products customers require in order to treat ailments or for recreational usage. Additionally, BGE will comply with Canadian law around marketing and selling cannabis products. The key will be to evaluate the evolving regulatory landscape on an ongoing basis. The company intends to comply with rules and regulations rather than risk the potential federal, provincial, or municipal fines. Nonetheless, to the maximum extent practicable the company will use a web, social media, and other online presence to market its products. This sales and marketing plan describes each target customer, respective channels to reach them, key performance indicators, and a SWOT analysis.



Marketing of CBD

In July 2022, a panel of scientists recommended by Canada’s top health regulator confirmed that CBD is “safe and tolerable” in healthy adults. Additionally, it should be available without a prescription. The endorsement from the panel comes after three years when Health Canada first appointed a team of experts to consider whether CBD should be sold by mainstream retailers, and not limited to adult-use cannabis stores or by doctor’s recommendation.

The panel was composed of nine members formally called the Science Advisory Committee on Health Products Containing Cannabis. They concluded that CBD is “safe and tolerable for short-term use (a maximum of 30 days) at doses from 20 milligrams per day to a maximum dose of 200 mg/day.” However, Health Canada is not technically bound by the recommendation and has no deadline to act on it.

Nonetheless, with the opening of the CBD market, this would eschew in a new batch of consumers who would see cannabis products in retail stores other than cannabis shops. BGE will capitalize on this potential forthcoming decision by Health Canada to open the CBD market by marketing the Vitaweeds gummy line and achieving a first mover advantage.


Target Customer

One of BGEs core values is producing a high quality product for customers, therefore each customer group will be catered to with specialized care. The target customers and key channels to reach them are imperative to the company’s growth. In addition, BGE will respect the methods and ways to reach customers in a compliant manner with Canadian law. Nonetheless, as the law shifts frequently it will be important to stay on top of these compliance updates.


With a number of different applicable markets, BGE has opportunities to generate revenue through partnerships and sales to different customers and markets. The company also understands that it must comply with Canadian federal, provincial and municipal laws related to the promotion of cannabis to young persons, in addition to generally.

Nonetheless, the company has done its own due diligence to ensure that target customer groups and the creative as well as channels are allowable. The following target customers are general archetypes that BGE could sell to through a variety of brands across Canada.


Business to consumer customer (B2C):

BGE plans to sell in limited quantities to consumers as the company is primarily focused on the B2B and B2G markets. Nonetheless, for example, Nirvana Blooms will have vape pens available for sale starting year 3, and most products are marketed to a B2C customer by way of the B2B retailer.

  • Aged 19-60
  • Employed full or part time
  • Average household income of $40,000-$90,000
  • Consumes CBD, hemp of marijuana up to 3X per week
  • Visits dispensaries or shops online to purchase marijuana products
  • Visits dispensaries, grocery stores, pharmacies or shops online top purchase CBD products


Business to business customer (B2B)

BGE plans to sell processed dried flower and cannabis products to businesses as a wholesale sales channel while also selling consumer ready finished products through a white labeling service.

  • Employs between 3-50 employees
  • Located in Canada
  • Has an established storefront or online sales channel
  • Generates between $1.5-$5M in annual revenue
  • Sells dried flower, edibles, or other cannabis or CBD products
  • Employs between 20-100 employees
  • Located in Canada
  • Has an established land holding as part of a tribal agreement
  • Generates between $3-$10M in annual revenue
  • Seeks to utilize product in performance of contracts or ceremonies


Key Channels

With a number of different channels available, BGE has the ability to generate interest through marketing channels to different customers and markets. The following key channels are general areas that BGE could market to through the budget it has.


Social Media: Bohemian Greens Express will leverage social media advertising for each of their key brands, curating content to reach each target market specifically. Social media channels will include Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. Depending on the audience, content will be focused on cannabis products, research and development of cannabis strains, business and earnings information, or product and services for sale. The goal is to generate awareness and engage users with the various brands operating under the Bohemian Greens Express brand.


Google Advertising: BGE will leverage the power of Google Ads to accelerate the awareness of the company, as well as its portfolio brands. This will ensure that the company is recognized in the market, meanwhile adhering to the laws and regulations surrounding promotional activities. The BGE website will benefit greatly from this activity in order to initially boost the page to first-page rankings, or other areas where ads are shown. The awareness of the products will educate users on BGE and its other brands for responsible promotion.


Events (in person and virtual): Pop-up events and cannabis-themed conferences will be key to the growth of BGE and the portfolio companies it owns. This will ensure the company’s branding is seen in the market, specifically in-person. Many of these pop-up events are organized via social media, therefore it will be vital for the company to work with these organizers. Additionally, applications are slowly trickling into the market to locate dispensaries which also can be used to show events. Virtual conferences and webinars are also vital to the growth and success of the company.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A great website needs search engine optimization to go along with it. BGE will utilize SEO best practices to rank on Google, as well as include ads management in the beginning to ensure it is shown to prospective clients. The key will be to also incorporate backlinks and blog content which complies with Canadian law. The backlinks will allow BGE to showcase its suite of companies and itself on other websites to ensure it ranks more effectively.


Key Performance Indicators

Bohemian Greens Express will track the following KPI’s to track performance within each silo of the company:


Corporate KPI’s

  • Net profit margin
  • Gross Profit
  • Return on investment
  • Quarterly Sales volume
  • Net profit to sales ratio
  • Staff retention rate
  • Cash flow from operations
  • Average order value
  • Customer Churn Rate
  • Repeat Purchase Rate
  • Cannabis Revenue (Medical, Recreational, and Wholesale)


Production (production, processing) KPI’s

  • Stock Yield
  • CBD/THC extraction ratio
  • Fertilizers/Chemicals per output
  • Water per output
  • Estimated Production Potential
  • Increase/Decrease in production
  • Throughput rate
  • Total plant number
  • People efficiency
  • Waste percentage


SWOT Analysis


Operational Plan

The BGE governance and management structure is built with scalability in mind. The team possesses years of experience in their respective fields to ensure that the significant initial business acquisitions, and ongoing business operations run smoothly. The chain of command and hierarchy at BGE is intended to be collaborative, while respecting traditional structures of large, complex matrixed organizations.

The Management Team at BGE currently consists of 4 members. This operational section describes this chain of command, in further detail, and each operational area’s specific alignment to the overall business. A sound operational framework and tactical execution are specific advantages that BGE will lean into, provided the previous business experience of the leadership team. The company’s operational timeline plans to take the company from a local Cannabis producer and supplier to a globally established and recognized brand.


Health & Safety

Cannabis Production and Processing

It is the responsibility of the employer to manage all health and safety risks for employees involved in cannabis cultivation or processing. The employer must effectively identify all hazards, provide manufacturer instructions, and set exposure limits and standards. Hazards may include, but are not limited to, cleaners, infrared/ultraviolet lighting, fertilizers, pesticides, heavy lifting and repetitive movements.

Specific safety precautions must be taken for the following common hazards in cannabis cultivation:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing chemicals
  • Fertilizers and nutrients
  • Pesticides
  • Biological Agents, plant material particulates and resins
  • CO2 enrichment
  • Lighting
  • Electrical Systems
  • Musculoskeletal injuries


Cannabis Safety Guidelines

All cannabis products are subject to rules and regulations to ensure the health and safety of consumers. This includes limitations on promotional materials, rules on how products are promoted, and how certain sales such as loyalty programs, giveaways, partnerships and promotions can be advertised.


Risk Analysis

BGE has identified the following risks, and established the proceeding mitigation plans:



Management Team

Bohemian Greens Express’ management team consists of the following professionals:


Jeremy Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Wilson is the founder and Chief Executive Office of Bohemian Greens Express.  His more than 10 years of professional experience in a variety of industries has provided Bohemian Greens a leverage in managing the entire business. His expertise in operations and manufacturing will be a plus for BGE.


Emily Hinto

Chief Operating Officer

Emily Hinto has worked in the cannabis industry for more than 5 years and brings with her leadership skills to manage the entire production of Bohemian Greens products.  She has developed different processes to assure quality products which she will implement in the manufacturing process.


Sara Wellis

Chief Financial Officer

Sara Wellis joined the team to bring with her finance and accounting skills that would ensure financial viability and stability for the Bohemian Greens Express.  She will oversee all company sales and expenditures and ensure compliance to regulatory bodies.



Key Personnel

BGE plans to recruit for the following roles over the next three years:


Director of Sales

Annual Salary: $87,500 – $140,000

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Assign sales targets, territories, and quotas for the sales team
  • Coordinate sales activities with other work units or departments
  • Prepare and submit plans, budgets, progress reports and annual sales reports
  • Manage human resource functions e.g. hiring, training, performance reviews
  • Research competitors’ products/services
  • Develop goals and objectives, projects and priorities and assign them to Sales Managers
  • Develop and conduct sales campaigns, as well as marketing and promotional plans


Manager of Sales

Annual Salary: $75,000-$100,000

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Meeting sales targets and objectives
  • Track sales performance and reporting results to the Director of Sales
  • Maintain ongoing relationships with customers in assigned territory and close deals
  • Promote the organization and its products
  • Stay up to date with new products and maintain a strong working knowledge of all BGE information
  • Coordinate with marketing team on lead generation at all stages of the sales funnel
  • Understand the customers needs and how they relate to BGE products


Chief Financial Officer

Annual Salary: $101,000-$160,000

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Providing strategic management of the accounting and finance functions
  • Directing accounting policies, procedures and internal controls
  • Managing or overseeing the relationship with independent auditors
  • Overseeing financial systems implementations and upgrades
  • Managing relationships with investors and investment institutions
  • Identifying and managing business risks and insurance requirements
  • Hiring, training and retaining skilled accounting and finance staff



Financial Plan


Pro Forma Income Statement



Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement


Balance Sheet


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