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Business Plan Samples | 23 February, 2023

Car Dealership Business Plan

This car dealership business plan sample is focused on the growing automotive retail sector in Orlando, Florida.  We hope this sample provides you with a brief foundation for starting your own car dealership company.  Our car dealership business plan writers crafted this sample for your review.


Executive Summary

AutoStyx Inc. (herein also referred to as “AutoStyx”, “the company” and “the dealership”) was incorporated on January 5, 2019 in the state of Florida by Co-Founders, Jason & Diane Henderson and Jack Dean.  AutoStyx is a growing automotive dealership located in Orlando, Florida with plans to further expand across Miami.

When the company was launched in 2018 there was minimum capital, inventory and reach.  Jason Henderson utilized an existing network of clientele from all corners of the city.  Year over year AutoStyx grew its impact, assisting people from all walks of life access reliable transportation.  Today, the dealership utilizes a remote business model, following up with leads by email, phone call and social media.  Unlike conventional car dealerships, AutoStyx has customers pre-approved without visiting the dealership.  Next, customers review available vehicles on autostyxinc.us, and finalize the purchase without having to travel to the dealership.  The customer’s new vehicle is safely transported to their home by an AutoStyx sales representative.

What truly sets AutoStyx apart is a clear focus on serving the customer.  There is an inherent desire to go the extra mile, ensure customer satisfaction and spread positivity.  This strategic plan outlines the company vision, sales and marketing plan, operations, financial projections and plans for expansion.  

AutoStyx has one of the leading creative finance departments in Florida and one of the widest group of lenders available to customers. Social media, particularly Facebook, is also one of the most effective tools in advertising cars for sale and communicating with interested buyers leading to sales. The AutoStyx Management Team intends to further expand the dealership over the next five years by recruiting more staff, increasing inventories and opening a second dealership in Miami, Florida.


Business Overview

AutoStyx Auto Sales & Finance is an automotive dealership located in Orlando, Florida.  Customers are often referred to AutoStyx by friends, family, or they come across the dealership online via google search, facebook, or instagram.  The company separates itself from the competition by providing industry-leading, personalized customer service.  Additionally, AutoStyx has a best in class finance team, and network of lenders. The ability to help customers access reliable transportation from the comfort of their own homes is helping AutoStyx excel past the competition. The lean management team of AutoStyx provides an opportunity to make precise decisions as the dealership experiences growth.  This lean management model is a major competitive advantage against larger competitors, as the company can pivot, plan and coordinate in real-time; therefore, paving the way for streamlined growth.


Mission Statement

While honoring and embracing Florida culture, our mission is to provide everyone with equal opportunity financing for reliable and affordable vehicles.


Vision Statement

Our vision is a Florida where anyone can apply for ethical and equal opportunity automotive financing. We believe everyone has the right to reliable transportation, and we strive to make this accessible by offering affordable payment solutions, regardless of an individual’s background or credit history.


Market Analysis

Any person, partnership, sole proprietor or company selling or leasing motor vehicles to retail consumers in Florida must be licensed as a motor dealer. Anyone selling more than five vehicles per year is automatically deemed to be a dealer under Florida law. However, the sale of even one vehicle to a retail consumer as a business activity may require a license.

A licensed dealership must also have at least one licensed salesperson. If you are a sole proprietor, you will need a motor dealer license and a salesperson license. In addition, every person working in retail vehicle sales in Florida must be licensed. Motor dealers must ensure that all sales and management staff in contact with retail consumers have a valid salesperson license.

The Vehicle Sales Authority of Florida is responsible for administering the Motor Dealer Act, its associated regulations, and those parts of Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act prescribed in the Motor Dealer Act Regulation. The purpose of the Vehicle Sales Authority General Guidelines (General Guidelines) is to explain the VSA approach to interpreting and enforcing provisions of the Motor Dealer Act and the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and their respective regulations. These guidelines also provide information about other legislation that may apply to a motor dealer or salesperson but is not directly administered by the VSA, as well as guidance and recommendations on best practices for those in the motor vehicle sales industry. 

While the General Guidelines are based primarily on laws designed to protect consumers, the VSA believes that by following these guidelines, the industry will also benefit from the application of consistent standards of conduct and fair competition in the marketplace. It’s true that responsible dealers will benefit the most. They are the ones who adopt high standards of conduct voluntarily. For them, laws such as the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and the Motor Dealer Act pose few problems. In fact, they protect these reputable dealers from others that would be willing to use unfair business practices were it not for the presence of regulations. The General Guidelines do not change the law and are not a substitute for legal advice that should be obtained independently by a dealer or salesperson. Wherever words or expressions used in these guidelines differ from the wording of the legislation, the wording in legislation will prevail.

Market Trends
Retail sales of used car dealers in the US amounted to approximately 15.34 billion American dollars in 2021. Used car retail sales have more than doubled since 2012, when sales amounted to just six billion American dollars. Also, Statistics America recently said that used vehicle prices began to diverge from those of new vehicles in the fall of 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic led to production constraints for new vehicles, including plant closures due to COVID-19 outbreaks and a slowdown in the production of semiconductor chips, a vital component in modern cars. With fewer new vehicles on the market, consumers turned to the used vehicle market. As consumers filled their demand for new vehicles with used vehicles, demand outpaced supply and led the cost of used vehicles to rise at a higher rate than those of new vehicles.

DesRosiers Automotive Consultants (DAC) also said that new-auto sales were not as solid as might be expected. Their report says that May 2021 sales were 35.8% over May 2020 at 153,760 units, but on average, May 2021 sales should be at or above 200,000 units in a normal market. Recent sales have been trending downward, with various restrictions and semiconductor-related shortages dictating the pace, with supply and demand for new vehicles in America being soft simultaneously. Rising prices of new-vehicles are one reason for increased used sales. 

Statistics America data shows the average new vehicle sold in America in 2020 just before the pandemic hit was $44,681 ($36,041) in January and $44,566 in February. As the country emerges from COVID-19, this rose to $46,496 in January; $47,812 in February; $47,101 in March; and $47,332 ($38,174) in April. This situation may ease as the chip drought lessens and supplies increase, probably by the end of this year, but maybe not until early 2023. However new-auto prices may not fall back to pre-pandemic levels.

So used vehicles may remain an attractive proposition for thriftier buyers across America. They have become increasingly serviceable and last longer than they used to. There’s not the same stigma about buying a used car today. The styling of cars today means that one can be hard-pressed to tell a vehicle that’s five years old from a new car. A sign of increasing confidence in used-car sales in America is a motorist’s willingness to buy vehicles online. A DAC report received by WardsAuto says online-only used sales accounted for just 2.6% of total used American sales in 2019, but rose to 6.7% in 2020, with dealers predicting online used sales will comprise 15.5% of the America used market in 2025. That is almost the same share as for American new-vehicle sales (2.4% in 2019; 7.6% in 2020; and 17.8% in 2025), DAC says.

Also, the current weakening of the United States dollar against the American dollar is the easing demand by American buyers for American used vehicles, with fewer U.S. purchasers traveling north to buy at American auctions – and increasing inventories in America. Looking ahead, the used-car market may get an additional boost from new American government plans to phase out new internal-combustion vehicles by 2035. If people still want to drive internal-combustion-engine (ICE) vehicles, they will most likely have to drive used vehicles.


Products and Services


Sale of Used Vehicles

AutoStyx is one of the leading resellers of used vehicles such as: Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and Vans in the Winter Park area. The dealership specializes in selling high-quality used vehicles, while offering easy and affordable car loan financing. Having a running inventory of 50-70 vehicles, which is listed and actively promoted on the company website, AutoStyx aims to fulfill the aspirations of a wide variety of potential vehicle owners, which can be individuals or businesses. AutoStyx believes that their customers deserve access to a full history of the vehicle they are interested in buying, hence the dealership offers an easy access link to a full Florida Verified CARFAX report for all vehicle listings.


Subprime Vehicle Financing

AutoStyx Auto Sales and Finance in Orlando helps get low credit approved instantly for vehicle loans. The dealership helps customers pick out their dream vehicle from a vast inventory, and provides them with no-obligation financing solutions that are tailored to customers’ needs. Offering all the customers with a no-hassle, no-credit-check, no-job-requirement, as well as same-day assistance. To qualify for a loan, all one needs to do is fill out an online application form for a finance manager to arrange a meeting with them. Regardless of credit score, AutoStyx will use their ties with lenders to make sure customers get the best interest rate and term possible for their financial situation.


Vehicle trade-in

A trade-in is an arrangement in which a customer buys a new vehicle at a reduced price by giving away their old one to the dealership. Although the amount of money a customer will get by trading in their car is generally less than they could get by selling it to a private party, AutoStyx provides them with attractive financing options as well to go along with the trade-in feature. Selling a car by themselves is more work and takes up a lot of time. AutoStyx Auto Sales and Finance provides a relatively easy and trusted way to reach potential buyers advertising on their websites after the trade-in is done, and servicing of the traded car is taken care of by the dealership.


Pricing Model

Vehicles Price Range
Budget Vehicles >$20K
Entry Level Vehicles $20K – $35K
Sub-Premium Vehicles $35K – $50K
Premium Vehicles >$50K


Competitive Advantages

Close proximity and accessibility: AutoStyx is one of the leading resellers of used vehicles such as: Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and Vans in the Winter Park area. The dealership specializes in selling high-quality used vehicles, while offering easy and affordable car loan financing. Having a running inventory of 50-70 vehicles, which is listed and actively promoted on the company website, AutoStyx aims to fulfill the aspirations of a wide variety of potential vehicle owners, which can be individuals or businesses. AutoStyx believes that their customers deserve access to a full history of the vehicle they are interested in buying, hence the dealership offers an easy access link to a full Florida Verified CARFAX report for all vehicle listings.


Focus on first nation’s culture and values: These teachings stressed Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility and Truth as the values that enable people to live in a way that promotes harmony and balance with everyone and everything in creation. AutoStyx is deeply guided by these principles, and it is evident in how well they respect their customers and treat their staff.


Wide selection of vehicles: The dealership features various types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs and vans from world renowned brands, such as Ford, Toyota, Subaru and Nissan. Inventory is also regularly updated to include new options across several price points. By increasing the number of vehicle options, customers are more likely to buy with AutoStyx rather than to look at another dealership.


Complete Trade-In tools available on the website: Customers can determine the current value of their cars that they intend to trade-up using Carfax. By simply putting the year, make and model of the car, an estimated trade in price will be generated. This is useful for clients who wish to upgrade their vehicles. This method of upselling increases customer loyalty, and it is not seen across any competitor in the area.


Excellent Customer Reviews: AutoStyx has an average rating of 4.9/5 across over 800 customer reviews. This is an excellent rating, and it will benefit the dealership’s brand through word of mouth and further referrals. The reviews will also encourage site visitors to purchase their cars with AutoStyx. Reviews also improve Google page ranking and SEO standing.


Unique Marketing Strategies: Mr. Henderson and the rest of the team are committed to implement unique marketing strategies to grow the business. Customers can potentially win a car such as a Ford Mustang simply by signing up to AutoStyx’ portal. The owners are passionate about the business, and this will translate into positive results and increased turnover.


Well-rounded team: Mr. Jason Henderson leads a well-rounded team of professionals for AutoStyx. All business activities are led by talented and experienced managers and staff. There is heavy focus on customer relationship, and Mrs. Henderson leads in website and ecommerce development. The team will have to bring in more staff to meet capacity, but the dealership already has the leaders and mentors in place.


Key Success Factors

The following are the key factors that will contribute to the long-term success of the company:

Categrory Key Success Factors
Automobiles and overall service
  • Variety of available cars from reputable and trusted brands.
  • Excellent and reliable suppliers for cars and accessories. 
  • Competitive prices and quality parts
  • Able to bring in other automobile brands at different price points.
  • Clear agreement regarding orders and financing scheme.
Order Fulfillment
  • Reliable on scheduled and short-notice deliveries
  • Can deliver car parts for customization and refurbishment
  • Can produce and deliver quality AutoStyx’ cars
Strategic Location
  • Clear directions to and from the dealership.
  • Spacious and well-organized showroom.
  • Ample parking spaces for customers.
  • Can be located via Google Maps or other Mapping tools.
Competencies of Mechanics
  • Able to perform the following basic functions: analysis tests, repairs, oil changes, and parts replacement
  • Can display expertise in car repair and customization
  • Additional mechanic assistant hired to increase overall capacity for repairs
  • Availability of training and development of mechanics to ensure delivery of excellent and sustained customer service
Management and Leadership
  • Driven leadership knowledgeable and passion about growth
  • Can relate well with customers and are likable
  • Ready to serve as ambassadors for AutoStyx, respecting cultural diversity of all Americans.
  • Leads in industry events such as car shows and trade fairs.
Marketing and Quality Service
  • Building a sense of community through a service-oriented approach
  • Using the right offline and online marketing strategies
  • Employees who are genuine, personable and respectful to others
  • Honoring and embracing Florida’s culture and values.


Sales and Marketing Plan

Sales and marketing is an integral part of AutoStyx’ operations and growth.  Over the next five years, the company will invest heavily in sales and marketing in order to reach new and existing audiences, attaining and even exceeding revenue targets.

To facilitate the success of AutoStyx, the following sales and marketing plan has been developed. High-value and focused marketing activities will drive sales and generate long-term profitability. AutoStyx has carefully identified its target customers and channels to ensure sustained business success. The company has also established key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success, which will guide Mr. Henderson and his marketing team in achieving the company’s goals.

There are four types of target customers for AutoStyx:

    1. Working professionals who aspire to own a vehicle;
    2. Existing customers or vehicle owners opting for trade-ins;
    3. Those who want to buy a vehicle using sub-prime financing, and
    4. Businesses that need to buy or lease company vehicles.


Target Customers and Key Channels 

Young Working Professionals

  • Credit scores between 650-800
  • Aspiring to own their first vehicle

Prospective buyers of used cars such as a working professional may have different motivations. Some are first time car buyers who are not ready to invest in a brand new one which might be too expensive. Others might have had bad experiences with other dealerships. Meanwhile, there are people who are looking for a specific type of vehicle and have conducted research on what they are looking for. To market to these kinds of car buyers, AutoStyx must position itself as a dealership that can meet their needs and budget, and at the same time has the required inventory along with a good track record of after-sales services. First-time vehicle buyers are generally open to different options and brands, so AutoStyx will strengthen its sales team, to provide a consultative service to these buyers.


Existing Customers 

  • Has a limited budget
  • Owns an older vehicle

These customers are searching for a better car than the one they currently have. They might be looking for a bigger car, a more luxurious car, or a car with better features. Whatever the case, they will be looking for a dealership that can fulfill what they want, and at the same time get an acceptable return on their old car. Customers in this segment are not always in a hurry. They might take their time to research different cost options before making a purchase decision. So it is important to have a patient and knowledgeable sales team that can help them find their perfect car. These customers are also likely to be interested in financing options because they will need to find a way to pay for the difference in the price of the old car and the new one. In addition to the website and social media, the following channels are effective in targeting trade-ins:


Key Channels Strategy
Trade-in Feature on the AutoStyx Website The AutoStyx Website has a Trade-in Landing page where users can get an estimate on their current vehicle using Carfax. This is an effective way to start the trade-in process, and customers can already compare the estimated value of their old car with one of the cars in the inventory.
Personal Reminders (Email, phone) Customers who are either signed up with an account on the website or have left contact details but have not decided to trade in yet will be contacted by the sales team. By keeping in touch, the sales team will be able to manage the hesitations and questions the customers may have.
Social Media (Organic Posting) The dealership has well-established social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The marketing team posts regular updates and announcements including new vehicle arrivals, promotions, raffle draws, and customer testimonials. The page is also responsive and can answer queries via live chat and direct messages. The trade-in feature can be promoted through these marketing channels to subscribers and followers of the social media accounts.


Subprime Finance Applicants

  • Credit Scores between 400-649
  • Has the minimum budget to make a deposit for a car
  • Has an annual household income around $100,000  

Many Americans need vehicles to care for their families. According to Statistics America, households spend an average of more than $10,000 annually on private transportation, and this spending is vital to local and national economies. When the time comes to purchase a vehicle, most Americans will need to borrow money. It is therefore important to ensure that consumers have access to an auto finance market that is functional, fair and competitive. A consumer’s first discussions about financing a vehicle purchase are usually with the dealer’s sales representative. As part of these conversations, the sales associate determines whether the consumer requires financing and, if so, discusses potential financing arrangements broadly. The dealer is primarily concerned with establishing the monthly amount that the consumer is comfortable paying. The dealer also obtains the consumer’s consent for credit score inquiries and collects other financial information for the loan application, such as annual income, employment status, and housing costs.


Key Channels Strategy
Car Buyer Forums Online forums are excellent avenues for prospective car buyers to gather feedback and advice regarding vehicle loans from experienced car owners who have purchased a vehicle with the help of financing. Also, their marketing team will post content, provide timely advice regarding vehicle financing, and make announcements through this portal.
Vehicle Finance Blog Many online blogs feature news and articles regarding vehicle financing and its pros and cons. Backlinks can be added and/or ads can be placed on these websites which will directly bring leads to AutoStyx’ e-portal. Whereas backlinks are free, the digital ads can be a small investment with very high return for AutoStyx.
Financial Institutions Many potential customers visit financial institutions directly to assess whether they are credit-worthy to opt for a vehicle loan option. As AutoStyx are on good terms with various lenders already, they are a key referral channel for leads and potential sales. A necessity here is to build a trusting relationship with lenders so that they put preference on AutoStyx as a channel partner among other car dealers.



  • Companies that have recurring annual profits
  • Offers company cars as part of employee benefit packages
  • Executive-level employees living far away from Orlando


Many American companies offer company cars as part of employee benefits packages. These cars can be used for business and personal use. The company will usually purchase a certain number of vehicles from a dealership, and then employees will have the option to choose which car they want. Meanwhile, some large companies also purchase luxury cars for their senior management. Business customers look for dealerships that can provide them with a good selection of vehicles at competitive prices. They will also need sales teams that are knowledgeable about business vehicle purchasing options.


Key Channels Strategy
Company Visits The AutoStyx team will conduct B2B marketing activities starting with company visits and on-site presentations. Companies near Winter Park and across Orlando will be targeted by the dealership, with the aim of securing a long term and multi-vehicle deal.
Email Marketing AutoStyx will send regular emails to B2B lists to provide them with the latest inventory, offers, and financing options available. Email marketing is more suitable for professionals as companies can send official correspondences through this channel. Documents can also be submitted and returned via email.
LinkedIn Ads AutoStyx does not yet have a LinkedIn page, which can serve as a marketing and advertising tool to corporate entities. Certain decision makers within an organisation may come across a relevant advertisement depicting vehicle lease options by AutoStyx. This could prove to be a gold mine for the dealership if effectively used, and can open up a lot of opportunities to establish B2B sales points.


Key Performance Indicators
KPIs help measure how AutoStyx achieves its goals and objectives. The dealership’s KPIs are:

Key Channels Strategy
Inventory Turnover
  • Describes how cars are brought in and turned over/sold over a set period of time. 
  • Sales cycles – weekly, monthly, and quarterly, are key revenue indicators.
  • Improving the inventory turnover rate will increase efficiency and profitability.
  • Formula: Vehicles sold annually ÷ Number of units in stock = Turnover rate.
Personal Reminders (Email, phone)
  • AutoStyx will invest time and resources into reconditioning units. 
  • Time and resources are vital to other indicators like inventory turnover.
  • Formula: Time reconditioning vehicles ÷ Number of reconditioned units.
Reconditioning Time
  • Important to have a margin between the costs to acquire, recondition, and sell.
  • Must measure spending on acquiring, reconditioning, and maintaining vehicles.
  • Formula: Acquisition cost + Reconditioning cost + Transportation cost + Maintaining on the showroom floor cost = Cost to market.
Gross Return on Investment (GROI)
  • Evaluates the rate of return as the percentage of the sale X the turn rate. 
  • Provides a reflection on how efficiently the current inventory is being utilized. 
  • Formula: (Vehicle gross profit ÷ Cost to market) x (365 days) = GROI.
Ratio between Used and New Vehicle Sales
  • Identifying the ratio between used and new car sales helps in setting priorities.
  • Profit margins between selling used vs new cars are useful sub-indicators.
  • AutoStyx may invest in the department that brings in more revenues.
  • Formula: Used vehicles sold ÷ New vehicles sold = Sale ratio.
Sales per Employee
  • Measuring sales per employee helps in recognizing top performers.
  • Can also uncover areas for improvement of each sales staff member.
  • Rewards and recognition are vital to keeping a competitive sales environment.
  • Formula: Number of units sold ÷ Number of cars salespeople.
Conversion rates per sales platform
  • Comparing sales from online and offline platforms is key to understanding consumer behavior and preferences.
  • Investing in ecommerce includes improving the website and assigning a dedicated sales team for the platform.
  • Formula for ecommerce sales: Number of sales that started online ÷ Number of automotive eCommerce site visitors = Conversion rate.


SWOT Analysis 

AutoStyx formulated a SWOT Analysis below to assess the internal and external factors affecting the dealership.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Ownership’s passion and proven track record in auto sales.
  • Strong web presence and locational advantage in Winter Park.
  • Attentive to customer service by providing quality and timely customer service.
  • Aggressive branding and marketing; unique marketing strategies.
  • Strong business strategy centered around respecting Florida culture.
  • Requirement for capital injection to scale up the business.
  • Small team – needs to hire more sales reps to boost turnover from sales.
  • Lack of market presence across marketing channels as competition increases.
  • Limited social media reach – must restructure presence in Facebook and other Social Media platforms, like Twitter and Tiktok.
Opportunities Threats
  • Expansion into a new location, or move towards more eCommerce activities.
  • Receiving government grants for auto dealerships.
  • Establishing market linkages with car manufacturers and mechanics.
  • Developing a franchise model to hasten the expansion of AutoStyx.
  • Purchasing a competitor or merging with a bigger dealership.
  • New car dealerships that can be established along Winter Park.
  • A looming economic crisis that could reduce the likelihood of buying cars.
  • Cyberattacks aimed at non-tech businesses with limited internet security.
  • Government policies that may impact used car sales (ie transition to electric, limits on used cars).

Let's Get Started!

Operational Plan


While the Marketing team handles branding and advertising for an auto dealership, the Sales team is the direct consumer-facing touchpoint for potential buyers, and the relationship they build with a lead is crucial in converting a potential lead into a sale. They are also the revenue generating engine of a car dealership, as well as being loan financing consultants.



For auto dealers, gaining a competitive advantage in digital means adapting to the preferred ways customers now search and shop for cars and accepting that the industry itself has changed in the past 3 years. Online reviews, business listings, and social media all play a much more important role in the research that goes into a customer’s decision, and dealers that can adapt to those changes stand to reap the greatest rewards. 



Automotive Ecommerce allows a dealership to reach out to customers where they are located, thus being more accessible. This lets them provide leads with a more customized user experience through a website. Potential buyers can sift through different vehicle brands, makes, and models at one portal. Also, AutoStyx’ sales channel is fully dependent on Ecommerce, as the purchase decision by customers is made online.



Dealer financing involves acquiring commercial loans for a lower interest rate and then selling those loans to the customers for a commission. It helps save time for customers, helps boost revenue for dealers, supports customers with low credit scores and enhances a customer’s purchase experience as well. Also, since sales of AutoStyx is significantly driven by support from lenders, it is very crucial to have a dedicated team who will keep track of loan-assisted sales and manage various vehicle loan portfolios to support the Sales team.



The administration vertical of a vehicle dealership ensures that all manufacturer policies and procedures are fully complied with. Also, any customer issue the sales team is unable to resolve can be brought to the immediate attention of a senior manager. They also take care of necessary documentation post-sales, and make sure that AutoStyx is ready to meet the delivery times for the customer as detailed on the daily delivery sheets. The Admin team needs to be very process-driven, organized and with exceptional attention to detail.


Business Model Canvas

Key Resources Key Activities Value Proposition Customer Relationships
  • Leadership
  • Sales Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Finance Team
  • Admin Team
  • Vehicle Sales
  • Auto Financing
  • Credit Check
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Experienced Management
  • Customer Oriented Staff
  • Well-connected to communities
  • Consultations
  • Pre-sales
  • After-sales
  • First Nation Communities
Key Partners Cost Structure Revenue Streams Customer Channels
  • Mechanic shops
  • Parts suppliers
  • Tire suppliers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Loan partners
  • Payroll Expenses
  • Marketing Expenses
  • Car Servicing
  • Leasehold Expenses
  • Sale of Vehicles
  • Trade-in option
  • Commission on Auto Financing
  • Direct Sales
  • Word-of-mouth
  • Referrals
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine ranking


Business Strategy

Core Areas Strategic Brief on Core Areas
Vehicle Financing AutoStyx has a leading finance department in Florida for creative auto financing, having access to the widest group of lenders in the city.
Online Point-of Sales The dealership leads customers to visit the company website and after purchase,  the vehicle is delivered to the customer’s location.
Purchase Consultations The Sales team of AutoStyx goes the extra mile to ensure those who intend to purchase a vehicle receive the right one.
Excellent Buyer Experience The dealership offers a hassle-free, no-credit-check, no-job-requirement, as well as same-day assistance to potential customers.
Digital Adoption AutoStyx is in the process of integrating to HubSpot, in order to manage a comprehensive list of close to 5,000 phone numbers and emails
Customer Service High quality after-sales service to all customers of AutoStyx is a high standard that the dealership has maintained throughout operations.
Community Relations While embracing Florida culture, the dealership respects the nation’s people and honors them by adhering to their code of ethics and integrity.


Health & Safety

Florida employers have specific legal responsibilities for health and safety. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to: developing an Occupational Health and Safety program, and in most cases registering for insurance coverage with WorkSafeFlorida.  While carrying out these duties, management representatives — from the CEO through to line supervisors can demonstrate their commitment to health and safety in the workplace. The duties are as follows:

  • Establish and maintain an effective occupational health and safety (OHS) program.
  • Provide workers with the information, instruction, training, and supervision necessary to protect their health and safety.
  • Provide supervisors with the necessary support and training to carry out their health and safety responsibilities.
  • Regularly inspect your workplace to make sure everything is working properly, including tools and equipment, buildings, work areas, and work processes.
  • Provide and maintain protective equipment, devices, and clothing. Ensure that they are used.
  • Ensure that adequate first aid equipment, supplies, and trained attendants are on site to respond to injuries. Establish procedures for transporting injured workers to the nearest location for
  • medical treatment.
  • Notify WorkSafeFlorida immediately when there is a significant accident, including accidents that cause serious injury to a worker or a major building or equipment failure.


Efforts and investments are made to ensure that AutoStyx has a safe, healthy, and accessible environment for employees, customers, vendors, contractors, and visitors. This encompasses everything from providing products and services for people with disabilities to the proper use of diagnostic/repair equipment during vehicle reconditioning. For service departments, an assortment of tools, equipment, chemicals (and movement of vehicles) requires constant diligence to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. To protect themselves against potential harm or injury, automotive technicians will often wear safety gear, such as surgical masks, surgical gloves, safety glasses and footwear, hearing protection, respirators, face shields, and full body protective suits.


This safety gear is necessary because of the toxic, flammable, and caustic nature of at-risk products, which pose a health risk to employees who are not properly insulated from exposure or trained in the safe use of these products. Battery acid, brake dust, brake fluid, antifreeze, rustproofing sprays, air-conditioning refrigerant, bottled oxygen and acetylene are examples of everyday materials that are handled, stored, and discarded in compliance with local bylaws and provincial regulations.


Other areas that relate to health and safety include Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), employee education, first-aid training, labeling of hazardous materials and implementing programs and procedures to ensure safe workplaces.


Regulations stipulate that auto dealerships must ensure that all service staff receive proper training in safe work procedures before using a hoist. 


Equipment & Inventory

The dealership currently owns the following office equipment:

Equipment Quantity
Computers 15
Monitors 20
Printers 8
Office desks 15
Filing cabinets 16
Office furniture and supplies Miscellaneous

Vehicle inventory constantly changes depending on the arriving and sold cars. Currently, there are 37 vehicles on site with a total value of $950,000.



AutoStyx is strategically located in a business park along Orlando, Florida. 


Risk Analysis

The company has identified relevant risks and formulated a Mitigation Plan, including:

Risk Description Mitigation Plan
Compliance Risk The company may overlook regulations and standards that could negatively impact its operations, finances, and reputation.
  • Regular internal audit/review of certifications, licenses, and operating standards; 
  • Quality management and monitoring on all business activities, including vehicle restoration, sales, and financial management.
Strategic Risk Unable to achieve objectives due to failure in planning or execution of strategies and activities. This hinders the growth of AutoStyx.
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure results.
  • Identify other risks that can drive variability in performance.
  • Provide integrated and reported monitoring.
Cyber Attacks Risk Cyber theft of sensitive data such as customer information and e-wallet will lead to loss of trust of customers and financial impact.
  • Regular updating and upgrading of the AutoStyx’ system and security software.
  • Perform back-up of important data to secure external hardware.
  • Limit account and website backend access.
Operational Risk Flawed processes, policies, systems or events that disrupt business operations. Employee errors, fraud, or physical events.
  • Periodic review of processes, policies, and systems to check areas for improvement.
  • Introduce risk accountability across the team.
  • Reinforce the importance of risk management through regular communications
Occupational Risk Being in an auto dealership, mechanics and other staff are exposed to hazards that may lead to injury; physical structure may suffer damage.
  • Ensure that all staff are briefed regularly on occupational safety guidelines.
  • Provision of protective gear to staff.
  • Insurance on the Building, vehicles and equipment.
  • Availability of a first aid station in the dealership.


Management Team

Jason Henderson

Co-Founder, General Manager


As Co-Founder and General Manager, Jason Henderson is the leader of AutoStyx Auto Sales & Finance. Like all great leaders, Jason is taking steps to ensure the company has systems in place with continuous training, mentorship and the development of an organizational guide and strategic plan.  As AutoStyx continues to scale Jason will ensure the best people are in place, so the company can continue its expansion across Orlando.


Jack Dean 

Co-Founder, Partner


As Co-Founder and Partner, Jack Dean is a strategic extension of the AutoStyx management team.  In addition to being a Partner at AutoStyx, Jack is Owner and General Manager of JD Marshall Auto Group.  Jack’s expansive network of industry contacts is immensely helpful to the growth and business development of AutoStyx.


Diane Henderson

Co-Founder, Digital Media Specialist


As Co-Founder and Digital Media Specialist, Diane Henderson helps with strategic decision making and updates to autostyxinc.us. The company website is a key component of the AutoStyx business model, and as such Nicole’s involvement in the management and development of the site is paramount.   Additionally, Dianeoversees certain administrative components of the company’s operations.


Jim Slimmon

Sales Manager


As Sales Manager, Jim Slimmon is responsible for the day to day success of our Dealership. He is the Leader of our Sales and Finance team. Quin works tirelessly to achieve the targets set by AutoStyx on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual basis. He is responsible for training, lead generation and customer satisfaction.


David White

Finance Director


As Finance Director, David White is responsible for overseeing our Vehicle Financing Department. He ensures our clients are provided with the best financing options for their vehicle purchases. He also ensures the Dealership is compliant with Government, VSA, and Lender rules and regulations. Dax’s attention to detail ensures we offer our clients the best possible service.


Key Personnel

General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for overseeing the operation of the entire Dealership. This is achieved by communicating ideas, targets and strategies with department Managers.The General Manager oversees all aspects of our dealership’s daily operations, including staffing, procedures, operational budget, and sales monitoring. They establish employee protocols and work closely with the Department Manager to track progress toward targets and profitability. The General Manager is a strategic thinker, representing AutoStyx in the community and throughout our industry. They devote significant time to planning, strategizing, ensuring sustained customer satisfaction and profitability of the dealership. The General Manager’s specific responsibilities include:

  • Planning and innovating for our future success.
  • Ensuring AutoStyx staff act ethically at all times
  • Managing relationships with other dealerships, suppliers and partners
  • Ensuring the Sales Manager meets all sales targets
  • Working closely with the Marketing Manager to grow campaigns 
  • Establishing a positive and healthy work environment for all staff  


Sales Manager

The Sales Manager is responsible for achieving AutoStyx’ vehicle sales revenue targets. They recruit, train, motivate and mentor Sales & Finance staff. They hold daily sales and finance meetings. They also create strategies, budgets and promotions to sell cars. They buy, price and manage vehicle inventory. In complex selling situations, they also step up and help in closing car deals. Their customer service, people management and communication skills must be excellent and effective. In the case of AutoStyx, the Sales Manager supervises the Sales Consultants, Finance Managers, Finance Assistant, and Non-Prime Finance Managers. The specific duties of Sales Managers comprise of:

  • Inspiring and coaching our Sales and Finance Teams.
  • Hiring & training staff for the Sales & Finance Departments
  • Assisting in closing deals when necessary 
  • Reviewing all sold files for VSA and tax compliance
  • Review and sign Bill of Sales and cheque requisitions 
  • Track leads targets, gross profit targets, gross / deal, and 5-Star Google Reviews
  • Buying inventory and maintaining it at levels stated by the General Manager
  • Keeping inventory under 90 days in stock and avoiding wholesale losses
  • Always maintaining a full staff in the dealership


Finance Manager

The Finance Manager is tasked with all incoming credit applications. They serve as intermediaries between lenders and AutoStyx during the auto sale process. They strive to ensure customer satisfaction while also maximizing dealer revenue. The Finance Manager also completes all relevant documentation required by federal and local regulations for each transaction and may fill out car sale contracts. Their role is integral to closing deals. The specific duties of the Finance Manager include:

  • Working directly on all incoming credit applications – completion, assessment and collection
  • Collecting and submitting POI void cheque and ID
  • Building and structuring deals via Quantech, presenting buyers with financing options
  • Submitting worksheets on Dealertrack
  • Reviewing and signing transfers for ICF, as well as cheques for the dealership


Non-Prime Finance Manager

The Non-Prime Finance Manager is responsible for structuring new and used vehicle clients’ financing and insurance programs. They also work with financial lenders to give fair interest rates to buyers and programs. In addition, the Non-Prime Finance Manager has the ability to work on all of their leads, regardless of the type of credit they have. To be successful in this role, one has to be adept with the Sales Process – from Prospecting, Sales Process, Financial Services and Delivery. Also, one has to effectively process financing and leasing deals accurately. Other responsibilities include:

  • Handling “Deep Non-Prime” financing with lenders, Mobile Finance, Quantech, Drive Finance
  • Collecting and submitting POI, void cheque & ID
  • Building and structuring deals in Quantech
  • Submitting worksheets on Dealertrack
  • Prospecting their own respective leads
  • Reporting to the Sales Manager


Automotive Finance Assistant

The Automotive Finance Assistant reports and works with the Finance Manager in maintaining positive relationships with major auto lenders. They prepare and process all relevant documents, ensuring completeness and compliance to financing companies’ requirements. They process car deals, print, package and scan and review paperwork for compliance. The Finance Assistant also assists in submitting applications and documents to lenders for financing approval. To be effective, one has to be detail-oriented and comfortable working in a fast-paced environment. Their responsibilities include:

    • Working directly with Finance Managers and accounting to ensure prompt and ethical processing of all deals
    • Packaging car deals, making appropriate copies of documents and sending them to the correct financial institution
    • Reviewing documents from vehicle sales for compliance
    • Communicating and resolving any and all issues with managers
    • Understanding deadlines applying a sense of urgency to all tasks


Sales Consultant

The Sales Consultant will perform lead generation for AutoStyx. One has to be analytical and technologically savvy for this role, in addition to being an effective communicator. They must have an extensive customer service experience of at least 3 years prior to joining. They monitor customer feedback and ensure reputation management policies are in place. The Sales Consultant also works with the Sales Manager in all sales and service meetings to gather information on daily, weekly and monthly customer goals. Their roles are:

  • Generating leads via phone lists, customer databases and social media accounts
  • Increasing and measuring interest in vehicles and collecting clients credit applications
  • Maintaining strong social media presence through daily content on the AutoStyx’ official Facebook account
  • Delivering sold vehicles to clients across Orlando and the Lower Mainland
  • Reporting to the Sales Manager on activities, accomplishments and challenges
  • Presenting and collecting signatures on final sales documents



The Controller reports the financial condition of the dealership to the General Manager regularly and accurately. They provide sales and expense analysis, as well as summarize potential problem areas and opportunities for improved profitability. The Controller also coordinates all financial activities with stakeholders and auditors. To effectively manage all financial processes of AutoStyx, the Controller must be accurate, detail-oriented and ethical. They must also maintain confidentiality and proper time management, especially when it comes to deadlines. Among their responsibilities are:

  • Planning, directing and coordinating all accounting operational functions
  • Managing all financial data necessary for accurate accounting 
  • Coordinating and preparing internal and external financial statements
  • Coordinating activities of external auditors
  • Providing management with information vital to the decision-making process
  • Managing the budget process
  • Evaluating accounting and internal control systems, including the accounting software
  • Developing and monitoring business performance metrics
  • Overseeing regulatory reporting, frequently including tax planning and compliance
  • Hiring, training and retaining skilled accounting staff


Office Manager

The Office Manager of AutoStyx is tasked with completing operational and administrative tasks to ensure day-to-day operations are running smoothly. They assist in all business activities, including accounting, office management, paperwork filing, and bookkeeping. The dealership office manager may manage office staff as AutoStyx grows, as well as additional human resources tasks. The Office Manager should be comfortable in making the right decisions on daily administrative matters. This will allow the managers to focus on their respective strategic tasks. Other responsibilities are:

  • Organizing invoices, cheques, filing data entry and vehicle tracking 
  • Assisting with accounting by entering vehicles reconditioning costs in Quantech and Sage
  • Receiving files and entering billing data
  • Issuing and mailing out payments for billing
  • Receiving Bill of Sale for vehicle purchases and issuing stock numbers, building vehicle files, and entering vehicle information into Quantech
  • Tracking and moving vehicles through the reconditioning process
  • Auditing and filing all sold files, ensuring each file has all the required documentation
  • Managing the website and helping in marketing activities
  • Reporting to the General Manager and Controller


Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager develops and manages AutoStyx’ brand through the use of all elements of the marketing mix. They are responsible for preparing and executing short and long term marketing strategies and plans, considering agreed budgets. Social media is an important marketing channel for the dealership, so the Marketing Manager will focus on optimizing the company’s official accounts to increase brand awareness and interaction with clients. Included in their duties are:

  • Loading accurate product information into the website – inventory, pricing, trim levels, odometers, clear images of vehicles (25-35 pictures each)
  • Managing the official AutoStyx Facebook page, adding content daily such as staff pictures, helpful vehicle information, vehicle ad postings, and fun videos
  • Keeping Facebook Story active, as well as managing the Instagram account
  • Following up with Sold Clients to ensure they are satisfied with their purchase experience 
  • Serving as Client Care Specialist to resolve customer concerns
  • Following up with sold and unsold clients to generate 5-Star Google Reviews. 
  • Posting content on the Google account such as sold vehicle pictures, and vehicles ads
  • Creating graphic design and effective yet stylish marketing materials
  • Reporting to the Office Manager, Sales Manager and General Manager



The Merchandiser plans and manages vehicle inventory in the dealership. They ensure that all physical and mechanical aspects of every vehicle are properly maintained and ready to be sold to clients anytime. They also collaborate with vehicle and parts suppliers, and external mechanics to ensure the quality of all vehicles. The Merchandiser also plans how the vehicles are displayed in the dealership – whether there are certain car brands that should be displayed in more prominent spots in the showroom. It will be their responsibility to have the vehicles through a reconditioning process as quickly as possible. 7-day maximum turnaround time. Their other responsibilities are:

  • Managing physical vehicle inventory, ensuring cleanliness and mechanical effectiveness
  • Ensuring each vehicle has proper branding such as plate brackets, decals and price tags 
  • Checking all satellite radios are activated for the trial period
  • Driving the vehicles on a rotation basis to ensure no mechanical issues were missed or have developed since the mechanical safety inspection
  • Monitoring if the detail department has sufficiently cleaned the vehicles
  • Ushering vehicles through the reconditioning process, taking them to different mechanic shops for mechanical reconditioning, body and detail shops. It will be their responsibility to have the vehicles through this process as quickly as possible. 7-day max turnaround time


Financial Plan

Pro Forma Income Statement


Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement


Pro Forma Balance Sheet


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