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Business Plans | 07 September, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About a Business Plan Cover Page

An integral but potentially overlooked part of a business plan is its cover page. Business plans work to secure financial resources and partnerships, while driving a business towards growth and expansion. As such, a business plan aims to create a brand with an established reputation. If done right, a cover page for a business plan acts as a preview and builds a positive impression that will benefit a business in various ways.  


What is a Cover Page?

A business plan cover page serves as a one-page introduction to a comprehensive business plan, capturing the main points of an organization. It includes basic company information, similar to a title page, and allows readers to immediately determine a business plan’s purpose with one look.


Business Plan Cover Page Cannabis Business Plan Cover Page
Business Plan Cover Page Cover page for a business plan 2024


Purpose of a Cover Page

An effective business plan cover page exhibits an excellent quality, design, and a professional tone that aligns with a business’s goals and ideas. With this, the cover page communicates the essence of a business plan, while also outlining contact information that enables readers to reach out to the business and owners themselves. 


New businesses or even reputable organizations may benefit from well-designed and detailed business plan cover pages. The cover page is an essential first impression that pushes readers, and investors alike, to read through the entirety of the business plan. Below summarizes the significance of a business cover page:


  • Effectively convey the content of a business plan
  • Provide concise and straightforward business details
  • List contact details for readers’ reference
  • Establish an overarching tone for the business plan


Elements of a Good Business Plan Cover

Here are some key components that good cover pages should include:


Business Plan Title

Cover pages do not exist for business plans only. Cover pages can be used in marketing plans, strategic plans, and other documents. Including a business plan title in the cover page communicates what a document is about, at a glance. A business plan title will boost a business plan’s readability by using clean and striking fonts like Arial. It is best to avoid script font styles, such as Lucida Writing, since they reduce the professional appearance of the business plan.  


Company Name

The company name or business name should be the most noticeable element in the cover page. Formatting the company name using bold and large typefaces makes it stand out. This pushes the business name to be stuck in the readers’ minds.


Business Logo

The business logo should be simple but memorable. It is best to match it with the company’s color scheme and include relevant features that refer to the business’s brand identity. The logo is usually placed at the top most part of the business plan cover page.



A tagline or slogan will catch the interest of business plan readers since its focuses on immediately describing a business’s activities and how these differ from their competitors. Take note that this is a discretionary element but a welcome addition to the cover page as signifies a business’s brand, similar to a logo.


Contact Information

The “presented by” or “prepared by” portion of the cover page presents contact information a reader can refer to when reaching out to a business. Contact information may include a business’s phone number, e-mail address, website, or mailing address. Investors know where to direct their queries if the contact information also includes the names of the business owner, partners, and other key contacts. The cover page should place the contact information at the center and make it readable even in a smaller font size.


Completion Date

Placing the month and year of completion in the cover page is vital information that informs the readers when a business plan was accomplished and reported. It is ideal to keep the completion date at the same font size of the contact information to channel consistency in the business plan.


Confidentiality Statement

A business plan confidentiality statement safeguards the business concept from being spread outside of its intended use in the business plan. A short statement or even placing the world “confidential” in the cover page will place emphasis on the business plan’s confidentiality.


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How to Design a Business Plan Cover Page

To design a powerful and creative business plan cover page, it is best to consider the following guidelines:


  • Be consistent: The cover page’s formatting should exhibit consistency. The colors, design, and fonts of the cover page should work in harmony to create a good impression and catch readers’ attention. Proofreading further ensures that the cover page will avoid grammatical and spelling errors that may cause a negative impression from a business plan’s readers.


  • Less is more: A creative business plan cover page does not entail complicated and intricate graphics. A simple page that neatly and clearly lays out relevant business information creates more impact than complex designs.


  • Establish a brand: Since the cover page is a reader’s first look at a business plan, it should communicate a brand’s personality and pique the interest of its readers. There are various applications and techniques to developing a successful business plan cover page.  In recent years, entrepreneurs have adopted a growing design platform, Canva, and other applications such as Adobe, to utilize cover page business plan templates or to create cover pages from scratch. Keeping a uniform color scheme helps with building a business’s brand and crafts a strong visual identity that will resonate to its audience. Colors should blend in the cover page instead of taking away the attention from the business plan. 


Business Plan Cover Page Examples

Business Plan Cover page


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