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Business Plans | 17 August, 2023

Heavy Equipment Business Plan Sample

The beauty of a heavy equipment rental business lies in its diverse array of possibilities. You can choose to focus on party equipment rentals, cater to customers in need of large tools, or even create a heavy equipment rental business. The variety of options allows you to tailor your business to suit your interests and local demand.


Starting with a well thought out heavy equipment rental business plan is essential for your equipment rental venture. It serves as a roadmap, outlining your objectives, business strategy, and critical considerations that might have been overlooked. 


Is equipment rental a good business? In 2023, the heavy equipment rental industry remains a strong and promising business, with a focus on eco-friendly options, tech-integrated events, unique experiences, sustainability, and nontraditional venues.


Entrepreneurs seeking profitable opportunities in the construction industry can explore construction equipment rental business ideas to meet the increasing demand for temporary access to heavy machinery and tools. In the United States, tools and equipment rentals contribute significantly to the rental business industry, generating around $2 billion in annual revenue. 


Starting a construction equipment rental business presents a wise and promising choice, capitalizing on the industry’s continuous expansion and growing demand for temporary access to trucks and equipment. By offering a diverse range of construction equipment for rent, you can tap into this lucrative market and pave the way for a successful and rewarding business venture.


This rental equipment business plan sample revolves around the thriving equipment rental industry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We believe that this example will offer you a solid starting point to establish your own equipment rental company. Our team of equipment rental business plan writers has meticulously crafted this business plan example for your review and guidance.


Executive Summary

“Arventt Rental LLC” (herein also referred to as “Arventt” and “the company”) was incorporated on January 10, 2024 in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by partners, Mr. Jack Smith and Mr. Bob Brown. The company is currently in the strategic planning phase of launching a portable washroom trailer rental business, with the goal of bringing convenient, hygienic and superior washroom solutions to diverse markets in Philadelphia.


In the portable washroom rental industry, demand continues to surge, particularly for high-quality sanitary options that cater to industrial, commercial and personal needs. Current providers, often found at full capacity, struggle to meet this increasing demand, leaving a significant gap in the market. This issue is further magnified as many of the available substitutes are standard porta potties, which, despite their utility, do not offer the hygiene and comfort levels found in portable washroom trailers. Arventt aims to fill this gap by offering top-tier washroom trailers. The trailer will feature a modern design for aesthetics, constructed with all aluminum for durability and fitted with heavy-duty doors for privacy. Unlike standard porta potties, each trailer will be equipped with separate stalls, a heating and air conditioning unit, and a plumbing system to ensure the comfort of users. For added convenience, each washroom will be delivered to clients’ sites fully stocked with essential supplies such as toilet paper, hand soap, hand towels, and disinfectants.


To set this vision into motion, Arventt Rental is seeking a Small Business Financing Loan of $100,000. These funds will be allocated toward procuring the first commercial washroom trailer unit, a delivery truck, and a power generator. The partners will supplement this funding with a personal investment of $30,000, demonstrating confidence in Arventt’s business model and future success.


To ensure profitability and timely loan repayment, Arventt Rental will adopt a lean and hybrid business model, catering to a variety of customer segments. The company’s operations will be driven by the hands-on approach of the partners, leveraging profound industry knowledge and management capabilities to optimally direct resources and maintain tight control of operational costs. Furthermore, Arventt Rental’s robust marketing strategy, with a keen focus on maximizing washroom trailer utilization and forging long-term strategic partnerships, is set to generate a steady flow of business. With these strategic initiatives, Arventt is poised to carve a niche in the portable washroom rental industry in Philadelphia, PA and become a leading player in this expanding market.


Business Overview

Arventt Rental is in the business of providing an upgrade from conventional porta potties by supplying top-notch, sanitary, and comfortable washroom trailer rental units. The company caters to a diverse range of needs, from individual requirements to large-scale commercial applications, delivering sanitation solutions throughout Philadelphia.


Arventt Rental utilizes a hybrid business model, targeting both the Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) markets. The B2B operation aims to establish strategic partnerships with construction companies, event organizers, and other businesses in need of temporary but superior sanitation solutions. On the B2C front, Arventt Rental caters to individual consumers for weddings, parties and other personal events. This well-rounded approach not only diversifies the company’s revenue streams but also mitigates the risk of over-reliance on a single market segment. To maintain lean operations during the formative years, the partners will be fully hands-on in managing the day-to-day activities of Arventt, ensuring the company runs efficiently with maximum resource utilization.


As part of Arventt Rental’s strategic growth plan, the partners will be implementing a phased expansion. In the second year of operations, the company plans to broaden its portfolio by purchasing an executive trailer, offering enhanced luxury and convenience to cater to the higher-end market. In the fourth year, to meet larger capacity requirements, a quad trailer will be added to the fleet. This gradual, demand-driven expansion strategy ensures that the business scales at a sustainable pace, maximizing return on investment while continuing to meet the evolving needs of clients across Philadelphia.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer leading, hygienic, and all-inclusive portable washroom solutions that promote the well-being, security, and respect of every individual attending any event or working at any site.


Vision Statement 

Our vision is to revolutionize the portable washroom industry, setting a fresh benchmark of excellence through the integration of technology, sustainability, and outstanding customer service. Our vision is to provide an exceptional washroom experience that seamlessly blends into any environment.


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Core Values

Arventt Rental’s culture is built upon a foundation of core values that shape how the company interacts with customers, partners, and employees. These values are fundamental to all business activities and decisions and are deeply ingrained in the company’s ethos.


Commitment to Hygiene

Acknowledging the critical role sanitation plays in health and comfort, Arventt is deeply committed to hygiene. The company ensures that all its washroom rentals uphold stringent cleanliness standards, safeguarding the health of customers and the general public.


Customer Focus

Prioritizing customer needs and feedback is central to Arventt Rental’s operation. The company believes that its success lies in the satisfaction of its clients and continuously adapts its services to provide the best user experience.


Inclusion and Respect

Arventt takes pride in creating a service that caters to everyone, regardless of identity or ability. The company cultivates an atmosphere of dignity and respect, allowing all individuals to feel at ease when using the company’s facilities.


Integrity and Accountability

Arventt Rental places a strong emphasis on ethical business practices, transparency, and honesty. The company fosters open communication with customers, employees, and vendors and maintains accountability for all actions and decisions.


Social Responsibility

Arventt Rental is conscious of its role within the community and the environment. The company actively works to reduce its environmental footprint while engaging in initiatives that have a positive impact on local communities.


Market Analysis

In the progressive landscape of the portable washroom rental industry, understanding market trends, government regulations, and the competitive landscape is critical to positioning Arventt Rental for success. This market analysis will provide a comprehensive review of these key factors, providing valuable insights into the industry that will help the company develop a winning strategy.


Portable Washroom Rental Industry

The portable toilet rental industry involves renting out portable toilets or washrooms to clients for a specific duration. These units can be used in a variety of settings where permanent toilets are unavailable or inadequate, such as construction sites, outdoor events like festivals or weddings, film shooting locations, disaster response situations, or at large gatherings like marathons, parades, or concerts. These portable toilets come in various models, from basic single-stall units to luxury trailers featuring multiple stalls, high-end finishes, flush toilets, sinks, mirrors, and even air conditioning. Some portable washroom providers also offer additional services, such as delivery, setup, maintenance, cleaning, and waste disposal.



As of 2023, the global portable washroom rental industry was valued at $16.79 Billion. The market size is anticipated to reach $17.94 Billion in 2024 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.4% to reach $29.66 Billion by 2030. Technological advancements are critical to this industry’s growth. Gravity-based technology has dominated the market, accounting for 45.8% of revenue in 2022. Moreover, governments worldwide are implementing various initiatives to curb open defecation and maintain a clean environment, which has significantly increased the demand for gravity-based portable toilets in public spaces and parks.


In terms of rental type, the standard portable toilet rental is the most popular product in this industry, accounting for 70.5% of the market share in 2022. Standard portable toilets typically feature a basic toilet and a holding tank. Some models may also include separate urinals for men. The increasing awareness of sanitation and hygiene, improving living standards, and the rising demand from the burgeoning construction industry are key drivers of this segment’s growth. On the other hand, the luxury portable toilet rental segment is projected to register a CAGR of 8.6% from 2023 to 2030. The increasing number of government regulations about the installation of efficient toilets and the rising expenditure on tourism and travel are expected to boost the growth of this segment. However, high costs and lack of awareness about these toilets, along with the availability of cost-effective rental portable toilets, are restraining this segment’s growth.


In terms of application, the construction industry has been the dominant sector for the portable toilet rental market, accounting for a share of 58.86% in 2022. This is due to the rise in residential, hotel, and social infrastructural projects, all of which require sanitary facilities for workers on-site. The market for portable toilets for special events is also projected to grow significantly, with a CAGR of 9.3% from 2022 to 2030. This growth is primarily driven by the increasing popularity of outdoor exhibitions, events, and festivals, which require adequate sanitary facilities.


The dynamic nature of the portable toilet rental industry provides an array of opportunities for both existing companies and new entrants. With consistent innovation, strategic market positioning, and a keen understanding of consumer trends, businesses can grow and thrive in this expanding industry.



US Portable Washroom Rental Industry

The US portable washroom rental industry, although specific data on its size is unavailable, shows promising potential for growth. This potential is largely driven by the robust construction sector in the country, indicated by the number of building permits issued each year. From 2018 to 2022, an average of 443,446 building permits were issued annually, representing a vast market for portable toilet rentals.



Moreover, the arts, entertainment, and recreation sector, which encompasses businesses hosting outdoor events, plays a significant role in the potential growth of the portable toilet rental industry in the US. This sector primarily consists of establishments that offer facilities and services to cater to the cultural, entertainment, and recreational interests of their customers. These establishments are involved in producing, promoting, or participating in live performances, events, or exhibits for public viewing. They also operate facilities or provide services that enable patrons to engage in sports, recreational activities, and pursue their leisure-time interests.


Notably, in 2022, a significant 80% of businesses in this sector reported increased revenue. This trend indicates a thriving market environment that presents ample opportunities for related services, including the portable washroom rental sector.


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Market Trends 

This section provides an overview of the latest trends in the portable washroom rental industry, helping the company stay ahead of the competition and identify new growth opportunities. By examining key market drivers, consumer behaviour, and industry challenges, Arventt Rental can adapt and innovate its business model to meet the evolving needs of customers.


Increasing Demand for Rental Equipment

The equipment rental industry, particularly in the construction sector, is currently experiencing significant growth in the US. This is due to the several advantages associated with renting, which include lower maintenance and repair costs, the ability to swiftly scale a fleet to meet rising demand, and the flexibility to match specific equipment to particular job site uses. Additionally, renting enables companies to remain agile and responsive in uncertain economic climates. The unpredictability of the economy and the high cost of equipment ownership make renting a more practical choice for many businesses, thus propelling the growth of the construction equipment rental market in the country. This trend is further reinforced by projections indicating that the American construction equipment market is set to reach a revenue of $4.85 Billion and a volume of 39,484 units by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 4.45%.


As construction companies increasingly opt for renting over owning, the demand for portable washroom rentals is expected to rise concurrently. Therefore, Arventt Rental’s entry into the portable washroom rental market comes at an opportune time. The company’s business model aligns perfectly with this prevailing market trend, addressing a critical need within the construction industry and other sectors that prioritize equipment rental. With this strategic positioning, Arventt is poised to capitalize on these opportunities, propelling the company toward rapid growth and successful market penetration.


Women in Construction

Efforts to promote and encourage women to enter the construction trades in Philadelphia, PA have significantly increased. However, women still make up less than 5% of skilled trades workers. The inadequacy of washroom facilities on construction sites affects all workers but poses particular challenges for women. Non-plumbed portable washrooms often lack proper sanitation, receive inadequate servicing, and are sometimes a breeding ground for inappropriate workplace comments. These issues further discourage women from participating in the traditionally male-dominated construction environment.


According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), women in trades face challenges when it comes to accessing sanitary facilities on construction sites. Temporary facilities are usually unisex, poorly maintained, or overused, causing women to avoid staying hydrated and risking heat stress. Holding urine in the bladder for an extended period due to the lack of available facilities can lead to a higher incidence of urinary tract infections. Inadequate facilities also result in other diseases from unavoidable contact with contaminated toilet seats.


The company intends to counter these challenges by providing washroom trailers with gender-specific booths, maintaining high sanitation standards, and adhering to regular maintenance schedules. This service not only enhances the comfort and convenience of all workers on site but also significantly contributes to the effort of making the construction environment more inclusive and appealing to women. Moreover,  this approach will set Arventt Rental apart in the market and create a unique selling proposition that appeals to construction companies looking to improve their facilities and support their commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Public Restroom Shortage

The availability of public restrooms in North America trails behind other regions, with individuals in most cities having to rely on private establishments for their sanitation needs. Regrettably, truly public bathrooms that are accessible to anyone, free of charge—not conditional upon making a purchase—are scarce. These public facilities are noticeably absent in locations where their presence would be beneficial, such as bustling streets and transit stations. The few that exist are challenging to locate and are typically closed in the evenings. Taking Vancouver as an example, there is a single public bathroom available across the entire transit system, situated in Waterfront Station. Its location is far from convenient, requiring visitors to navigate through fare gates, cross pedestrian bridges, descend escalators, and traverse tunnels to reach it.


The public restroom shortage presents an opportunity for Arventt Rental to extend its services to city municipalities, transit systems, and private businesses that frequently host large crowds. By providing reliable, clean, and convenient portable restroom solutions, the company can fill the void left by the lack of public facilities. This trend underlines the potential for Arventt Rental to develop partnerships with public and private entities, offering its portable washrooms as a cost-effective and flexible alternative to constructing permanent restrooms. By capitalizing on this unmet need, the company can reinforce its position in the market, grow its customer base, and diversify its revenue streams.


Market Study

A comprehensive market study conducted by Arventt Rental’s management team has highlighted some significant trends in the portable washroom trailer rental landscape. A notable observation is that competitors are frequently fully booked, especially during peak construction and event seasons. Below is a detailed breakdown of the offerings and pricing from competing portable washroom rental services:


Given the current market dynamics, Arventt Rental will be offering its services at a slightly higher price point compared to its competitors. This pricing strategy is driven by the prevailing supply shortage in the market, which will allow the company to command a premium for availability. Moreover, this strategic pricing approach will enable Arventt to maximize its revenue while effectively addressing the sanitation requirements of businesses and individuals throughout Philadelphia.


Government Regulations

This section outlines the various government regulations and guidelines that directly affect the company’s operations in Philadelphia, PA.


Environmental Protection Act, 1999

The American Environmental Protection Act, 1999 is a vital piece of legislation that focuses on sustainable development and pollution prevention. It serves as the foundation for numerous federal environmental and health protection initiatives, encompassing a wide range of programs. EPA plays a key role in overseeing the assessment and management of risks associated with chemicals, polymers, and living organisms. The Act also addresses pressing issues related to air and water pollution, hazardous waste management, and emissions control. Furthermore, EPA is instrumental in regulating ocean disposal practices and establishing mechanisms for addressing environmental emergencies.


To maintain compliance with the EPA, the company will implement the following measures:


1. Waste Management: The company will ensure that waste disposal from its portable washrooms is handled responsibly by utilizing approved waste disposal facilities. This prevents improper discharge of waste into the environment, adhering to EPA regulations pertaining to hazardous waste and water pollution.


2. Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Arventt Rental will limit its greenhouse gas emissions by optimizing routes for delivery and pick-up of the portable washroom trailers, and regularly maintaining its vehicles to ensure optimal fuel efficiency.


3. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions: Arventt is committed to the use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions in maintaining its portable washrooms. By opting for biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products, the company ensures a healthy environment for end-users while minimizing the release of harmful chemicals into the ecosystem.


US Labor Code

The US Labor Code is a federal act that outlines the rights and duties of workers and employers in federally regulated workplaces, establishing the framework for federal labour law. The Labour Program at Employment and Social Development US acts as the regulator, with a mandate to safeguard the rights and well-being of workers and employers within these workplaces. Essentially, the Code serves as a guideline by providing clear parameters on employment terms, worker protection, workplace safety, and good industrial relations, ensuring a fair and equitable work environment for all parties involved.


As part of its adherence to the US Labour Code, Arventt Rental commits to the following measures:


1. Hazard Elimination and Reduction: Consistent with subsection 540, Arventt will conduct regular workplace inspections to identify and assess potential hazards. Once identified, the company will first aim to eliminate these hazards. If total elimination is not feasible, the company will implement measures to reduce the risk to its employees.


2. Provision of Safety Equipment: In accordance with section 545, Arventt Rental will provide necessary safety materials, equipment, devices, and clothing to all its workers. The safety equipment will meet the standards prescribed by the Code and will be suited to the tasks being performed to ensure maximum protection.


3. Usage of Safety Materials: Complying with section 560, Arventt Rental will require its employees to utilize the provided safety materials, equipment, devices, and clothing appropriately to ensure their own safety.


4. Training: The company will provide appropriate training to all employees on workplace safety, hazard identification, use of safety equipment, and emergency procedures. This will not only ensure that they can perform their tasks safely but also allow them to contribute to a safer work environment.


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State Regulations

Philadelphia, PA Environmental Management Act

The Environmental Management Act (EMA) of Philadelphia, PA governs matters related to industrial and municipal waste discharge, pollution, hazardous waste, and contaminated site remediation within the province. It establishes provisions for introducing wastes into the environment while prioritizing public health and environmental protection. The Act facilitates the authorization of discharges to the environment using permits, regulations, and codes of practice. To ensure compliance, various enforcement measures are employed, such as administrative penalties, orders, and fines. In addition, the EMA lays the foundation for developing guidelines and objectives targeting water quality management.


To comply with the EMA of Philadelphia, PA, Arventt Rental will adhere to the following practices:


1. Authorized Waste Disposal: Arventt Rental will ensure that all waste from its portable washrooms is disposed of at designated dumping facilities authorized by the EMA. The company will keep records of all waste disposals to validate that it adheres to the standards laid out by the Act.


2. Environmental Impact Reduction: Arventt will make every effort to minimize its environmental impact by optimizing route planning for delivery, pick-up and waste disposal, to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Furthermore, the company will regularly maintain its vehicles to ensure optimal fuel efficiency.


3. Periodic Review of Practices: The company will conduct periodic reviews of its operations to ensure they continue to align with the requirements and standards of the EMA. Any necessary adjustments will be promptly implemented to maintain compliance with the Act.


Philadelphia, PA Motor Vehicle Act

The Philadelphia, PA Motor Vehicle Act is legislation enacted by the Philadelphia, PA legislature, which establishes comprehensive regulations governing the operation and ownership of motor vehicles in the province. The Act encompasses a range of provisions that outline the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, vehicle owners, and other road users. It addresses multiple aspects of road usage, including driver licensing, vehicle registration, insurance requirements, road safety regulations, and traffic laws. Through the Motor Vehicle Act, the provincial government aims to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vehicles on the roads, promote responsible driving behaviour, and protect the interests of all road users.


To comply with the Philadelphia, PA Motor Vehicle Act, Arventt Rental will adhere to the following standards:


1. Proper Licensing and Registration: Arventt Rental will ensure that all its vehicles, including the RAM 3500 truck used for hauling the portable washroom trailers, are correctly registered as per the Motor Vehicle Act’s requirements. Additionally, the drivers operating these vehicles will be required to possess valid licenses appropriate for the vehicle types they are operating.


2. Regular Vehicle Maintenance: To ensure safe operation on the roads and avoid any violations related to vehicle conditions, Arventt will conduct regular preventive maintenance checks and services on its vehicles. This includes ensuring the lights, brakes, and other essential components are functioning correctly.


3. Road Safety Compliance: Arventt Rental will ensure that all its drivers are thoroughly trained in road safety regulations and traffic laws outlined in the Motor Vehicle Act. This will include training in defensive driving strategies, load securing, speed limit adherence, and the appropriate response to different road and traffic conditions.


4. Insurance: Arventt Rental will maintain the required level of insurance for its vehicles, as stipulated in the Motor Vehicle Act, to protect against potential liabilities related to vehicular accidents or damages.


Competitive Analysis

The portable washroom rental industry is intensely competitive due to the existence of numerous service providers and relatively low entry barriers. To better understand Arventt Rental’s position in this market, a competitive analysis has been conducted to identify the primary competitors and the available opportunities:


Products and Services

Arventt Rental will generate revenue through the rental of a commercial portable washroom trailer. Far superior to traditional porta potties, this unit is equipped with all-aluminum construction, a fully-finished modern design, heavy-duty doors, and separate stalls. This washroom trailer also offers an exceptional level of comfort and hygiene, facilitated by amenities such as heating and air conditioning, as well as an integrated plumbing system that includes fresh water and waste water tanks. Moreover, to ensure a hassle-free and convenient experience for clients, the unit will be fully stocked and delivered with essential supplies such as toilet paper, hand soap, hand towels, and disinfectants.


Pricing Model

In line with the company’s customer-oriented approach, Arventt Rental will offer a flexible rental policy, allowing customers to rent the washroom trailer on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on their individual needs. The pricing structure will be clear and transparent, taking into account the duration of the rental and the level of service required.



Modes of Payment

To add another layer of convenience for clients, the company will offer multiple payment options, including e-transfer, cash, debit, credit, and cheque. A 50% deposit will be required to secure the booking, with the balance payable upon delivery of the rental unit.


Security Deposit

In order to safeguard the company’s assets, a security deposit will be required from clients.  This deposit may be provided in cash or by keeping a credit or debit card on file. If the deposit is made in cash, the full amount will be refunded upon the inspection and pick-up of the rented washroom units, under the condition that no damages are found. On the other hand, if clients choose to keep a card on file, any costs associated with damages during the rental period will be deducted from the card.


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Competitive Advantages 

The following competitive advantages differentiate Arventt Rental from competing portable washroom rentals:


Broad Geographic Service Area: Unlike competitors who may limit their services to larger cities, Arventt Rental is willing to service all cities in Philadelphia, PA. This gives Arventt access to a wider customer base and allows the company to fill gaps in underserved areas.


Enhanced Sanitation Standards: The company’s washroom trailer, which comes with a plumbing system, offers a higher standard of cleanliness and hygiene than traditional porta-potties. This superior sanitation enhances user comfort and satisfaction, making Arventt a more appealing choice for clients who prioritize cleanliness and hygiene.


Comprehensive Service Package: Arventt Rental takes the extra step to enhance customer convenience by providing complete washroom supplies as part of its rental package. This value-added service saves customers time and effort and sets Arventt apart from competitors who may require customers to handle supply procurement on their own.


Responsive Customer Service: Arventt Rental provides extended customer service hours, offering phone support from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and 24/7 email support. This commitment to availability ensures that customers can easily seek assistance whenever needed, setting Arventt apart from competitors who may only be available during standard business hours.


Key Success Factors

Arventt Rental’s success will be driven by the following key factors:


Optimal Washroom Trailer Utilization

Arventt will strive to maximize the utilization of its washroom trailers to increase profitability and efficiency. By carefully managing the rental schedule, ensuring rapid turnaround between rentals, and minimizing downtime, the company can achieve a higher return on investment for each trailer. The consistently high utilization rate will result in stronger financial performance and enable the company to reinvest in additional washroom facilities.


High-Quality and Well-Maintained Washroom Trailers

Arventt Rental will prioritize the regular maintenance and cleanliness of its washroom trailers, ensuring they are in top condition for every rental. By providing customers with high-quality, well-maintained equipment, Arventt will build a reputation for excellence, leading to repeat business, positive online reviews, and a competitive edge in the market.


Flexibility in Services

To attract a diverse customer base and cater to a variety of washroom needs, Arventt Rental will offer customizable solutions. By adapting to customers’ unique requirements, Arventt will attract a diverse customer base and create lasting partnerships. This flexibility will also translate into increased customer satisfaction, repeat bookings, and a solid market presence.


Excellent Customer Service

From the first point of contact to post-rental support, Arventt Rental will prioritize delivering exceptional customer service. This includes being responsive and attentive to customer inquiries, providing clear and detailed information about services and addressing any concerns or issues promptly. By going above and beyond, Arventt will be able to build strong relationships with customers, foster loyalty, and establish a reputation as a trusted and reliable provider of portable washrooms in Philadelphia.


Sales and Marketing Plan

The sales and marketing plan lays out Arventt Rental’s strategy for expanding the company’s customer base and growing the business. This section examines the key channels the company will use to promote its services, as well as the metrics that will be used to gauge success. Additionally, the plan identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the company, opportunities for growth and expansion, and potential threats that could impact business operations.


Target Customers

Arventt Rental aims to serve a diversified customer mix consisting of 90% Business-to-Business (B2B) and 10% Business-to-Consumer (B2C). The primary focus will be on the B2B sector, targeting businesses that have a recurring need for portable washroom facilities, such as construction companies, event management firms, outdoor venue operators, and film production companies. On the other hand, the B2C sector will encompass individuals hosting private events such as weddings and outdoor parties, as well as those undergoing temporary home renovations.


In terms of geographical focus, Arventt Rental has strategically chosen to serve Philadelphia due to the following demand drivers:


Construction Activities

Philadelphia has a vibrant construction industry, with an average of 14,000 building permits issued annually from 2018 to 2022. This consistent level of construction activity translates into a significant demand for portable washroom facilities, particularly for on-site workers during project construction phases. 




Historically, Philadelphia, PA registers an average of 24,000 marriages annually. However, due to the pandemic, this number experienced a significant decline in 2020. As restrictions on gatherings are lifted, it is anticipated that the number of marriages will gradually recover. This is expected to lead to an increased demand for portable washrooms in this segment of the market, especially for those weddings held in outdoor venues.


Number of Marriages Registered in Philadelphia, PA, 2016 to 2020 


Overall, these demand drivers in Philadelphia present significant business opportunities for Arventt. By strategically concentrating on these key sectors and customizing its portable washroom solutions to address each of the segment’s unique requirements, the company will be able to seize a share of the market and achieve long-term success.



Arventt Rental’s Business-to-Business (B2B) market includes businesses that operate in sectors where work is frequently conducted in temporary or remote locations with limited or no access to standard plumbing facilities. These enterprises often require reliable and convenient portable sanitation solutions to meet the hygiene needs of their employees and customers.


To further narrow down this market segment and develop a more effective marketing strategy, the company will primarily target the following enterprises:


1. Construction Companies: In the construction industry, workers often spend long hours on sites where traditional sanitation facilities are absent. Reliable portable washrooms are essential to ensure the welfare and productivity of workers. These companies are also obligated to meet occupational health and safety requirements, which necessitate adequate sanitation facilities on site.


2. Event Management Companies: These firms coordinate various types of events, ranging from corporate functions and concerts to community fairs and festivals. Many of these events take place outdoors or in venues lacking sufficient restroom facilities. Event managers need dependable, clean, and well-maintained portable washrooms to guarantee the comfort of their guests and uphold the reputation of their events.


3. Outdoor Venue Operators: Operators of outdoor venues like parks, campgrounds, or sports complexes often face peak times when existing facilities are insufficient to handle the influx of visitors. Having access to high-quality portable washrooms allows them to provide better services and maintain cleanliness and hygiene during high-traffic periods.


4. Film Production Companies: On-location film shooting often happens in places where permanent restroom facilities are absent. Having access to portable washrooms is crucial for the convenience and well-being of the cast and crew, and can also contribute to a more efficient and productive shooting schedule.



On the B2C front, Arventt Rental aims to serve individual customers who require portable washrooms for personal use, particularly for special events or temporary situations. While this segment may not contribute to the bulk of the company’s revenue,  it presents unique opportunities and aids in diversifying the company’s customer base.


To further refine this market segment and develop a targeted marketing strategy, Arventt Rental will primarily focus on the following consumer groups:


Private Event Hosts: Individuals planning private outdoor events such as weddings, reunions, or parties often need portable washrooms to accommodate their guests. Especially for events held in unconventional locations like farms, vineyards, or private residences, portable sanitary facilities ensure guest comfort and prevent the overuse of existing facilities.


Homeowners Undergoing Renovations: Home renovations can disrupt the availability and accessibility of household restrooms. Homeowners undergoing significant home improvement projects, especially those involving bathroom remodels, might require temporary sanitary solutions like portable washrooms. 


Outdoor Enthusiasts: Campers, hikers, and participants in outdoor expeditions often venture into remote areas where access to standard restrooms is limited or non-existent. This group requires portable washrooms that are easy to transport and set up and capable of providing a sanitary and comfortable solution in the wilderness. 


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Marketing Channels

Arventt Rental’s marketing strategy blends both traditional and digital channels to cater to its diverse customer base, which includes both B2B and B2C clients. This strategy is designed around the customer journey funnel, targeting the key stages of awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy. The aim is to create a comprehensive approach that resonates with potential and existing clients at every step of their journey, thus enhancing the impact and effectiveness of the company’s marketing efforts.


The overall goal of this tailored marketing approach is to strengthen Arventt Rental’s brand presence, drive customer engagement, increase sales conversions, maximize trailer utilization, and foster a strong and sustainable relationship with both B2B and B2C customers. By understanding and aligning with the unique motivations and preferences of its diverse customer base, Arventt will be able to drive business growth and solidify its market position.



In the initial stages of launching Arventt Rental, the primary marketing objective will be to create awareness of the brand and its unique offerings among potential customers in Philadelphia. This initial stage is crucial in reaching and informing the target audience about the company’s presence, generating interest, and establishing the groundwork for the subsequent stages of the marketing funnel. The strategies to build awareness will include:


Website Launch: The company will establish its digital presence with a professionally designed, user-friendly website that effectively communicates its brand message, services, and unique selling points. The website will serve as a central hub where potential customers can learn more about Arventt Rental and its offerings.


Google Ads (PPC): Upon launching the website, Arventt will implement a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign using Google Ads. This strategy will drive targeted traffic to the website, helping increase visibility among individuals and businesses searching for portable washroom rental services.


Social Media Set-Up: Arventt Rental will establish its presence on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. These platforms will not only enhance its visibility but also allow it to engage directly with potential customers, respond to inquiries, and share relevant content.


Paid Social Media Ads: Upon setting up the social media accounts, Arventt Rental will invest in paid social media advertising. By leveraging the sophisticated targeting capabilities of these platforms, the company can reach potential customers based on their interests, behaviours, and demographics, ensuring that the marketing messages reach the right audiences 


Participation in Trade Shows: Arventt will participate in relevant trade shows and industry events to showcase its unique offering to a highly targeted audience. These platforms offer a unique opportunity to interact face-to-face with potential customers, gain direct feedback, and establish fruitful business connections. 



Once awareness has been established, the next stage in the customer journey is to foster consideration among potential clients. The goal of this stage is to position Arventt Rental as a leading choice among competing portable washroom service providers. To effectively nurture consideration, the following strategies will be implemented:


Content Marketing: To demonstrate the company’s expertise and establish trust, Arventt will consistently create and distribute relevant content that addresses common customer queries and offers valuable insights into the industry. This will include blog posts, how-to guides, case studies and infographics, all accessible on the website.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Alongside PPC campaigns, Arventt Rental will invest in organic SEO strategies to improve the website’s ranking in search engine results for relevant keywords. This will increase visibility among potential customers actively seeking portable washroom solutions and position Arventt as a credible and trusted provider in the industry.


Organic Social Media Engagement: To build a stronger connection with potential customers, the company will engage in organic social media activities that will be tailored to each platform:


  • Facebook: Regular posts will be made, updating followers about company news, industry insights, and promotional offers. The company will also promptly respond to comments and inquiries to maintain an active and engaging Facebook presence.
  • Instagram: The company will utilize Instagram to showcase the quality and cleanliness of its washroom trailers. This includes images from events where the trailers have been deployed, behind-the-scenes looks at maintenance and preparation processes, and testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • TikTok: On this platform, Arventt Rental will produce short, engaging videos that capture the attention of the platform’s younger audience. This content will include time-lapse videos of the setup process, fun challenges, and quirky clips that humanize the brand.
  • LinkedIn: Arventt will leverage LinkedIn to connect with other businesses and professionals in the industry. The platform will be used to share more formal, industry-related content and updates about the company.

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After successfully building awareness and fostering consideration among potential customers, the next step in the marketing funnel is conversion. The goal at this stage is to encourage potential customers to take the desired action, which, in the case of Arventt Rental, is to rent a portable washroom trailer. The strategies to facilitate conversion will include:


Website Optimization: Arventt Rental will ensure the website is fully optimized for conversions. This involves clearly visible and compelling calls-to-action, intuitive navigation, a streamlined booking process, and an easy-to-access quotation request form. The website will also be mobile-responsive, catering to clients who prefer to book services using their smartphones or tablets.


Online Booking System: The company will implement an online booking system to streamline the process of renting portable washroom trailers. This system will allow customers to check the availability of trailers, get a quote, and confirm their booking all in one place, thus minimizing the need for back-and-forth communication and accelerating the conversion process.


Retargeting Ads: Arventt Rental will use retargeting ads on social media and Google to reconnect with individuals who have previously visited the website but did not complete a booking. These ads will serve as reminders of the company’s services and will direct these potential customers back to the website, increasing the likelihood of conversion.


Customer Reviews and Testimonials: To build trust and reassure potential customers of the quality of Arventt’s services, the company will prominently display customer reviews and testimonials on the website and social media platforms. Positive feedback from satisfied customers plays a significant role in influencing the decision-making process of potential customers, encouraging them to choose Arventt Rental and ultimately leading them to conversion.


Responsive Customer Service: Arventt Rental will establish a dedicated phone line and email service to ensure rapid response times to all customer inquiries and concerns. Prompt, efficient, and personalized customer service not only assists in the conversion process but also enhances the overall customer experience, reinforcing the brand’s reputation for excellent service.



In an industry where repeat business is crucial for sustained success, nurturing customer loyalty is of utmost importance for Arventt Rental. By consistently delivering exceptional services and building strong client relationships, the company aims to convert one-time customers into loyal patrons who choose Arventt Rental as their preferred provider for portable washroom rentals. Loyalty-building strategies will include:


Superior Service Delivery: Arventt will strive to go beyond customer expectations in all aspects of its service delivery. This involves prompt and reliable delivery and pick-up of portable washrooms, meticulous cleanliness and sanitation practices, and the provision of additional amenities as needed. 


Customer Feedback Mechanism: The company will establish an efficient feedback system to better understand customers’ needs, address their concerns, and continuously enhance its services. Regularly soliciting and acting upon feedback demonstrates that customers’ opinions are valued and taken into account, thereby strengthening their connection to the brand.

Loyalty Program: Arventt Rental will explore the feasibility of a loyalty program, offering rewards such as discounts or priority bookings to repeat customers. Such incentives will increase customer retention, encouraging them to choose Arventt for their future portable washroom rental needs.



In today’s competitive business landscape, creating advocates out of satisfied customers is a powerful approach to organic business growth. Advocacy goes beyond customer satisfaction and loyalty—it transforms customers into brand ambassadors who actively promote and recommend Arventt Rental to their peers. This level of endorsement can significantly boost the company’s credibility and reach in the marketplace.  To foster advocacy, the company will employ the following strategies: 


Referral Program: Arventt Rental will implement a referral program to incentivize current customers to recommend the company’s services to their peers. For instance, customers could receive a discount on their next rental for every successful referral. This not only encourages word-of-mouth marketing but also enhances customer retention by providing tangible benefits to loyal customers.


User-Generated Content: Encouraging customers to share their experiences with Arventt’s services on social media can be an effective way to generate authentic promotional content. This will involve customers posting pictures of the company’s portable washrooms at their events with a specific hashtag or sharing stories of their positive experiences.


Community Engagement: Arventt Rental recognizes the importance of being a good corporate citizen and aims to actively engage with local communities. This involves participation in local events, supporting local causes, and being proactive during times of community need. For instance, during lean business periods, the company could lend its portable washroom trailers for community events or disaster relief operations. This not only provides a much-needed service to the community but also demonstrates Arventt Rentals commitment to social responsibility. Such actions can earn the goodwill of the community, which can, in turn, lead to stronger brand advocacy.


Sales Channels

Arventt Rental acknowledges the significance of establishing multiple touchpoints to engage potential customers and facilitate seamless transactions. With the adoption of a multichannel sales strategy, the company aims to enhance customer satisfaction, expand its audience reach, and ultimately drive growth and profitability. This approach involves integrating both traditional and digital sales channels to accommodate the preferences and convenience of every customer.


Website Booking

To cater to the increasing trend of online transactions, Arventt Rental’s website will feature an integrated booking system. This will enable customers to select the required service, check availability, make reservations, and complete the payment securely through the website. This method provides an instant booking confirmation and is designed to appeal to tech-savvy customers who appreciate the ability to book services at their own convenience.


Phone Booking

Recognizing that some customers may prefer personal interaction or need further assistance during the booking process, Arventt will also accept bookings over the phone. The customer service team will guide the customer through the booking process and answer any queries they may have. For phone bookings, payment can be completed via secure invoice payments through email, allowing customers to use their preferred online payment method.


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Key Performance Indicators



  • Average value per transaction
  • Average rental duration per transaction
  • Monthly sales growth


Operational Efficiency

  • Portable washroom trailer monthly utilization rate
  • Days rented and days available
  • Delivery and pick-up turnaround time


Client Experience

  • Satisfaction rate above 85%
  • Repeat business rate
  • Corporate customer lifetime value
  • Net promoter score of above 60



  • Cost per lead and customer acquisition cost 
  • Customer conversion rate
  • 4:1 return on ad spend 
  • 5% monthly website traffic increase
  • 2% monthly follower growth rate on all social media platforms



  • Gross margin 
  • Net profit margin
  • Positive cash flow
  • Debt to equity ratio
  • Return on investment


SWOT Analysis



  • Experienced and committed management team with comprehensive knowledge of industry trends and market dynamics
  • Diversified revenue stream through a hybrid B2B and B2C business model
  • Lean operational structure allowing optimal resource utilization and cost control
  • Superior product offering that provides enhanced comfort and sanitation as compared to traditional porta potties
  • Strong strategic plan in place, including expanding the fleet over time



  • Initial lack of brand recognition and market presence as a new entrant in the portable washroom rental industry
  • Limited starting capacity due to initial reliance on a single commercial washroom trailer
  • Overdependence on the full commitment and active involvement of the partners
  • Dependence on external financing for initial business setup
  • Service limitations during peak demand due to lean staffing capacity



  • Growing market demand for superior, hygienic, and convenient portable washroom solutions
  • Opportunity to fill a market gap left by existing providers
  • Increased regulations on sanitation in the construction industry and at public events
  • Potential for establishing long-term partnerships with construction companies and event organizers
  • Diversification into different sectors, including the entertainment industry and government contracts



  • Economic fluctuations and downturns that could decrease the frequency of events and construction projects
  • Intense competition from existing providers who could upscale or reduce prices to retain market share
  • Unpredictable changes in sanitation or environmental regulations that could impact operations
  • Rapid technological advancements requiring continuous upgrades and investments to stay competitive


Operational Plan

As the backbone of any successful business, the operational plan outlines the fundamental actions that will be taken to ensure the company runs efficiently and effectively. This section provides a comprehensive overview of Arventt Rental’s day-to-day activities, covering critical areas such as operating hours, storage, logistics, waste management, compliance with government regulations and risk management.


Hours of Operations

Arventt has carefully designed its operating hours to provide maximum flexibility and prompt service to its clients. The company understands the importance of adaptability and is able to offer such flexibility due to the hands-on commitment of the partners.


Customer Service

To facilitate effective communication with customers, Arventt Rental offers real-time assistance over the phone seven days a week, from 9 AM to 9 PM. For inquiries and requests outside of these phone service hours, clients can contact Arventt Rental via email. The company’s email service operates 24/7, ensuring that messages received outside of customer service hours will be promptly attended to at the beginning of the following day. 

Delivery and Pick-up

To accommodate the diverse project timelines and event schedules of its clients, Arventt Rental provides flexible delivery and pick-up services. Scheduled drop-offs and pick-ups are available seven days a week, from Monday to Sunday, between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM. 

Emergency Services

Recognizing the possibility of unexpected issues or urgent needs, Arventt Rental provides a dedicated phone line for customers who are currently renting a washroom trailer. This line operates 24/7, ensuring continuous support and prompt attention to any emergencies. 



While the overarching goal of Arventt is to achieve 100% asset utilization, the company acknowledges that there may be periods when the washroom trailer is not rented out. During these periods, the trailer will be securely stored to maintain its condition and readiness for subsequent rentals.


The storage location for the washroom trailer will be the residential garage of Mr. Brown. This location has been chosen due to its accessibility, security, and suitability for housing the trailer. The garage offers a protected environment that shields the trailer from the elements, thereby preserving its aesthetic appeal and functionality. This also ensures that the trailer is ready to be deployed at short notice, thus enabling Arventt Rental to respond swiftly to rental requests.


Furthermore, storing the portable washroom trailer in Mr. Brown’s garage contributes to minimizing overhead costs. This approach eliminates the need to rent a commercial storage facility, thereby reducing operating expenses and enhancing Arventt’s cost efficiency.



In the interest of providing a hassle-free and comprehensive service, Arventt Rental has established a clear and efficient set-up procedure for the rental of its portable washroom trailers. This procedure is designed to ensure that all logistical aspects related to the delivery, setup, and pick-up of the washroom trailers are handled meticulously and punctually, thereby assuring customer satisfaction and the smooth functioning of the washroom facilities.


Delivery: The delivery of the washroom trailer is meticulously planned and is typically carried out a day in advance. This allows ample time for the set-up process, ensuring that everything is ready for use before the commencement of the event or the initiation of the contract. 


Power Supply: During the set-up process, the washroom trailer will be connected to an available power source on-site. In cases where an on-site power source is not accessible, Arventt Rental will provide a power generator to ensure uninterrupted operation of the facilities.

Water Supply: The portable trailer comes equipped with a filled water tank that ensures a consistent water supply throughout its usage. In locations where a water source is available, the tank will be connected to the pipes to supplement the water availability.


Pick-up: At the conclusion of the event or contract, Arventt Rental arranges for the timely pick-up of the washroom trailer. The removal process is carried out with the same level of efficiency and professionalism as the delivery, ensuring that the site is left clean and tidy.


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Waste Management Plan

Arventt Rental has identified several approved dumping facilities within Philadelphia to ensure the safe and proper disposal of waste collected from its portable washrooms. These facilities are strategically dispersed throughout the region, allowing for efficient waste removal regardless of the client’s location.


For short-term rentals lasting one week or less, Arventt Rental will dispose of the waste at the end of the rental period. The waste from the portable washroom will be transported to one of the designated dumping facilities, ensuring that the unit is clean and fresh for the next user.


For long-term rentals, Arventt Rental will maintain a regular check-in schedule, showing up every three days to clean the units and monitor waste levels. During these inspections, if the waste tank is found to be full and the portable washroom trailer is maneuverable, the team will transport it to the nearest designated dumping facility for proper disposal. Once emptied, the unit will be promptly returned to the client’s site.


In cases where the portable washroom unit is stationary and cannot be easily moved,  Arventt will arrange for a trusted third-party service to safely and responsibly remove the waste. This diligent approach guarantees that the washroom remains functional and clean throughout extended rental periods.


Procurement Plan

This procurement plan outlines Arventt Rental’s strategic approach to acquiring resources and assets to support its growth and operations over the first four years. The goal is to scale up operations progressively, ensuring the quality of service and customer satisfaction remains high as the company grows. The procurement plan is flexible and subject to adjustments based on company performance, market trends, and customer demand.



Arventt Rental will adhere to the federal and provincial laws discussed in Section 3.3 Government Regulations, as well as other pertinent regulations, bylaws, and standards. The company will take all necessary steps to ensure that all the required government permits are obtained to conduct business operations legally and ethically.


Occupational Health and Safety

The company values the safety and well-being of its employees and is dedicated to adhering to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation as mandated by the state. The company will take all necessary measures to identify, assess, and control workplace hazards to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. All employees will receive regular health and safety training and will be required to follow all applicable regulations and guidelines. The company will also regularly review and update its health and safety policies to ensure compliance with any changes in knowledge, technology, and work practices.


Labor and Employment

The company will strictly adhere to the legal standards for payment, compensation, and working conditions as mandated by the Philadelphia, PA Employment Standards Act. The company’s management team will ensure open communication channels with employees to promote a positive work-life balance that enhances welfare. Moreover,  Arventt Rental will continuously monitor adherence to labour laws and periodically review compensation packages to ensure the company meets the legally mandated minimum wage requirements. 


Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

The safety of employees handling cleaning chemicals is a top priority for the company, and to ensure their well-being, Arventt Rental will implement the updated WHMIS 2015 program requirements. This program aligns US’s hazard classification and communication requirements with those of the United States and other trading partners. It involves providing safety data sheets (SDS) and product labelling that communicate information about hazards, precautions, and first aid measures through pictures and statements. Additionally, regular training programs will be conducted to equip employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle hazardous materials safely and in compliance with all applicable regulations and guidelines.


Risk Analysis


Market Saturation

A sudden influx of new entrants in the portable washroom rental industry could lead to market saturation, potentially impacting Arventt Rental’s profitability and growth.


The company will differentiate its offerings through value-added services and focus on developing strategic partnerships for steady, long-term revenue.


Economic Downturn

An economic recession could decrease the number of construction projects and events, negatively impacting the demand for portable washroom rentals.


Arventt will diversify its clientele base across various sectors to spread risk and explore offering additional services to increase revenue sources.


Regulatory Changes

Changes in health and sanitation regulations could require additional investment in new equipment or modifications to Arventt Rental’s existing offerings.


To swiftly adapt to any changes and minimize business disruption, Arventt will regularly monitor regulatory changes and maintain open communication with regulatory bodies.


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Unexpected Maintenance Costs

Unanticipated repairs or maintenance for the washroom trailers can result in increased operational costs, ultimately impacting the company’s profitability and financial performance.


In addition to maintaining a reserve fund to cover unexpected costs, Arventt Rental will conduct regular maintenance and inspections to ensure the optimal functionality of the washroom trailers.


Low Utilization Rate

The low utilization rate of the washroom trailers poses a significant risk to Arventt Rental’s profitability and cash flow, hindering the company’s ability to fulfill financial obligations and achieve desired growth targets.


By implementing robust marketing strategies, securing strategic partnerships, and optimizing booking schedules, Arventt can ensure maximum utilization of its assets and maintain a steady stream of income.


Damages Caused by Clients

Incidents of damage caused by clients could result in substantial repair or replacement costs, potentially disrupting Arventt Rental’s operational schedule and affecting the company’s financial performance.


Arventt will include clauses in the rental contract outlining responsibilities and potential penalties for damage caused by clients. To further safeguard the company’s assets, a security deposit will be required from all clients.


Seasonal Demand Fluctuation

The portable washroom rental industry may experience seasonal demand fluctuations, with potential declines during colder months or periods of inclement weather, impacting Arventt Rental’s revenue and cash flow.


The company will manage these fluctuations by targeting a diverse mix of clients, including those with less seasonal dependence. Seasonal pricing will also be considered to encourage rentals during off-peak periods.


Organizational Plan

The organizational plan outlines the company’s approach to managing human capital, including the organizational structure, management team and personnel plan. This section will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure the company remains adaptable and responsive to emerging opportunities and challenges.


Organizational Structure

As a new entrant in the industry,  Arventt Rental will commence its operations with a lean yet efficient organizational structure. This strategic decision aims to streamline operations, optimize resources, and maintain a focused approach to achieving business objectives. Initially, the organizational structure will consist of two key positions, forming a simplified hierarchy that facilitates prompt decision-making and effective task coordination. Below is an outline of the organizational structure that will be in place:


As the business grows and expands, the organizational chart will be revised to include additional roles and departments, with a constant focus on maintaining operational efficiency and providing exceptional service.


Management Team


Jack Smith

Partner / General Manager / Business Development Manager 


Mr. Jack Smith is a seasoned professional with over 10-years of experience in the automotive industry. Initially embarking on a career path in auto sales, Mr. Smith effectively cultivated and nurtured customer relationships, exemplifying a talent for understanding customer needs and providing tailored product recommendations. Transitioning to the role of Shop Dispatcher at a luxury car dealership, Mr. Smith demonstrated exceptional organizational and time management skills, expertly managing workflow under strict timelines in a high-pressure environment.


In addition to substantial hands-on industry experience, Mr. Smith also holds a Diploma in Marketing Management (Professional Sales) and a Certificate in Social Media Marketing Management, both from BCIT. With these credentials and hands-on experience, Mr. Smith brings a multifaceted skill set that spans sales, operations, and marketing. As General Manager and Business Development Officer of Arventt Rental, Mr. Smith’s combined ability to foster strong customer relationships, proven leadership in managing operations, and proficiency in implementing marketing and sales strategies will be pivotal in driving the company’s growth and achieving long-term success.


Bob Brown

Partner / Operations Manager


Mr. Bob Brown is a well-rounded professional with a diverse portfolio of experience spanning multiple industries. As a Restaurant Manager, Mr. Brown skilfully oversaw the day-to-day operations within a fast-paced environment, expertly managing various aspects of the business, including food handling, cash operations, and customer interactions. Complementing the managerial skills gained from the restaurant industry, Mr. Brown also boasts of a background as a Certified Red Seal Painter in the auto industry. This role equipped Mr. Brown with a strong work ethic, a capacity for physically demanding tasks, and a readiness to undertake challenging, labour-intensive projects.


As Operations Manager of  Arventt Rental, the diverse experience that Mr. Brown has gathered throughout the years will play a key role in on-site trailer management. From ensuring the efficient deployment and maintenance of the portable washroom trailers to managing customer interactions, Mr. Brown’s diverse skill set will contribute significantly to the smooth functioning and overall success of Arventt.


Recruitment Plan

Arventt Rental will employ a multi-faceted approach in sourcing potential candidates for employment. In addition to job postings and advertisements, the company will leverage personal referrals and networking to attract a wide range of qualified applicants. To ensure a fair and equitable hiring process, the company will take proactive steps to eliminate bias and discrimination and ensure that all candidates will be given equal consideration. 


As Arventt Rental grows, the following key positions will be filled to support the company’s expanding operations:


Portable Washroom Trailer Technician


  • Ensure timely delivery and pickup of the portable washroom trailers;
  • Set up the portable washroom trailers properly at designated locations, ensuring all necessary connections and installations are made correctly;
  • Inspect portable washrooms for any potential issues and perform minor repairs as needed;
  • Adhere to all safety measures during transportation and setup; and
  • Provide brief on-site training to clients about the use and maintenance of the portable washrooms, as required.


Washroom Cleaner


  • Perform thorough cleaning and sanitization of the portable washrooms post-rental;
  • Restock necessary supplies such as toilet paper, soap, and other hygiene products;
  • Identify and report any damages or issues to the portable washrooms;
  • Maintain a strict cleaning schedule and adhere to all health and safety regulations; and
  • Provide on-site cleaning services during the rental period, as required.


Financial Plan

The following financial projections have been carefully crafted by the management team of Arventt Rental. All projections are forward-looking and are dependent on securing the required financing.

Pro Forma Income Statement

Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement

Pro Forma Balance Sheet

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