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Global Leaders | 15 July, 2023

Mr Lenford Wilson – Founder of Revenge of the Geek (ROTG)



Global Leader Discussion #1: Rewriting the vision of what it means to be different.


Who are you?

My name is Lenford Wilson.  I am a musical artist / Creative Director of Revenge of the Geek.  I am creative and I love everything that has to do with being different. 


What company do you lead?

I lead Revenge of the Geek – a clothing brand based out of Toronto, ON, Canada.  Our line is all about being genderless and being you.  We are rewriting the vision of what it means to be different.  

“We are creating a space for those to celebrate and express their individuality.”


What does your company offer?

We offer genderless clothing.  I find that a lot of companies don’t offer genderless.  Why not put it all in one category of “clothing”?  That has been our approach and our audience has been supporting it.  Specifically, we develop t-shirts, pants, hoodies, jackets, pins, and hats.  

We are commercializing a lifestyle.  I can’t think of any other clothing brand website where people can experience a shared vision across all genders.  That’s what we do. 


Who is your target market?

People that love quality.  

“People that wear whatever they want wherever they want, and don’t care what people think.”


Are there any market trends taking place in your industry?

You are starting to see a lot more cultures and different looks and walks of life in mainstream advertising (things that you conventionally wouldn’t consider to be a front page model).  Also, there is a lot less body shaming, whereas before you would have supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum, and others be in the forefront pushing high in fashion. Now it’s kids on Instagram and TikTok that you didn’t know.


Could you share an example of a recent challenge or obstacle your company faced and how you approached it?

Marketing, marketing, and marketing!  It is finding new ways to make it happen.  Sometimes I think about packing up all of my clothes and handing them out at Dundas Square.

Dundas Square

Have you seen the LV Men’s Fashion Show? The first fashion show that Pharell did for them.  He is the new Creative Director for men’s ready to wear and they took over a whole street in Paris (right in front of Louis Vouitton).  It was crazy.  There was a choir singing in the background and an orchestra.  These are the lengths you need to go to make a statement in fashion. 


What is one piece of advice you would give to someone starting out in your industry?

Don’t give up.  Keep pushing, invest in yourself and know that you will have hard days and days where you want to give up.  If you started in fashion it was because you had a love for it, so keep going.  Sooner or later the money will come in some how, some way.


Is there anything from your upbringing that has been a motivator or driver for you as a business leader today?

It was watching my father work really, really hard.   Knowing that he worked so hard and not having so much – I have no excuse.  I should be able to progress what we provided and do even more to make my family proud.  My family is one of my biggest motivators.


How would you describe your company culture?

At the end of the day, “Do you and believe in what you do”.  That is the culture and it extends to our brand and every piece of clothing we create.  


How do you prioritize sustainability and corporate social responsibility in your business operations? Can you provide examples of initiatives your company has undertaken in these areas?

In some articles of clothing, we reuse existing clothing and make them new again, also known as upcycling.  We acquire used clothes, or vintage clothing, cut them up and make them new again. Greg Lauren is a leader in this space.  They even started upcycling cowboy boots in recent years. Now people are following suit and beginning to really monetize this.  Some items are $2K up and environmentally sustainable.


What role does technology play in your company’s growth and success? How do you leverage technology to streamline processes and enhance efficiency?

Technology gives us the ability to reach the other side of the world in a second.  Technology also gives us the ability to reach virality.  Without technology we would be almost lost without it in terms of brand development.  We have the opportunity to reach people in Japan, Sweden or Mexico.


How do you adapt to changing market trends and consumer demands? Can you share any examples of how your company has successfully pivoted or evolved its offerings overtime?

Here is our approach:

“Do not follow trends or consumer demands. The reason why an article of clothing gets big again is because someone decides to wear bell bottom jeans one day and it becomes cool again. All they did was decide to be different one morning.”


What sets your company apart from its competitors? How do you maintain a competitive edge in the market?

Going back to being genderless – we believe that we are currently the only brand in the world that truly embraces all genders in one shared brand.

Also, I believe no one can be you.  I am selling myself.  

“Remember, people buy into you.  At the end of the day the only thing that truly sets us apart is me being me and being cool with it.”


Looking ahead, what are some of your key goals or aspirations for the future of your company? How do you plan to achieve them?

In 5 years I see ROTG being a full-fledged lifestyle in terms of concerts, beverages, decor and having 8-10 stores around the world.  That is where I see it. We are going to be more than a clothing brand.


People are going to want to consume our brand in every way.  How are we going to get there? We are going to continue giving our audience the clothes and content that they crave.  Our products inspire people to continue being their unique selves.


Website: https://revengeofthegeek.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rotgltd/