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Business Plan Samples | 25 November, 2022

Trash Bin Cleaning Business Plan Sample

Bin cleaning is simple and a low-cost business that is easy to set up. This industry is relatively a new phenomenon in Los Angeles, California. This trash bin cleaning business plan sample will present the potential of the business in Los Angeles, California. Our trash bin cleaning business plan writers created this sample for your review.


Executive Summary

We Clean Inc. (herein also referred to as “We Clean” or “the company”) was incorporated on January 4, 2022 in the City of Los Angeles, California by Co-Founders Robert Grant and Rosalinda Santos.  We Clean is an environmentally friendly, mobile bin cleaning company focused on serving the Mid-Southern Region of California.


In 1981, Woodbery, New Jersey started automated curbside collection service for garbage, recycling, and organics in America. These standard sized bins can get dirty and contaminated without regular cleaning, which the city does not provide. To meet the need for environmentally conscious families to keep their bins smelling clean and discourage bacteria growth in their bins, We Clean is starting their business in the underserved communities of Marina Del Rey, Redondo Beach and Valencia. Future service region expansion is planned for other communities including Harbor City, Maywood and Rolling Hills Estates. There are currently no direct competitors focusing on these communities.


Environmentally friendly bin cleaning will be We Clean’s primary service offering; in addition to pressure washing, and concrete and sidewalk surface cleaning.  This chemical-free cleaning process produces no waste water runoff, while providing a thorough cleaning of dirty outdoor surfaces, making it an ideal service offering for the environmentally conscious people of Los Angeles. 


We Clean is seeking a $350K loan through the U.S. Small Business Financing Program to purchase a Specialized Bin Cleaning Trailer and a Truck Mounted Unit.  Robert and Rosalinda will be investing $40,000 of their own capital to support start up and first year operational costs.


Mr. Grant is a retired bowling alley manager, which helped shape him into an organized, thoughtful business leader, who always aims to provide the highest level of customer service. Ms. Santos has extensive cleaning experience and will be managing the day-to-day operations of the business until additional staff can be hired in the near future as the client base expands.


The business will be ready to launch in August 2022. The We Clean website is nearly complete and route management software (through Jobber) has also been secured. Once the trailer is purchased the company can officially launch operations and begin to serve the Mid Southern Region of California.


Business Overview

When Co-Founder Mr. Grant lived in San Diego County, he discovered the region was served by a residential bin cleaning company and was intrigued by their business model and the success they were having locally. Upon moving to Los Angeles City, he discovered that no other company was offering this much-needed service to his new community. Woodberry recently introduced a new automated bin collection service and he saw this as the perfect opportunity to start a related business.


We Clean provides two main services: residential bin cleaning and vacuum recovery surface cleaning. They do not provide bins to clients so clients can use their own, community-supplied bins from the city. No stickers or other identifiers will be put on client bins, however a door knocker-style hang tag will be hung on clients bin handles to identify them and serve as advertising material. 


The company has a 17 stage, truck-mounted water recycle system that allows them to recover all dirty water from cleaning and recycle it by cleaning it down to 5 microns. The company is targeting residential consumers as their main clientele, and seeking commercial and business clients for larger projects and contracts. They can also provide steam cleaning services for grocery cart sanitization. 


The Co-Founders Mr. Grant and Ms. Santos want to build a business that will keep its local roots and be passed down to their children one day. They are building the We Clean business to serve the local community as well as leave behind a legacy for their family.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the most accessible and environmentally friendly bin cleaning services in Los Angeles City, by keeping chemicals, pollutants, and other contaminants out of our natural environment and water systems. 


Vision Statement 

Our vision is to contribute to a world where future generations can continue enjoying the natural wonders outside their front doors, because it hasn’t been polluted. 


Core Values

The company is driven by its core values.  Every business decision must be in alignment with their top three core values:


Care for the Environment: We care about preserving our beautiful natural environment for our children. All services, technology, and waste disposal methods must be as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Family Values: We care about family. All service is done through a compassionate lens and through our passion for supporting our neighbors and community to live healthier, cleaner lives. 

Honesty: We believe that honesty will build a business we’re proud to work at and one that will attract the types of people who share our values. All team members will represent the company with honesty and integrity at all times. 



The following key milestones are planned for the launch and first years of business:

  • Company launch: August 2022
  • Launch in first 3 key regions: August 2022
  • Expand to additional nearby communities: 2023 (or earlier based on demand)
  • Hire additional workers: 2023/24


Goals and Objectives

We Clean’s business goal is to provide an environmentally sound cleaning system that will allow us to provide for future generations by keeping the pollutants out of the water system and keeping germs and bacteria away. To do this the company has outlined the following objectives:

  • Officially launch the business and begin accepting subscription customers
  • Build the company and brand recognition in the community. 
  • Earn neighborhood and client referrals from the community
  • Expand into nearby Los Angeles communities as demand grows
  • Hire additional staff and add additional cleaning services as demand increases


Market Analysis

If you’ve been looking for a low entry cost business, with no franchise fees and great potential profits, you’ve just found it.  The trash bin cleaning business offers you a low cost business where every household in your area is a potential customer.  This is a simple business idea that requires nothing more than hard work and the right equipment – but offers a good profit for your efforts. There are millions of standardized waste bins in North America.  Each household on average has 3 bins, a garbage bin, recycling bin, yard waste and/or an organics bin.  With the rise of separating food waste for composting and recycling, most households now have several garbage bins and they are filthier than ever.


A dirty waste bin is probably the single most unhygienic item in any home.  And, it’s one of those jobs that all of us know we should do; but rarely, if ever, get around to doing.  So therefore, there’s a great demand to have a bin cleaning company get the dirty job done regularly for a modest cost.


Target Underserved Areas

Another positive aspect of the trash bin cleaning industry is that because it’s so new, you will most likely be able to find an area close to you where no one else is servicing.  This is a fantastic opportunity to get into a business on the ground floor.  Knowing where your customers are is a huge benefit.  This makes marketing to them much easier.  Allowing you to be very targeted into prime locations.


You’ll invest far less money operating as an independent trash bin cleaning business than as part of a franchise. Also, as an independent, you’re not tied to any pre-established formulas for concept, name, or services offered. You’ll need capital for a vehicle or trailer, bin cleaning equipment, advertising literature, and website.  Once you’ve paid your initial start up costs, there are very low overheads, especially if you do the cleaning yourself.


Work the Hours You Want

With no weekend work, you can basically work the hours you choose to suit your lifestyle and income requirements.  This business can easily be structured around your family.  You can still spend quality time with family and be able to take the kids to school, all while still earning a good income.  Trash bin cleaning service businesses can be operated on either a part-time or full-time basis, from home or from a commercial location.  Trash bin cleaning services are an excellent home based business.  Your customers will likely never come to your office since all your work is done on their premises.


The trash bin cleaning business is not a high-tech business.  However, you can use technology to your advantage to help run your business.  For example, having a website where people can easily order service and being able to pick up new customers while working on route using a point of sale terminal on your phone.


Marketing your business can be done a few ways but should include ‘bin tagging’.  You go into neighborhoods and attach your promotional material to the bins. Beyond actually being able to do the work, a trash bin cleaning business owner needs some basic business skills. You need to understand the administrative requirements of running a company, and you should be able to manage your time efficiently. To make the business work requires your determination, willingness to please the customers and the ability to provide a thorough cleaning job.


An Industry in its Infancy

In the last 10 years most communities have changed over to the standardized waste bins for garbage, recycling, yard waste and composting.  There are even more changes on the way. In order to reduce the amount of waste going into our landfills, separating and collecting organic waste (such as food scraps and yard waste) is quickly becoming an even bigger deal.  San Francisco, and several other communities throughout the US, are having great success with both mandatory and voluntary composting. 


More and more communities will make collecting organics mandatory in order to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.  Organic material is collected in the yard waste bin or in an organics bin.  It is then taken to a central composting station where it is composted at an accelerated rate.  This compost material is then sold locally to growers and landscapers. The only downside to organic composting is that the containers get very dirty.  Raw scraps of food are sitting (for up to a week at a time) in direct contact with the waste bin.  Frequent and thorough cleaning is the only remedy.  This is a significant opportunity for the trash bin cleaning entrepreneur.


Potential Earnings

Most trash bin cleaning businesses offer a variety of service levels.  The most common of these are a one time cleaning, a monthly service, and a bi-monthly service.  Average prices per can for a one time cleaning range from $20-$30, while monthly services range from $8-$12 per can, and a bi-monthly service averages $12-$15 per can.


Government Regulations

We Clean will follow all municipal, provincial, and federal government and business regulations including:

  • Business licenses: The company will hold valid business licenses and registrations to cover all regional districts it operates in. 
  • Vehicle licenses: The company will ensure that all vehicles and trailers have up-to-date insurance and licenses as needed. 
  • Insurance: The company has budgeted $5,000 per year for related insurance requirements. 


For environmental and health and safety regulations the company will follow, see 6.2. Health and Safety.


Products and Services

For bin cleaning, customers subscribe through the Jobber App. This inputs their information and address into the route management software and acts as the payment processor for the business. Staff can also take a picture of the completed bin or job and upload it to the app for the customer to verify completion.


Subscriptions start at $14 per month for a 12-month subscription. 


Why Bin Cleaning?

  • Eliminates health hazards and putrid odors from your garbage cans.
  • Eliminates putrid odors from food waste, kitty litter, disposable diapers and other malodorous items thrown in trash bins that linger even when trash is emptied out. 
  • Odors can travel hundreds of feet away when not regularly sanitized and cleaned


We Clean also specializes in recovery surface cleaning and preparation of concrete, driveways, and garage floors, and sanitization of grocery carts.


Pricing Model

We Clean services will process subscriptions through their website and the Jobber app.  The Jobber app is designed for small businesses and will serve to process RFQs, invoicing, and payment processing. It will also be used as the company’s route planning software to optimize truck routes to maximize job scheduling and completion.  Pricing for services are based on the following:





The team’s hourly rate of $75/hour applies to all jobs. Additional costs include:

  • Grease and dumpster pads that require hot water = $0.25-0.30 per sq ft
  • Cleaning of concrete curbs and gutters = $0.25-0.50 per running foot (min 3-4 feet required)
  • Clean and seal concrete driveways = $0.40-1.10 per sq ft
  • New concrete construction clean-up = $0.02-0.03 per sq ft 
    • Includes cold water rinse with wands and concentrations on saw cuts and hot water clean up of oil spots. 
    • Price is $0.03 per sq ft if sweeper truck is required


Competitive Advantage 

Los Angeles recently started using new automated collection bins and recycling, but no current competitor offers bin cleaning for residential customers. Based on the company market research, there are currently no direct competitors servicing We Clean’s targeted regions. Being first to market in the Los Angeles area means the company can gain a large foothold in the region, becoming a trusted service provider. 


Business Experience

Mr. Grant has experience running a six-figure consulting business and is a retired RCMP member. Ms. Santos has extensive cleaning experience that she brings to the company. 


Advantages of We Clean Cleaning Technology

Fastest cleaning speeds in the industry

  • 3500 PSI @ 9 GPM 35HP hot water pressure cleaning system with stainless steel frame upgrade
  • 70% more horsepower than other smaller Honda power systems (more horsepower means more cleaning power)
  • X-Stream series four nozzle stainless steel cleaning heads. This provides up to 500% more cleaning power than cheaper quality two or three nozzle cleaning heads. It is also expected to last five times longer than cheaper equipment.
  • Eco-friendly 17-stage wastewater recycling system starts with easy clean 1000 micro hopper per-filters
  • Oil/Water Separator & Phosphate Filters will filter wastewater down to 5-microns
  • Recovers wastewater from up to 100’ away
  • 12 Volt Chemical Sanitizer Sprayer 6 GPM 70 PSI
  • 200′ 1/2″ Chemical and electric hose reel


Los Angeles most eco-friendly trash bin and pressure cleaning system

  • First time cleaning of bins takes an average of 30 seconds (Competitors systems take 3-10 minutes each). 
  • Repeat bin cleaning takes an average of 10 seconds each and uses less than one-gallon of water.
  • Vacuum Recovery system ensures minimal water left over.
  • Ultra-High-Volume 9 GPM @ 3500 PSI High-Temperature 31 HP 896cc Hot Water Pressure (Best in Class).
  • 100% Chemical free trash cart cleaning. Machine uses hot water and 31,500 Cleaning Units (CU’s).
  • Machine uses high-efficiency diesel-fired 600,000 BTU heaters.
  • 17 stage wastewater filtrations: includes an exclusive Hydro-Clear 3 Stage Wastewater Filtration System with Hydrocarbon, Oil, Fuel, Phosphate, & Odor Control Filters 17 total stages Hydro-Clear 
  • Separate 270-gallon wastewater recovery tank & supply tanks. Dual 400 Gallon tanks. The trash bin hopper to hold any of your unfiltered garbage & wastewater.
  • Multifunction System: Technology can clean trash bins as well as offer custom pressure washing for other surfaces as requested by customers.
  • The vacuum recovery surface cleaning system can pressure clean concrete and pavers at up to 200 sq. ft. per minute, while recovering the dirty water. 


Key Success Factors

We Clean aims to provide high level service to all residential and commercial clients. To be successful in this business in the Los Angeles market, the company notes the following factors that are pivotal to their success:

  • Being first to market: With no other direct competitors in the region, We Clean already has a huge foothold in the area. 
  • Viable need: With Los Angeles recently implementing improved bin and recycling systems, the need is new and will grow as consumers and businesses realize how dirty and unsanitary the bins can get without regular professional cleaning. 
  • Mechanical experience: Due to the complex nature of the technology and machines used in this type of business. Having a team member who is mechanically inclined will help manage costs and maintain reasonable uptime. This is something that Mr. Grant will contribute to the team.  
  • Top-quality customer service: If the service provided does not meet the customer’s needs, the business will not succeed. This is why customer service will be a top priority.
  • Flexibility: Being flexible and open-minded to change will help the business grow into related cleaning markets and adapt to changes in the target market and community.

Sales and Marketing Plan

As a new company, a large focus during the first year of operations will be on marketing the businesses and letting the community know this business exists. This will be done through a mix of digital and traditional marketing. 


Target Customer

At launch, We Clean will target the Central Island region, including cities such as Marina Del Rey, Redondo Beach, Valencia, Nanoose, Comox, Courtenay, Cumberland, Bowser, Errington, Coombs, and Whiskey Creek. Future service region expansion is possible based on availability and local demand in nearby communities of Lantzville, Nanaimo, and Port Alberni. 


Residential customer demographic is quite diverse and includes anyone with residential recycle or garbage bins. They may share some of these traits and values: 

  • Mindfulness of the environment and their impact on it
  • Care about health and safety
  • Are working families who are too busy to properly or safely clean and sanitize their bins
  • Willing to pay for regular cleaning service
  • Due to fair pricing, low- to medium-income families can afford this service.


Key Channels

Los Angeles is a very social community so the company founders expect word-of-mouth advertising to be a main source of new client referrals in the future. Until the company is more established, marketing and sales outreach will focus on:

  • Social Media: The company will maintain an active social media presence on Facebook and use it to share company information and information relevant to the company’s target market. 
  • Email Marketing: The company will collect email addresses of customers and prospects and use it to send targeted email marketing messages using MailChimp and newsletters to keep people up to date on any service changes, promotions, and useful tips.  
  • Jobber: The jobber platform will become a key channel for not only advertising, but for managing client quotes, invoices, and payment processing. 
  • Physical mailers: The company will send physical mailers to the three key communities at launch to let them know about the new company and service offerings.


Key Performance Indicators

To track the success of the company, We Clean will keep detailed analytics and track Key Performance Indicators including but not limited to: 

  • Customers (segmented by subscription packages, length of time as a customer, demographic area)
  • Social Media Analytics (followers, engagement, promotions, and advertising)
  • Website Analytics (including website visitors, contact forms, quote or service requests)
  • Jobber Stats (including invoice records, service requests)
  • Business KPIs (cost per lead, average order value, qualified leads)


SWOT Analysis


Operational Plan


Operational Process

All subscriptions and services can be booked directly through the Jobber App. The app will store client information and job requests, as well as process payments and be used as route management software to optimize travel times to save money and time. 


Emphasis will be placed on securing long-term, regular bin cleaning as they increase the average customer lifetime value and provide consistent, predictable income. Then, We Clean will supplement this regular revenue with one-time jobs and larger commercial cleaning jobs. 


Health and Safety

To maintain staff, public, and environmental safety, We Clean will follow the following health, safety and regulatory guidelines:

  • RDN Liquid Waste: The company will follow all RDN policies and procedures to ensure liquid waste is treated and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. 
  • Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA): The company will ensure all processes follow CEPA rules. 
  • WorkSafe California: The company will obtain WorkSafe coverage for Ms. Santos and any future employees of the business. 
  • COVID protocols: Should public health or pandemic health and safety protocols be needed in the future, the company will follow all public health guidance and rules applicable to regions it serves.  


In addition, all staff will receive extensive safety and equipment training to ensure safety of people and equipment at all times. 


Equipment & Inventory

The We Clean business is dependent on technology to do its business. As such the following equipment and budget items will ensure they can carry out high-quality, eco-friendly services:

  • Trailer: $150,000
  • Truck to pull trailer: $10,000 per year lease or $50,000 to purchase
  • Second truck mounted unit; $200,000
  • Equipment storage: $2,000 per year



The company will have operating hours of 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Weekend hours will be available by appointment only. 


Headquarters: 943 Englishman River Road, Errington, California

Mailing address: Box 190 Errington, California


Risk Analysis

Risk #1: New Competitors enter local market

With any business, there is a risk of competitors entering the market and stealing market share. However, since We Clean will be first in the local markets, they can gain a large market share before any competitors enter the market. 


Risk #2: Pricing competition

The pricing has been thoroughly researched and seems fair compared to similar services in other regions.  Pricing, while competitive, may be lower than other companies, as the company aims to attract as many people as possible to the service, thus increasing revenue potential. 


Management Team

Robert Grant

I have a vast amount of experience as a reconstructionist as well in addition to that I was a Fire Chief. I managed 30 volunteers and ensured workplace compliance and safety. As a reconstructionist I am viewed very well for my expertise and demeanor in the field. I am a National Instructor for the Level 3 Course as well as the Heavy Commercial Reconstruction. I also hold a master’s license from Transport America in San Diego County and I am an Inland Water boat and Jet boat Instructor. I also am currently certified as a UAV pilot by Transport America 



  • A great team player
  • Works well with others
  • Works unsupervised in high stress situations
  • Able to multitask under stress
  • Able to take control of high stress situations.
  • Works well in a team environment
  • Always shows up early and stays late
  • Always open for change
  • Always willing to learn new tasks


Rosalinda Santos 

San Diego, California

Valid Licenses and Certifications 

Class 5 & 6 Driver’s  

Computer literate MS Word, Excel,  Outlook and email 

Ability to follow direction and adapt  to change 

Works in a safe and productive  manner 

Excellent problem-solving skills ▪ Excellent safety record 


CSTS 2020 & WHMIS Fall Protection 

Confined Space Entry Aerial Lift 

CSTS 2020 & WHMIS Fall Protection 

Confined Space Entry Aerial Lift 

WHMIS 2015 

Food Safe 

Naloxone & Managing  Hostile Interactions  Training 

Clean Criminal Record  


Key Personnel

At launch the business will be managed and operated by the two Co-Founders: Robert Grant (51%) and Rosalinda Santos (49%). Ms. Santos will be doing day-to-day operations and bookkeeping and Mr Grant will assist as required and manage operations and marketing.


As the company expands, additional roles or responsibilities restructuring will take place including hiring for:

  • President ($50,000/yr): Provides company oversight
  • CEO ($50,000/yr): Provides company oversight and assists with marketing 
  • Workers ($28,500/yr): After year one, the company plans to bring on five additional workers.


Recruitment Plan

When future staff and workers are hired, they will be required to hold a valid Class 5 driver’s license and have a good understanding of mechanical equipment. To maintain our high-level of customer service, they also need to be courteous and be mild mannered. Having a good work ethic and ability to respectfully represent the company in public is a necessity.


Hiring will be conducted through job postings on the We Clean’s website, on social media, and potential through third-party job boards as appropriate. 


Financial Plan

The following financial plan incorporates a variety of variables including population growth in Los Angeles, California, competing trash bin companies, existing clients of competitors and the potential for economic challenges. Moreover, these projections have been conservatively developed and have incorporated all potential expenses. 


Pro Forma Income Statement


Pro Forma Cash Flow Statement


Pro Forma Balance Sheet


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