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Google Ads Management

Why Google Ads?

Google ads display on Google search results, on Youtube and on Google Partner networks. The combined reach is over 90% of online users in the USA and Canada.

Google makes it incredibly easy to set up your ad account with keywords and ads and spend money within just a few minutes. Unlike with SEO, you can see results within hours. However if you don’t take time and care to do it properly then you could see your credit card drained very quickly. Google Ads campaigns are not just set-up and left to run. They must be constantly monitored and fine tuned to address ever-changing circumstances.

Google Ads for Your Business

Google Ads brings traffic to your website. You pay not for posting the ad, but only when a web user clicks on your ad to visit your website. The price of the click is determined by competitor bids in an auction system. It can prove very costly if you have many competitors, especially if they aren’t acting rationally. You can get carried away with vanity results – overbidding to see your ad always on top of the search results or celebrating thousands of views of a video ad on Youtube but actually very few viewers actually click through to your website – and none of them buy.

Having experts set up and manage your Google Ads account will avoid these pitfalls. We are focused on performance and your ROI. We will research the keywords to sponsor that give the best balance of volume and cost. If appropriate, we may propose alternative online advertising solutions such as the Facebook/Instagram platform or even LinkedIn.

Google Ads is a tool. It doesn’t replace a marketing plan. In the right circumstances it will be a powerful and effective tool, but only if set up properly, managed to address competition and changing circumstances and monitored to ensure a good return on your investment (ROI).

Google Ads Services from Bsbcon

The Google Ads team at Bsbcon is led by our Managing Director, Graeme Boyd. Graeme is a professional marketer with 20 years experience of online advertising, first with Google Adwords and now Google Ads (which includes Youtube Advertising). Graeme and his team will take time to understand your business objectives and propose an online marketing plan to best meet your goals.

All projects include these elements:

  • Client interview to understand marketing objectives
  • Research to understand the competitive market
  • Audit of existing campaigns (if applicable)
  • Proposal for structure, budget and goals
  • Implementation of campaign structure, keyword lists, ad creation
  • Setting up goals and conversion tracking
  • Ongoing monitoring of performance & campaign adjustments
  • Regular reporting against performance indicators and objectives.

Google Ads can bring great rewards for any organisation that does business through its website. Bsbcon offers more than 20 years experience with online advertising and will audit or set-up your Google Ads account and ensure it runs with optimum efficiency and effectiveness. Contact us today to discuss your Google Ads needs.

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Kevin is a pleasure to work with! He is a true expert and had many insightful suggestions for how I could improve my current business strategy. I would recommend him and the Black Sheep team without hesitation. Thanks Kevin!

— Laura Burden

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I met Kevin almost two years ago and from the start I knew there was something very special about him. He is the definition of positivity and his energy is contagious. Kevin is a natural born leader, capable of inspiring those around him to be their best. He is funny, smart, hard working and incredibly kind. He would go to the moon and back for his clients with passion and dedication.

— Sara Badiei

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BSBCON has helped us in creating our own corporate identity and the strategy behind our recent market growth. From our first meeting their team has impressed us in professionalism, dedication and experience. We’ll be retaining them for their Sustainable Business services.

— Russel De Vera

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