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Market Research Services

Receive a market research report that exceeds your expectations.

All great business opportunities start with a problem worth solving. Understanding your market, and your customers is an important step, no matter where you’re at in the process. At Bsbcon, our team can help define your customers needs, your competitors strengths, weaknesses, and any gaps in your market worth capitalizing on.

Market Research Services by BSBCON

What is Market Research?

Prior to starting a business or entering a new market, it is important to know where you stand. Market research can help you discover your unique value proposition, messaging, communication channels, target customers, and positioning in the market. Market research is important because it helps you define your market and who your customers are.  In addition, you will uncover underlying factors like industry competitiveness, profitability, and overall market trends that are relevant to your business. Market research involves two components; primary and secondary market research.

Primary Market Research Services

Primary research is a methodology that involves our consultants directly collecting data especially relevant for your business. Primary research includes designing, conducting and analyzing first-hand feedback from target customers, and is developed in collaboration with clients to ensure the right questions are answered.  Our team will conduct surveys and analyze primary research to discover key insights including consumer behaviour, market sentiment, willingness to pay, and customer segments.

Secondary Market Research Services

Secondary market research involves the use of existing resources to uncover the competitive landscape, regulations, and various challenges and opportunities for the sector.  Bsbcon subscribes to the most reputable and up to date market research providers; therefore, providing you with the most accurate market research available.

Market Research For Startups

Market research is important at any stage of a businesses life cycle. For entrepreneurs starting a new venture, market research can help uncover particular unmet needs, customer segments that can be turned into loyal customers, the competitive landscape, pricing models, and any additional gaps that exist within the market. For new businesses, market research lays the groundwork for a strong market entry and a strategy for reaching and acquiring new customers.

Investing in Market Research

For more established businesses, market research can help to uncover new opportunities, areas of innovation or advancement in the market, and create a deeper understanding of consumer behaviours. Market research can also be an asset to businesses looking to expand into new markets, locations, or additional product and service offerings.

Our Services:

Qualitative and quantitative research

Brand Audit

Consumer Insights and behaviour

Market Trends

Competitive Analysis

Expected outcomes:

Primary research design (surveys,

        questionnaires, campaigns)

Primary research analysis and data visualization

Secondary research analysis

Final written report

Bsbcon Market Research Reports

Bsbcon is proud to serve small to medium-sized enterprises across the globe with our expert market research and business plan writing services. At Bsbcon, our team will develop a comprehensive market research report that exceeds your expectations and sets you up for success. We have worked with businesses across all sectors, ranging from hospitality to financial services to heavy industrial and manufacturing; successfully securing funding, growing their businesses, and launching new ventures. Set yourself apart from your competition by contacting us today.

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