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Women Entrepreneur Grants

The journey of women entrepreneurship in Canada is one marked by innovation, resilience, and a drive to push boundaries. Celebrated entrepreneurs like Arlene Dickinson and Michele Romanow have showcased the significant impact women can make in business, leveraging their unique perspectives to create successful and world-class ventures.


Their stories highlight not just personal triumphs but also the broader potential of women enterprises to contribute to economic growth and innovation. In this spirit, numerous business grants for women and funding for women entrepreneurs are available in Canada to support the aspirations of women-led businesses.


Grants For Women Entrepreneurs Canada

Grants for women in business play a crucial role in providing the financial support needed for women-owned businesses to flourish. Let’s explore some of Canada’s recent women business grants and funding initiatives:

This women entrepreneur funding is one of the  government grants for women initiated by the Canadian Government. This funding for women targets the unique group of “flexipreneurs” in Quebec. This group is formed by part-time women entrepreneurs who juggle business with other responsibilities like jobs or family.

As a work of the Société d’aide au développement des collectivités (SADC), the project aids in improving flexipreneurs’ economic security and prosperity. These are achieved through the approach of financing and tailored support, helping female entrepreneurs start, sustain, and grow their businesses.


As a BDC women’s fund, this program specializes in supporting women-led tech companies. Among women-owned business grants, it plays a critical role in diversifying the tech industry, a sector where women have been historically underrepresented.

The fund further provides financial investments and access to valuable resources and business networks. Moreover, the program helps accelerate the growth trajectory of these companies and assists in soliciting Series B financing.


Different from other women small business grants, the Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund offers up to $50,000 in micro-loans to women entrepreneurs across Canada. Funding for women in business, the program aims at helping women expand their businesses and access new markets, facilitated through various recognized not-for-profit organizations, including the WEOC and NACCA

By providing substantial financial backing, the Women Entrepreneurship Program is instrumental in supporting women entrepreneurs in scaling their operations and exploring new business opportunities.


The Amber Grant is one of the unique grants for women-owned businesses, spanning across Canada and the United States. The program awards a $10,000 monthly grant, with winners eligible for an additional $25,000 by year-end.

In comparison to other Canadian grants for women, the Amber Grant stands out for its simplicity and the significant financial boost it offers, making a substantial difference for women-led businesses at various stages of development.


Bridging Gaps with Female Owned Business Grants

Ownership and leadership by women in the business sector are crucial for fostering diversity, inclusivity, and growth. 

Women in business grants Canada reflect a commitment to bridging the gap in support, ensuring women entrepreneurs have the resources they need to thrive. These grants for female entrepreneurs Canada are not just investments in businesses; they’re investments in the future of equitable entrepreneurship.


Pursuing Female Entrepreneur Grants Canada

If you’re pondering your next steps and seeking funding to bring your business vision to life, know that you’re not alone. Applying for female entrepreneur grants and navigating the funding landscape can be daunting. 

Taking action by applying for funding programs, seeking more information, and leveraging professional assistance in grant writing can make all the difference in securing the support your business deserves. 


BSBCON is here to support you through this journey, offering guidance on identifying suitable funding programs, crafting compelling grant applications, and connecting you with the resources you need to succeed. Let BSBCON be your partner in this endeavour, helping you unlock the full potential of your women-led business.


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